Delhi Jal Board Sewer mixed water supply

Water supply in Sainik Nagar B Block, Nawada is irregular and have sewer mixed. Water comes with blackish/yellowish 1st then it sees normal but smell is still of sewer. Perhaps sewer line is mixing with waterline. Water pressure is low and it comes at alternate days. Kindly take remedial action for clean water in B-128, Sainik Nagar premises and all adjacant area of Sainik Nagar, B Block, New Delhi-110059

Customer Grievance : DD Motors service not done properly

i got my swift vdi serviced from mayapuri 2 weeks car is giving pollution heavily only after 3 days of service. i reported back to service centre. Nobody want to hear my grievances after my repeated requests. I don’t think they had serviced my car.
kindly do the needful
birbal bunkar
DL8C AG0605

Hazelnut Group Complaint for non payment of dues

Hazelnut Group is a Delhi based company provides work from home jobs. I have worked for the company from Nov 2016 to April 2017. but they didnt pay my dues. Everytime they were giving fake excuses and fake commitments. Starting from the owner Mr. Gaurav Makkar, his wife Ms. Sneha Makkar, all of their employee were always making false commitement which they never fulfilled. I am continiously trying to contact them for my payments but they do not bother to answer my calls or mails. This is not the first time they are doing this to me, they are constantly doing this fraudalant activities with various other people in the country since long back.
So my request is to just look into the matter and take neccessary actions so that in future this type of people can not harrass any other innocent person.

Delhi Transport Corporation Setting of a permanent Bus Shelter at Sunder Vihar New Delhi 110087

I request DTC to put up a permanent Bus Shelter at Sunder Vihar, Paschim Vihar 110087. Due to construction of Meera Bagh Vikaspuri Signal Free Flyover, Bus Shelter at Sunder Vihar was removed and a Temporary small sign board by DTC was put up in its place. But due to that Bus Drivers has stopped halting buses at Sunder Vihar due to which passengers face a lot of issue. Its been a year now since the flyover was opened for Public. I request DTC to put up a Bus Shelter at Sunder Vihar again so that the passengers from Sunder Vihar doesnt face any issue.
Gaurav Malik
EMail [email protected]
Sunder Vihar Paschim Vihar New Delhi 110087

LYF Flame & Service center Denied to Repair

Job sheet- 8009860582 Date-20/07/17
Service engineer- Mr.Kama Kumar
My Name- Ramakant Soni
in ashok park main when i first time went to the lyf service center in delhi I were facing problem of charging issue because mobile pin of charger is damaged i went there for repair they told me it is damaged & asked me to pay 3435 amount for this repair i denied it because it is in warranty he said we don’t cover damage in warranty than he advice me to go retailer shop to fix it almost 100 or 50 rupees your mobile start to work again in just small amount in there cabin but i denied it requested him to fix now either i will give bad feedback every where every followers of me. The lyf care is only name, there is No care they are providing, Than Mr. Kama asked me to wait 2 to 3 hour, & said i will fix it, 2,3 hour later he returned my mobile giving same reason it is damaged go out side and fix your mobile with smaller amount than i talked him to on phone he said don’t waste my time & disconnected it, than i switched on my phone i started facing audio &a!
mp; vibration problem, i thought may be it is low battery issue, so I repaired from out side shop & after charging it, I ran lyf support app Distinguish there I found there is too many problem senser, Bluetooth, microphone, vibration, problem so i didn’t used it because of commandant assistant exam after that 31 july i went to another service center Dwarka13 for repair these issue than they denied me by giving reason of unauthorized repair have been done, you have to pay 3500 rupees to repair all these function so i don’t go for that unauthorized repair of charging issue if Service engineer MR. Kama Not said it to me, i will obviously brought magic charger to keep my mobile phone under warranty. he didn’t said, if you do that your mobile become out of warranty. he made me to go unauthorized shop you can find out recording details of 20/06/17 between 12 to 4pm afternoon in too much heat i went there form dwarka mor to ashok park main rohtak road lyf ser! vice center they totally wasted my money on my mobile so who i!
blame, i blame to your service engineer mr. Karma kumar Iwant my mobile in good condition as it should to be there is no any miss use i have done i want to repair my mobile under its warranty i will absolutely go for court case of course for that if i need & i will tell all of my follower buy any Chinese phone instead buying any lyf phone they will provide more better service compare to this service center thank you.

SECTOR 6 DWARKA POST OFFICE Non Delivery of Driving License

My DL was sent on 26 July to the post office and tracking showing that it was with NSIT POST OFFICE since 29 July. I am now tracking the postman- Govind responsible for post delivery in sector 17. No one knowsin the post office where is this postman and waiting at post office since 10 am.
No number is listed for complaint and the staff is simply helpless since postman is out of reach

Global Pacific Shipping and Marine Services Cheating and fraud

I am giving details about a company name GLOBAL PACIFIC SHIPPING AND MARINE SERVICES in delhi hauz khas.I joined that company in 2015 as a aim to get Placement in marine field. For training and Placement they charge me 470000 rupees. After giving amount and training they given me date and date one after another. And in this way they passed my 2 valuable year. And i got frusted to waiting. When i asked them to return my money they not returing my money. They providing Placement and they not returing my money as well. Plz help me to solve this problem. Plz help me to get my money back. There company head is Jiten Negi. Sitting in Rigel shipping company ofice in hauz khass.

MCD, DELHI Drain Blockage

There is drain Blockage in JanakPuri "A 4/ C 61 Janakpuri " for quite some time now. MCD team came and opened some of the drains , cleaned them. I now don’t see any one doing any work for few days, which means all the A4C block drains have been addressed. Unfortunately I still see mainly drains are still not being addressed and water overflows during rains. Please help to address the same.
Let me know, if you need Photos. I can attach many of them.
Adesh Garg