Gratuity Gratuity Complain

I have been working in Vayam Info Solution Pvt Ltd. as a Team Lead in TSG Department in Chandigarh location for 5 years. I resigned fron this organization from 01.10.2018. i have not got the gratuity amount till now. I send a several mail to HR department mr. Deepak and Mr Abhay shukla for reminder the gratuity payment. But he did not reply me.
So you are requested to instruct the HR department of the company for my gratuity amount as early as possible. I will highly obliged to you if you do so.

Office Address #157,Block B , Chittranjan Park New Delhi -19.
Harish Tiwari
Ec code – VAY-00950
[email protected]

bharat gas agency Late delivery

This gas agency delivered the booked cylinders very lately.. Sometimes they did not give my booked slip and when call them to ask about the cylinder delivery they did not respond my call..
Please deliver my cylinder on time.. I have to suffer for very late delivery…. Please take instant action against late delivery..

This complaint against

Priyanka Gas Agency (bharat gas agency)
Sant nagar burari
Gali No-27, B-Block,, Kaushik Enclave, Burari, Delhi, 110084
Name- Rajesh kumar jha
Mob- 9910158594
Add- D-3/291 street no 5 3rd pusta sonia vihar delhi-110090

Signature linkers Cheats / Frauds

HI all

I will just like to tell you all that SIGNATURE – The Grand Club is fake and harassing. Please don’t waste your money, thinking you are investing in a so called membership – with Signature Linkers Private Limited to take you on world tours, plan tours for you or ease you in any way. They are robbers and ill-treat the customers once the memberships are being sold.
In my case,
Initially when they were marketing the membership plan, they were very considerate and assured that we can deposit the money as of then and in case we don’t like, we can return the membership being sold within the next 6 months and get full money back if no trip availed. 2 people who sold came, back home, along with us in order to collect the money amounting to Rs 2,30,000/- also. They gave the letter with the membership no : SHH1–#@$57 and 2 membership cards in the name of my mother and father on 13 May 2018.
I wasn’t very convinced when told the next day by my parents, had a few queries asked, and decided to return the same owing to hidden loop-holes and challenges in availing the trip arrangements made by the Signature club. They have innumerable number of clauses like need to plan the booking a month in advance. Hotels are all outside the main areas in any country you would want to plan and they still would not ensure the booking till the last minute. Also every 10th night, need to pay another extra money. I fail to understand their business model. We have wasted 2.30 Lac INR and plan not to get any trip planned via them as they are BIG TIME CHEATS.

To my surprise, initially they asked me to take a trip and try before returning the membership. I denied and insisted on refund and this time he stopped picking the call. A month later, the same guy Mr Karan Gupta – who enrolled us for the membership, came back home along with us to take the money and knew the case history completely finally managed to pick the call and when I mentioned that I will still want to cancel the membership and get back the refund submitted initially, – his reply was that Mam, I have left the company and I am not liable for any promises going forth. Also, in order to keep the promise I made to you at the time of enrollment, I will not hamper my career growth and stick to the same company for you?
I then decided to reach to signature club team, connected with them and they mentioned that there is no refund policy under any case. This attitude is completely crazy and not acceptable under any circumstances.
There has to be some value to the verbal promises made at the time of selling the membership.
My question to Signature Linkers Pvt Ltd is how many people can you fool around in order to get your purpose straight ?
This is fooling innocent people with false promises and once you get the money – you have a no refund policy ?
Businesses and service industry in today’s time need to be transparent in order to take money from the senior citizens rather than fooling them to extract money.
Today, it was me, you can be next.

I am being reasonable in asking for my money with some penalty, but grabbing the complete amount is like absolute cheating. Also they have our money at their disposal that they are eating interest on, actually we should be getting the complete amount back – partly because of the harassment being faced at the hands of the employees and non-uniformity in communicating their ideologies.

Epitome of arrogance was reached when they mentioned that they did not sell the membership under any pressure and are not answerable or liable in case we changed our mind. We had confirmed thrice that we are not sure while taking the membership and will like to refer our children before the finalization, and hence will need some time but that time they were after our lives to deposit the money as of then and have faith in them. Mr Karan Gupta : also told mam, where are we running, You may return whenever you wish to. I am ready to give 5% money deduction also in case need be, but hijacking the complete membership amount is PESTERING and IRRITATING to heights. I have lost complete trust in the company and ensure never to refer the same to anyone.

Trying to convince them since May 2018, no action yet, arrogance on top of it and they deny any responsibility. Is this the new way to deal with customers who place their hard earned money, faith and confidence in the name of Signature Linkers?
So guys please ensure that the terms of signature club are 180 degrees different while selling and while taking back the membership package.
I insist each individual planning to put their money with signature club to read this and then decide if they would want to be robbed of their own money or keep it safe with them or give it in their hands to be lost and gone forever with no return.

Kriti Gupta
[email protected]

Dr. Lal Pathlab Wrong Blood Group(Rh factor) Shown in Lab report

I took the Religare Health policy and as per the policy they provide me the complimentary health checkup for the policy holder members. I took appointment on 02.12.18 from Dr. lal Path Labs in Rohini Sector-18 Delhi Centre. I submitted me and my wife blood samples to Dr. lal Path labs on the same day of appointment. but it was shocking when i received my report from the Dr. lal Path lab it shows my blood group wrong. As Similarly one year back i done my blood test at R D pathological Lab which is in Gurgaon haryana and there report shows shows RH factor is Negative but Dr. Lal PathLab Report shows RH Factor Positive.
I was having blind faith in Dr. Lal Path Labs and thought that this is the best option available in India to do diagnose the problems by doing tests. But the incident that happened on me was a disaster which completely thrashed my faith in Lal Path Labs.

ClearTrip Scam

On 4th of December 2018 I posted a complaint for ClearTrip to attend to. Had written quite a lot of information in my post with regards to the pathetic service I received from ClearTrip and obviously a refund for the service which was not provided. A support person then initiated a chat on this website trying to resolve the issue which was regarding the refund. He asked for my source account details which I used to book my flight so that the refund can be processed. A=Then after few days a person claiming to be ClearTrip support employee then called me on my mobile using his personal mobile number saying he wants to verify my details of which I complied, only to find out he then wanted my CVV number which is very sensitive information to give out especially over a non-recorded line. Firstly he should not be even calling me from his so called personal mobile number and should be calling from the company land line number so that it’s at least authentic. So I denied and sa!
id I can’t give out the CVV number of the card, and the person just dropped the call. I think he also mentioned about OTP post giving the CVV number. Now I went back to website; logged into my account to check my original complaint post, surprisingly it had disappeared. Also the person who was on chat trying to resolve the issue of refund has decided not to respond now.
It seems like some fraudulent activity is going on internally either at Complaint board support team or ClearTrip, whereby my banking information along with my mobile number was leaked to a third person (outside to make the call) and an attempt to make a purchase using my card details was made.Since I didn’t not provide my CVV it was not successful. The person who called used this number: +919601774994
Again, a service failure from ClearTrip.


I have received a call from Tanvi Sharma (9958393517) stating that i had a policy purchased on 23rd March 2010 and paid premium of Rs 50,000/- for first year. But i have not paid premium for next six years and fund value has become 1 lac plus amount and my policy is under cancellation and if i pay one lac more it will be restored and i will get 2 lac rupees after 90 days and she gave no of RM Sanjay Singhania (9319151946) who told me that i can’t get the policy detail as it has been deleted from the HDFC life site. As i googled this name appeared in the fraud done earlier also, My request is before someone else is cheated please put a trap and arrest these guys who lure people of money and try to cheat them. They are just not 2 but a big gang.