Local pass by Unauthorised parking on footpath leading in difficulty to people in walking

I am a regular pass by from building no 19/250 Malviya Nagar ,where there is an idea showroom.the shopkeepers of the buildings park their car on the footpath leading to menace to walk and even the shopkeepers in the basement are effected as their shop are covered and people fail to reach them.I would request you to please go ahead and apply the pillars in the footpath so that it is meant only for walking and not for parking cars

world overseas services World Overseas


I am cheated by World Overseas and i have planned to take legal action and get my money back. I have discussed with my friends and they told me that group the persons who is cheated by World Overseas and register a complaint. Please let me know if you are intersted.
my mail ID is [email protected] Please shoot me a mail to contribute. We can group together and avoid such kind of incident in the future.

Fastrack Repair parts not available

This is with regards to titan service center, world of titan Kamla Nagar. I visited the titan care to get my fastrack watch repaired. The case of the watch was damaged but the in the service centre insisted me to buy a new watch instead of getting the work done. At last i had to leave with the issue unsolved. The model number of the watch is 3024SM04. AAKASH DEEP CHAUDHARY

DTC Bus 335 Grievance from the heart of passenger-reg.


The expression of grievance against the afforementioned bus service from side of complianant is herewith to bring to your kind attention with an intention to mitigate the problems experienced by the common passenger like me. The complianant is a daily passenger who travels by this bus service from Nand Nangri terminal to National Stadium while punctually following the 8:00PM boarding time.
Although the boarding costs lot of struggle so as to get a seat, this hardly bothers the complianant. The actual reason of grievance is on account of expectation to get well mannered response especially from the side of driver while boarding in and off the bus.
With regards

Complainant is
Doctor and
Scientist C

speed post item item not delivered intentionally by the postman

Sub:-1. Request to shift/transfer the Post Man by name, Mr. Babu Ram, of Post Office, Sector-7, Rohini, Delhi.
2. Intentional Non-delivery of ordinary mails, book-posts by Mr. Babu Ram & demanding bribe for regular delivery of mails.
3. Non-delivery of Speed Post Tracking Id: ED801534136IN – wilful & intentional delay. To
The Concerned Sr. Officials manning the Post Office, Sector-7, Rohini, Delhi:
Dear Sir/Madam,

For couple of years, the postman, by name Mr. Babu Ram is harassing us by not delivering ORDINARY MAILS, AND DELAYING THE SPEED POSTS for refusing to pay regular tips (read it as bribe).
The recent case, Even after 15 days, the speed post packet did not reach me, though the distance from start & end points is just 3 kms.
I am suspecting murky, intentional mischief by the local postman, as he was demanding money from me and I refused to pay him.
For couple of years, the local postman by name Mr. Babu Ram is behaving mischievously, as I refused to pay him regular tips for delivery of mails. I have checked myself by posting several stamped envelops. None of the letters were delivered.
If there is any enquiry, I am ready to cooperate, and prove my allegation against the unscrupolous postman attached to our locality.
M. R. Prasad (Mob No. 9582304202)
C-489, Millenium Apartments
Sector-18, Rohini

Residents of flat 36, Pkt 1, phase 1, sector 13, dwarka, Motor in garage

Sir, i would like to bring in your kind notice that my neighbors residing in flat no 36 have installed a water motor in their garage at ground floor. There garage is right adjacent to my bedroom. Whenever they switch on their motor , it creates a loud drilling kind of noise in my bedroom as well as whole house.despite of repeated requests to them to remove it , they have paid no attention for almost last 03 years. Now they use it to disturb us deliberately by running it in odd hours. I request you to kindly look into the matter. I have also logded a formal complaint with the police also in this matter. Regards dr suresh ( RTRM hospital, 09871327606)


Dear Sir/Madam,
I like to inform you that i have enrolled my Aadhar card as i can take a print out of that but still not yet received yet, as the problem arises when i want to apply for passport or some official document etc they ask for the hard copy of my Aadhar card. please let me know what i van do regarding it as i cant apply for my passport .i enrolled it on 2015 . its ore than a year and i cant apply for anything.I kindly beg you please send my Aadhar card through post in my defined address. My email address is [email protected]/ [email protected] please send it to my mail.
thank you

Aayat khan Gatar ka malba

Sir/ Mam, I am Aayat Khan, resident ,house no.22 near moti masjid. Zakir nagar.monday ko hamare Ghar ke saamne gatar m see ganda keechad nikaal Diya Tha,aaj Thursday ho gai mcd ki van usee uthane nahi aai hai,jiski wajah seePura keechad keechad ho Gaya hai.uppar see barish ka musam hai paani see wo or phel raha hai,aur machchar bhi ho gai hai.I request u please please Eid ka time hai gandgi achhi baat nahi. Please do something.