Axis Bank unnecessary Due on my Loan Account


Since the time i have taken loan from Axis bank i have been facing lot of issues. I have already communicated everything to several people in Axis bank but somehow not even single issue is getting resolved. Today is the last day i have to submit my fees to college but haven’t received draft or Cheque from Axis bank.
This is the last time i am explaining all the issues i have been facing

Issue 1:

The EMI amount that i am suppose to pay is 5283 , for which i get messages from Axis bank to keep this amount in my account but the amount never gets deducted from my account i have to visit Axis bank every month to pay this amount.

Issue 2:

For the first month as well i got the same message to keep 5283 in my account but the amount that got deducted was ~10,331 and was returned back due to insufficient balance.The bank again tried to submit the cheque with amount ~10331 and it got bounced because of insufficient balance.How bank can deducted this amount when i was told that my EMI would be 5283. Bank told me that now i have to pay the charges 590 for the cheque getting bounced. Why i should pay this amount?
I was never told that this ~10,331 was my EMI amount.

Issue 3:

I was also not told that i will need a bonofied letter from college to get my second disbursement of Loan. when i visited the branch to collect my draft on 8-Dec 2017 i was told without that we wont be able to provide the draft. how you expect someone to know this by his own someone should have communicated to me before.i have been following up each and every day to collect the draft and everyday a new issue comes up.

Today i was told to write this mail , if this was roadblock for getting my draft i should have done this on 8-Dec itself or before that.
Please let me know after all these issues that i have stated above who will be liable to pay the penalty that the college will impose for late submission of fees.

If all these problems are not resolved by EOD today,Unfortunately i have to cancel my loan from Axis bank.


Amrit Bhagat


Earth Infrastructure Ltd Quary about existance/ formation of any association

Dear all, I have invested in Earth Infrastructure Ltd (Sapphire Court) but no information has been given by any person/ investor/ or investor’s association about resolution process of Earth Infrastructure Ltd. Kindly inform me if any association of investors exists or not. My e mail id is: [email protected]


[email protected]

home shop 18 Not received money

I placed an order before three months back (a facial kit).I returned the order because it is not up to the mark and one cream is missing from the order. So I call them regularly for returning my money back and always they said to me to wait 7-10 days and it had been three months and yet I haven’t receive my money. Kindly solve my problem and file a suit against homeshop18

delhi cluster bus Authoritarian behaviour of Driver


I am senior citizen aged 73. I boarded Bus No.DL- 1PD 2738 on route No.764 upto Madhu Vihar at old Palam More at about 7.50 AM on 9/10/2018. All the seats reserved for senior citizen were occupied by senior citizens. However at the front seat just at the exit Door at the left hand side of Driver a young boy was sitting. I approached that boy to give me the seat. He was nearly ready to vacate and looked at the Driver who immediately intervened and asked that boy not to get up and let this man (me) to stand. I told the Driver that being staff of Cluster Bus Service he was supposed to follow rules and observe some discipline and show some courtesy at least to the elderly commuters. After all they are travelling with due payment for each travel and the seats reserved for senior citizens should be allowed to be availed of by them .But he appeared to be most undisciplined and vagabond. He was without uniform and extremely authoritarian. To showoff his might he was also twisting !
his mustaches and was challenging me to be quite and do whatever I could. He meets so many senior citizens like me and he damn care. Such unruly Driver without aptitude for public service need not be allowed to continue in public interest.
Please do the needful to control such bad element in cluster service to avoid bad name to Cluster service. I will be grateful if I am informed of the action taken.
I am also attaching the photogrpah of senior citizen seat occupied by a boy at the impetus of Driver and the Driver without uniform.
I also made this complaint throught mail to [email protected] immediately on the same the day.
Thanking you, sir.

flipkart Non delivery of prepaid order

I had ordered Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1(6 GB, 64 GB variant) on 10.10.2018 from Flipkart and prepaid the order by paying Rs 11698/-. When I checked the status of my order(Order Id OD113604124589272000) on the Flipkart app, it showed that the phone was out for delivery on 12.10.2018.
2. I received a call from Mobile Number 9354798953(True caller shows the name as ‘Babu’) on 12.10.2018 at around 4 pm. The caller told me that he is from Flipkart delivery services(Delhivery) and need to deliver my parcel. I told him to come to the delivery address mentioned on the parcel( My office address i.e. Room No. 404 A, C Wing, Directorate of Estates, Nirman Bhawan, Central Secretariat, New Delhi-110001) before 6 pm(office closing time). I called him at around 5 pm to enquire at what time he will come. He told me that he will call me back and let me know. I left my office at 6 pm. When I reached my home, he called me at around 7 pm asking me to collect my parcel. I told him that I have reached my home and requested him to deliver the parcel on next working day(15.10.2018) between 10 am to 6 pm. He once again called me at around 8:30 pm and told me that my parcel has been delivered. I asked him to whom he has delivered the parcel. He said he don’t know because! his friend Amit has delivered the parcel.

3. I thought he must be some bogus caller, otherwise this is no procedure that my parcel will be handed over to someone else without even informing me and against my request to deliver it on next working day(15.10.2018). I asked him what has he delivered. He told me that he has delivered Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1(6 GB, 64 GB variant). I immediately got suspicious how did he know what was inside the parcel when the outside cover just mention the name and address of the recipient. I told him to immediately take back the parcel and deliver to me on 15.10.2018, otherwise I will complaint on Flipkart. He replied in an arrogant voice that I can complaint on Flipkart.
4. I immediately called on Flipkart customer care to complaint them about the Fraud. The customer care executive raised a complaint against Complaint Number IN 1810122101012344577. I asked him to raise the matter at high priority and direct the delivery boy to immediately take back my parcel. The customer care executive stated that the matter will be resolved by 18.10.2018.
5. I have been a long time customer of Flipkart and never witnessed fraud like this by a delivery boy (Delhivery delivery boy). This is a clear cut case of stealing my mobile phone by Delhivery delivery boy(Mobile Number 9354798953), otherwise he would have never known what was inside the parcel with such accurate specifications i.e. 6 GB variant of Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1. Further, the delivery boy would not be able to provide the proof of delivery to me(my signature), since he has not delivered to me and kept the phone with himself. I don’t know the back end process of Flipkart and Delhivery and how I was sent the message of ‘delivered’ when the delivery boy has not even got signature from me. This way the delivery boys can do as much fraud as they want on the prepaid orders.
6. Even though I was sure that the Delhivery delivery boy with Mobile Number 9354798953(True caller shows the name as ‘Babu’) is a Fraud and he had not delivered my package, I thought that I should confirm the same in my office (Nirman Bhawan) to be 100% sure. Today (15.10.2018) I have confirmed everywhere in my office including Central Registry, Post Office and CISF Control Room. Everyone said that the e-commerce delivery boys are not allowed inside the premises of Nirman Bhawan by CISF personnel for delivery of parcels, then how can the delivery boy deliver my parcel inside my office i.e. Nirman Bhawan. Further, CISF Control room said that the personnel of CISF manning the main gate do not accept any delivery from e-commerce delivery boys until and unless the parcel belongs to one of their personnel and if anyone from e-commerce is claiming that he has delivered the parcel to CISF personnel, that do not belong to them, then a FIR can be registered against the deliver!
boy. Further, the Delhivery delivery boy is not picking up the phone from the past two days, even though I have tried umpteen number of times. Every time he just disconnects the phone call. This confirms his misdeed.
7. I ordered this phone to gift it to my wife on 17.10.2018. I had already requested Flipkart to provide me an immediate resolution and provide me the same phone by 16.10.2018. I, further request Delhivery to make an internal inquiry against the delivery boy and get an FIR registered against him and get him arrested for the mental harassment I have suffered due to my phone being stolen by him. I, further request Delhivery to coordinate with Flipkart and provide my parcel at the earliest.
Hope for a quick resolution from Flipkart and Delhivery.

Kalp Ayurved Enterprises Private Limited, Sec 62, NOIDA Consumer Grievance, Medical Negligence and Financial Fraud while taking Ayurveda Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease CKD

Subject – Consumer Grievance, Medical Negligence and Financial Fraud while taking Ayurveda Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease [CKD] Sir/Madam,
I am Anshuman, resident of Tagore Garden, New Delhi. This is a letter in reference to Consumer Grievance and Financial fraud related to Ayurveda treatment. I have been a victim of huge fraud by the Ayurveda Clinic called Kalp Ayurved with full address as mentioned below- Kalp Ayurved Enterprises Private Limited,
B-23/C1, Sector 62, Noida,
Uttar Pradesh â 201301

I was getting my treatment for my medical condition of Chronic Kidney disease [CKD] from here since July 2018.
To be precise, I started my treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease [CKD] since July 2018 under the observation of Sr. Dr. Yogi Malik from Kalp Ayurved Clinic located in sector 62, Noida. For the first few days, it went fine but after a month, I was never allowed by the staff to talk and discuss my condition with Dr. Yogi Malik, always citing reasons such as he is either ill, out of town or very busy which eventually turned out to be a total lie as he has not been associated with the company since August 2018.
Taking advantage of this situation and my naivete, a few days back, I was approached via phone by a fraud person acting as Dr. Yogi Malik working at Kalp Ayurved, who sold me fake medicines costing Rs. 24,700 by convincing that I am going through the most life-threatening phase and after consumption of these, I will be absolutely fine and won’t require to consume any more medicines in future. Interestingly, this fraud culprit knew all my details in advance such as about my Kidney disease, cost of initial medicines etc. which clearly indicates that this fraud has been done by an insider only who works or is associated with Kalp Ayurveda in some way and is exploiting many patients by such false assurances and thereon, duping them of their money.
When this deceit by Kalp Ayurved Enterprises Private Ltd. got exposed, instead of nabbing that fraud immediately, the company’s head – Ms. Prabjot helped him get away very easily. I shared all the numbers with her on her insistence of that fraud person as well as of persons who delivered me those fake medicines. Instead of taking Police’s help as she promised me, she alerted that fraud by pointing out him on phone call, clearly making her an accomplice in this medical fraudulence. Moreover, she never shared the copy of FIR or Complaint with me which she had supposedly got filed at Police Station and always tried to evade the subject when brought up by me. Copy of the FIR, despite being requested many a time, was never shared to proceed further in the matter. In a way, she is only defending the culprit.
For more than one week (from 3rd Oct., 2018 – 10 Oct., 2018), she just kept giving fake hopes to me that investigation is going on and that fraud will get nabbed soon. She kept misleading me on the same. And to add to it, to my utter shock, after a week, i.e. on 10th Oct., 2018 from Kalp Ayurved staff, I was told that Sr.Dr. Yogi Malik is not associated to the company and has not been coming since August 2018. His name is still being misused by Kalp Ayurved to deceive patients.
My medicines also got changed all of sudden since September without any names on them. Whatever I was consuming is totally based over having faith on them. My health has deteriorated rapidly even more in the past couple of weeks. My latest test reports of KFT have been worse than before. Now, I am left with nothing but these useless fake medicines which are not worth consumption.
I have collected enough evidences from all the mobile numbers from where I received calls by that fraud person to the text chats etc. with Kalp Ayurveda’s Head as well as her Staff to make my ground for stern legal actions against them.
I am writing this letter with a lot of hope to get justice. The loss that I have suffered due to Fraud, negligence, lie and carelessness by Kalp Ayurved’s Head Ms Prabjot and her staff has taken a huge toll on me. There is an urgent need to investigate the matter, deliver justice to those who have been wronged.
You have my full cooperation in the investigation of the same. Please feel free to get in touch with me since the need of justice and fairness is dire here in conjunction with the need of expedite action on such counterfeited establishments.
Here, I’m also attaching the copy of my latest KFT Report.
This whole incident is an absolute example of trickery and deception in field of Ayurveda and such incidents only create sense of distrust among the people.
Anshuman Singh
Mob. – 8588098650
Email id- [email protected]

driving licence Delivery Issue

Dear Sir,

Please find the attached application copies for your references
I have an issue Driving LIcence Delivery which is not completed yet, applied Duplicate Licence via online in dated of 28-03-2018 and then booked online slot in dated of 17-04-2018 and visit Mayur Vihar Phase 1 RTO office and complete all the RTO procedure he will give me a time 7 working days for delivery by post but yet not received my licence, when is 8 months old complaint, when i alredy visit 3 times in RTO office purpose of delivery status but he/she said 1st time there is server problem, 2nd time said already send my licence to Post office, 3rd time said strike in post office wait some time ‘i just said ok’ so request to you please resolve my issue ASAP.

Thanks & Regards,
Akash Saini
Mob :- 9136263115
Add: A451 New Ashok Nagar Delhi 110096

Amazon India non delivery of redmi 6 pro

I have booked a mobile from amazon, with extra payment of guarantee delivery on 13.10.2018. Courier boy refused to give me my order and said that my home (Mahim west, Mumbai) doesn’t come in his area, so he will not deliver the product. I talked with customer care thrice on 13.10.2018 and 14.10.2018 both. I was given assurance that my product will be delivered to me by 13.10.2018 by 9:00 pm. Then with new call i was given assurance that, my product will be delivered to me by 14.10.2018. Again new courier boy on 14.10.2018 refused to give me my order saying that it doesn’t come in his area. It extremely sad that company like Amazon do like this. Now amazon is returning my product without my cancellation. This is very bad and shameful. I don’t need my money back, i need my product. Can you help in this? Why did you gave my product to courier service whose area is not under my home address. And without informing me you are returning my product. Within one hour of!
my talk with customer care you have returned the product to seller. How is it possible? Why are you making me fool. This is be fooling a customer. I hope, i will get my product back as product is still in my area.
Dr Varun Anand
phone- 9136044360, 9654476482, 7738967067
[email protected]