A 36, Kailash Colony Office in Residential Area


An un-authorized office is running in a residential premises of A-36, Flat No. 7, Ground Floor, Kailash Colony, New Delhi – 110048
The office sees a lot of people coming throughout the day. The people come in large groups of boys, men and ladies. The create a lot of noise and parking problems in the colony. They all keep standing outside the office and talk loudly, they park their cars and bikes haphazardly, they litter the surroundings with food, food packings, cartons and paper cups making the entire area very un-hygenic.
The group of men and boys make the surrounding very unsafe for the residents and they keep laughing and commenting on everyone who passes by. The level of noise is becoming unbearable.
The commercial activities start at 11 in the morning and they do not end before 8 or 9 pm even on Sundays.
We have tried to speak to the office owners several times but they in-turn threaten the residents saying that the owner of the premises has big contacts within the police and mcd department and no one can do anything about them.
Request you to kindly look into this and help move this office out of the premises. Our premises is not a commercial premises.
Thank you.
Residents of A-36, Kailash Colony, New Delhi – 110048 (near shroff eye center)

Mahindra Bad Service & Milage

Got my Car(KUV100) serviced couple of times with Mahindra Indraprastha service station Peeragarhi. Every time service was not as per standards.
CAR is a BIG LOSS for me…. its very low in mileage… JUST 8-9 KMPL.
Dealer Guaranteed for 15-18KMPL… They cheated and doing fraud with their customer.
I am planning to have graffiti on my car for Mahindra "LOW MILEAGE AND POOR SERVICE" that will be a good after sale service advertisement for Mahindra cars.
Never BUY Mahindra!!! 8-9 KMPL….. Entire world is talking about fuel efficiency. Mahindra Guys Change your Engineers or they will soon Shut your business….

viedocon d2h Hidden information deduct charges

Dear sir,

I recharged one sport channel in 10 Feb 2018 with the help of viedocon D2H customer care but executive not give information this channel look-in period for 90 days and I recharged my account 10 March 2018 my 23 rupees minus my account and I stop sport channel customer care tolled their is a look-in period don’t stop 69 days please help sir .

AIIMS APPLICATION FORM Regarding refund unsuccessful payment

I did payment for Aiims application form 2018 on 04-03-2018. Due to technical issue payment has not reflected to Aiims application form . But transaction has done. I request you to please refund my money.
condidate name :MADHAV kumar
Condidate Id-5181443422
Transaction ref-03041450511
Subsidiary transaction ref-04MAR1527
Card of bank-citibank

DIMC NEW DELHI 110002 Parcel not recieved

Parsal not Recived


My parce stuck in India, DIMC NEW DELHI 110002, from last Month and it is not moving any further..
They have updated the same status again and again.. but not reached the destination post-office..
please sent it early to delivered address as soon as possible.. it has very important items required for us….
There are no contact information of DIMC for us to contact…

ATM Debit card fraud ATM Debit card fraud

Received a call from no +91 7407830848 today at 02:24 PM.

Fraud person: I am calling from bank and we are blocking your card as your ATM card and Aadhar card is not linked.
Me: From which bank you are calling from ?

SBI bank, I am Assistant manager calling you regarding KYC verification and ATM card renewal.
Me : Then all of sudden I have scolded and warned him that I am filing complaint against you, then he cut my call.

Kindly take action so that more frauds can be prevented

Revv Revv car hit our car yesterday

Hi Revv team,

Yesterday around 6:45PM, we were driving home from off sarjapur Road. One of the revv cars(scorpio) hit us very badly from behind and whole back of our vehicle got damaged. The Revv driver did not even stop his car when crowd gathered and scolded him.. He just raced and escaped.. We were saved by God’s grace… The full back of our vehicle (wagon R) got damaged. It’s huge loss for us. We need claim from revv cars.
Revv car (scorpio) details which we managed to notice: