Dept of Food-Karnataka Food poisoning

I am filing this complaint because I don’t want anyone else to further get affected.

Pratish PG (only girls)
No.751, Latha Mansion, CHS 707, 4th Main Road, 4th Phase, Yelhanka New Town, Bangalore 560064 (opp Shiv Mandir)

The PG has an advantage of the location, good interiors, and security system. This PG accommodates all Srishti college students and out of all the given options, this is the closest to the college.

It’s a double sharing room and each person is paying 13.5k per month (which is 27k per room). Food is not being prepared in the PG. It’s cooked somewhere else and brought to our PG.

The food has been really bad since day one and we have been complaining about this since then. Students have been falling ill every now and then because of food poisoning.

We finally created a Whatsapp group with all the students, their parents and the owner to give feedback about the food so that he could make changes. We haven’t got any reply regarding this and I have been individually taunted for the last 3 days by the owner and the warden for raising the issue.

Please see to what can be done.

Dept of Food-Karnataka Unhygienic kitchen with rats and cockroaches

Hello I’m Nancy from Bangalore want to report about an catering service in Bangalore which is named Emelda catering services in double road indiranagar Bangalore behind ammas pastry next to prestige service center went to my cousin birthday function and the food was catered by this emelda catering services in indiranagar the found cockroaches in the sweets and in rice then I noticed all of there containers are so dirty and unhygienic then later thought to visit the place I can’t even step inside it was full dirty smell with cockroaches and sticky place with dirty containers also rats roaming around please take an action in this Thanks

Dept of Food-Karnataka Old and dirty food served

Chinese food restaurant " Tongba Garden" in Kattigenahalli Yelahanka Bangalore. Is serving old food to customers, they used to keep chicken and other things for long time exposed and serve to customers. People opt this place because it’s very cheap. We can see mice and rats running all over the place. They even used to spit on food if we complaints.

Dept of Food-Karnataka Food – Foreign matter in food product

Till today (4 Aug’2017) Parimala Sweets (Shop No. 761/1, 80 Feet Rd, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560050) was a good sweet Shop to me. But today I got a really long hair inside a Laddu, which I just bought from them on 1st Sep,2017. Even more SAD thing is, when I visited the store, the lady in the cash counter, only except saying a "Sorry" She didn’t bother to show any effort or interest to resolve the matter. I really don’t understand how can they behave so irresponsible with their customers, when the customer is approaching with a problem. I returned the product, with the bill, She didn’t even bother to return the money or the bill.

Dept of Food-Karnataka Mosquito In Coffee – ITPL Shiv Sagar Hotel

One day i took Coffee and found few black objects and rejected the coffee. server just replaced with another coffee as if its very normal for him… Today i took Coffee and just about to finish the last sip, i found a Mosquito…. this time i did’t ask for replacement and come to this blog for raising compliant….
Since ITPL hosts Thousand of employees and most of them having their Breakfast and snacks. since this is only hotel available as of now because of other hotels are under renovation… I Strongly recommend BBMP or Food Inspector should do surprise food quality check and seize if required….

Thanks & Regards,
Venu –

Dept of Food-Karnataka HOTEL AJANTHA ,S R RD

i had gone to mysore on some work ..Mysore is a tourist place lots of visitors throng in and leave .. hence they are dependent on hotel food . this is taken advantage of by a hotel here ,name ajantha off sayyaji rao rd , off SBI sayyaji rao rd Mysore ..i must have gone in to hotel by 2-30 and 3 pm,i was hungry …. i ordered a plate of poori ,what i got was after nearly half an hour of waiting or more ,a plate of poori which looked like batuura dough mixed with wheat floor …. i am food and nutrition masters ……with that he had given a thin curry !! Instead of saagu ,palya or kurma ….. i knew he was playing foul of left overs mix and match , instead of telling me that the item is not there , ………………………..then i asked for something better side dish ….. and he got v minute cup of potato palya ….later i asked for second serving of palya as it was not enough he got me beet root palya or some meal -side -dish!! i rejected it , by then pooris wh!
ich were not steaming hot but rather medium hot , had turned cold , by then the server tells “urgent madam eat quickly “and then he got me cold cooked aalu with turmeric and salt mixed , it was unbearably bad and stale …………my opposite lady was eating a double roasted dosa which had turned black sorrowfully , another lady at side table was eating white colored masala dosa made , it was a mess by hotelier to adjust the menu ..somehow …at last he charged me 40 rs / i paid him and i questioned his poor services …he said he had no enough staff ……..i insisted on answer for his bad servings –BUT ,he raised verbal abuse on me in a derogatory fashion to mock me…"GO leave i have license for 60 years no one can stop me ,I don’t have enough staff at hotel ,GO !! ."…. as a lady and professional in food- sc and nutrition ..i reverted later …for causing mockery ……..i had to stand up for myself at last ….. the leg room and hand space is ! nil but he gets in lots of customers , staff who run up and d!
own as we eat , around with their uniform being touched on to the table food , and when customers walk around too in congested space touching on food table …. With low staff then such a place wd be bound to be affected in sanitation hygiene leave alone services ..This place needs a pull up by surprise visit at this hour 2-30 – 3 pm by inspectors ..u wd know better sir , …………as a food sc and health – professional myself ,that I introduced myself at bill desk after paying bill , he the owner hardly cared to answer .and asked me to quit -out with arrogance … and this place needs a pull up by food inspector raids please…does not comply with food snitation health and safety acts ,inspect the place HOTEL AJANTHA off SR rd ,Mysore 1