DHFL Refund

I am Shaik Asia Sultana applied for NRI Housing Loan with DHFL (Application No. 01875832) in the month of August 2018 and canceled it because of delaying the disbursement of the approved loan in the month of Oct 2018.
Before the cheque got issued to us Pre-EMI’s for the month September (5,526) and October (18379) were deducted excluding process fees. After several complaints and emails to the branch office and the nodal office, I got the approval of cancellation of the loan. But I didn’t receive my amount that was deducted as Pre-EMI’s and all my documents that were submitted to the bank for the loan approval process.
I emailed to the CEO of the DHFL, my family members have visited to the branched office many times but we didn’t receive ant positive response.
Please take the necessary action against the DHFL authorities and do the justice. Thanks.
Asia Shaik

DHFL dhfl bank home loan interest rate High segment,

Dear sir,

I am complaining against dhfl bank home loan interest rate High segment,

I, sandeep shewale would like to put your attention that i have taken a home loan with dhfl Home loan code no: 00006681 right now Interest rate 10.97% it’s to high as compare to other banks.

In the short spam of time interest rate has been hiked very huge jump, whereas the RBI repo rate has been decreased, apart that it is very higher side in comparison of the market.

So i request you to reduce my interest rate as soon as possible.

As a governing body RBI should look into the matter and try to control them to cover their losses by increasing interest rate and passing the burden to customer.

Sandeep Shewale
Mb. No. +91 8268213268

DHFL Not recieved pmay subsidy

My name is Nikhil Bansal I have taken home loan from DHFL in 2017 and applied for Pradhan Mantri Awaz Yojna subsidy.

But still did not receive subsidy amount in my home loan account when i connect to my bank regarding the status of subsidy they said we submitted your document when we get the amount we will add into your account. when i try to find status on official site it says no data found. https://pmaymis.gov.in/Track_Application_Status.aspx

Kindly do needful. My details are under:-

Name:Nikhil Bansal
Bank: DHFL
Branch- NOIDA
Loan amount: 22 lack
Loan Tenure In Months- 240
Home Loan A/C No.: 0001528

Kindly confirm when should i get the same.

Nikhil Bansal

DHFL Late Disbursement of loan amount

Hello DHFL,

Loan account – 00004269 | Account holder’s name – Sahil | Sanctioned amount – Rs 20,00000 /- | Pending disbursement amount – Rs 1,20,000 /-

I am dissatisfied from DHFL service. I am following up for disbursement from October 2018 with branch for rest of loan amount. Every time branch told me it will take more couple of days but till the date there is no luck.

I am not getting positive response. Multiple times i called Customer care @############but there is no response. I Fred up from DHFL.

If you guys are not capable to serve customer why you don’t shut down your bank. My home construction work got stuck from 6 months. I am not seeing any hope from your side for last disbursement. I have no concern what inside story of DHFL why payments are not getting disbursed. I had payed PEMI Rs 1,20,000 /- interest from June to feb 2019. I am surprised that when will full loan got disbursed and when will EMI start and principle amount will reduce. I need more loan and i bank got sanction of 22.5 lac. Till the date i have no money and bank is not taking my calls. On emails i am not getting satisfied response.

Complaint number- QRDIS02054730 & QRDIS02054204

+91 94647 54936

DHFL unlawful practice of Increasing Interest rate and forceful insurance policy sold

I had applied for a home loan with DHFL in 2013 and requested for a loan of 20lakh . I was told as per my annual salary of 4.5lakh I will only get a loan for 30 years and was left without a choice .I was sold a policy of 80k stating it is mandatory to do so and I cant get a loan otherwise. since 5 years the interest rates have changed lowered by the government but my EMI has never changed.After 5 years my principal is still the same and they only paid 40k towards insurance premium . I have paid 11.5lakhs so far to DHFL and notihing has been paid of towards the principal amount . Please help me as I feel cheated and helpless.
Loan Number 00010046.
Joshua Dcunha

DHFL Completing Formalities for ECS 3 times, however still not registered

My loan account no. is 577 and registered no is 9643656233.

And I have completed the ECS details on 14th Nov’18 and along with I have submitted 3 PDCs as per the procedure.
However, neither the ECS has been registered nor the EMI amount got debited and I am getting calls for payment of EMI.
And this is the 3rd time, I’ve completed the formalities for ECS and still no update. Whenever I wrote to the response they won’t reply.

DHFL Disbursement cheque not received

DHFL team,
I and my brother had applied for home loan, our loan has been sanctioned but we have still not received disbursement cheque. I am continously doing rounds of DHFL office Thane, but no one is guiding me correctly. Had also send mails to response team as well as CEO but no response yet.the bank has already deducted EMI without releasing the disbursement amount.We had also paid processing charges as told by our agents. Now even the agents are not responding.Tell me the status of my complaint.

( loan application no.01858285 and 01863689)