My consignment no. Z84463745 booked on 12th March 2019 with destination VASHI – NAVI MUMBAI is not delivered even after 6 days.

The tracker shows that the consignment has been diverted to Patna – Air Hub.

Can someone explain me what’s going on??? Why was my consignment NOT delivered when it was in Vashi and Andheri for more than 2-3 days???

Please arrange for the consignment to be delivered at the correct address at the very earliest.

Attached is the picture of the couriered package and the receipt.


DTDC Package delivered without material

We sent a courier to Hyderabad from Pune at 24th January 2019 with docket no. P49216359 worth 38000 RUPEES. and at 4th February 2019 our customer contacted us that he received empty box without material. So basically it took 11 days to reach at destination with empty box. How supposed to the courier delivery boy can deliver an empty box with torn out condition. Doesn’t he understand that the courier is weightless while they mention actual weight on the their receipt. How can you people work with this kind of irresponsibility and unprofessional way. It means you don’t value your customers, thier needs, their loss. I contacted the concerned DTDC people ASAP I heard it from our customer but they told me that they will put an mail to their seniors and try to resolve the issue but so far there is no reply from them. Their contact no’s are also either not working properly or they didn’t pick up the phone. Because of DTDC our reputation to our customer is at sta! ke. I want this issue to be resolved IMMEDIATELY.

DTDC Not delivering the package

Records shows that my package is delivered to chennai dtdc office. But they are delivering the package. Saying package is missed.

I tried raising a complaint in dtdc website which is not working. I dropped an email which i never got reply.

Daily i use to call customer care, the same answer i heared is we will update by today EOD. but no update from their side.

So carless response and service i have ever seen.

Please let me know whether you can help.

If not let me know the procedure to proceed further


With Ref POD#Z85610934 said consignment has dispatched from Delhi to my Shop address on 1st Feb 2019. In DTDC tracking site mentioned undelivered reason Not Delivered(ADDRESS OK BUT NO SUCH PERSON-(CIR)). I want to inform you that given address is 40 years and I have recived several documents in this address. Also surprised how they said no such person found. Even they didn’t wish to call me in both given cell nos. However later I rush to dispatched local centre(franchise) they said delivery is on leave and your parcel returend to main HUB. Then I move to there and they asked me to contact local centre as they are not returned back undlivered parcel. Later they asked me packet will delivered at my address today 11-02-19.
My complaints is in 2 point.
1. How they said address ok but no such person found.
2. Delivery charges taken full but parcel not delivered in 10 days as their policy said in 3 days.
I request solution on this.

DTDC My couriers are getting returned

My couriers are getting returned from last one month by courier circuiting return I don’t know why my total 15 couriers have been returned but this couriers was to urgent the recent courier was on 29 January 2019 and although I was taking this course last 5 days but today around 3:00 p.m. my courier status was out of delivery but around 4:00 p.m. my courier status was door lock sir please note it down this courier was so urgent that I needed but I don’t know why they are doing this thing although I have called my local area in pardankuni but I am not getting any response from them irm whether you want to deliver my courier yes I know the person to you will get on Monday or the courier will be returned he told me this words please check on this matter my docket number is Z 847 66022

DTDC Product not delivered/ No Data Avaliable

Please solve my issue. I have to get a courier that is booked at Pune in Maharashtra on 20th December.
In your website it is showing since yesterday till now as "data not available". My AWB number is a57054609. Please help me. Why the data is not available even if the courier is shipped. They are not even attending calls. Please solve this issue.

DTDC Irresponsibility and delay of the delivery person

Sir, my order
DTDC couriers-k16185723
Sent from Ranchi -28th December 2018
Reached Gorakhpur -31st December 2018
Complaint – Not delivering to the doorstep when it reached DTDC head office Gorakhpur the delivery person is supposed to deliver the courier to my house but is asking to pickup from the head office but there’s no one in my house to pick it up and it is urgent to be delivered on 1st January 2019 Please inform me for further actions