DTDC courier not received but status is showing received

I Am Tarun Kumar Vankayalapati,3 months my university has sent a document through DTDC courier services.The status of tracking number H10333191 is showing delivered but i have not received any such courier even my housemates and neighbours also saying the same.As a action i am calling to the relevant DTDC offices but they ended up giving other office numbers and finally they stopped lifting the calls…My University JNTUH is said that they have not received any Return courier yet..No proper response from DTDC people. My consignment number is H10333191 from BALANAGAR,HYDERABAD to PARCHUR,523169…i am in urgent of that document..please take action as quickly as possible


DTDC Non-Delivery at home

I had to collect parcel from their godown loaction at Kalighat, Kolkata (Pincode 700026) whereas my parcel was to be delivered at my home (pincode 700039). The godown is approx 7 kms far from my home. The parcel was lying for more than 5 days when i had collected them on 27-11-18. I was frustrated at their not picking up the call and hence have to myself reach the point to collect parcel. That too i located from the tracking details from their website that my parcel was lying at that gowdown at kalighat (700026).
On my query as to why the parcel was not delivered to my home even after arriving to the city 5 days before, they replied that their franchisee who was responsible to deliver has closed weeks before and hence they are not making any delivery to the certain area. But that was not my responsibility to follow up and they were no such information given at the booking point.
We can imagine what irresponsibility is this from such a mistakenly famous courier company. Here is the list of the tracking numbers which I had to collect from the gowdown M71989486


Atif Ur Rahman
Email: [email protected]

DTDC Misbehave

My parents send me food items through DTDC courier service. Delivery boy called me but I couldn√Ęt receive his call. I called him back just after 10 minutes. He arrived at wrong address nd accused me for not mentioning right address.He started yelling on me, misbehaved wd me nd refused to deliver on same day. I got my delivery next day. All food items spoiled because of his negligence.
I am attaching file where clearly mentioned my address. He denied to do his duty and misbehaved with me.

DTDC Loss of Shipment

The worst international/ national courier service provider that anyone can ever find in the country would be DTDC. I had sent a courier from India to Paris on 21st August 2018. The courier was sent to my friend’s address. However, I have not received the shipment till date. I had been pestering the DTDC centre in Charummood (Parayankulam, Kerala) since the first week of the sending the parcel to give me updates about the shipment. The officials at Charummood and Kochin evaded from their responsibility of giving me the status of the shipment for weeks and gave me a contact number saying I should contact that number to check for the status. They provided me with a contact number in Paris only after the 15th of September. By that time the shipment had been transferred to a service point. When I had visited the service centre to collect the same, DHL informed me that it is no more in the service centre and has been sent back to the head office.
But the head office is clueless about the shipment status as of now. I had been contacting them since the day when I got to know that the shipment got sent back to the office. They ignored my repeated requests saying that the shipment would take some time to reach the office. I was shut down each time, giving the same reason. On the 12th of October, when I called them again, they said they are not sure of where the shipment is and would open a file for me to investigate the same and I had even submitted my friend’s ID proof as per their demand. Now they are saying they do not know or cannot track the shipment. The tracking system shows that the shipment has been collected on the 17th of September, wherein I did not collect it at all.
The shipment had very important documents like my translated birth certificate and degree certificates. I am really taken aback by the unprofessional handling of such important documents of a client by a system which claims to be "International." I had to pay a lot of money to get my certificates translated and paid another huge amount of money to send it across the continent. The DTDC centre at Charummood (Parayankulam) assured the safe and fast delivery of the shipment which is why I had sent it through DTDC.
I had to submit the documents by the end of August to the French authorities to claim for an important reduction in my rent. I have to suffer a loss of 330 euros (110 euro approximately for the month of September, October and November) since I will not be able to submit the documents until November. I had spent around Rs 4500 in translating my documents and Rs 2650 in sending the shipment across.
DHL France has informed DHL India that they will not be able to deliver me my shipment and hence I could claim a refund. I request you to kindly provide quick redress for my problem by quick refund of my money (including the cost and losses that I have incurred because of trusting your system with an important responsibility).
I regret choosing DTDC or DHL for sending my documents and will ensure that this will not happen with any of my friends or relatives.
On top of all these things, these agencies are pretty sure that no one would take the pain to complain about any of these issues in any consumer forums, considering the efficiency of the same in our country. I feel ashamed that there is no place in the country which would provide speedy redress for any injustice that happens to the consumers.
All that we can do is to smile at the amount of money being spent each year to advertise "JAAGO GRAHAK JAAGO."

DTDC Z75193208 status pathetic service from all departments

Dear DTDC,

Please have a look over all attachments which I communicated to your Vijay NAGAR, Ghaziabad branch on Two Mobile No.’s over call, Text msg and whatsapp.
But, due to your irresponsibility and mistake which done at your end regarding wrong Pin entered 177001 from your side instead of 177201, still Medicine packet NOT delivered after paying you MONEY.
Do acknowledge and follow up why this mistake happened and NOT informed properly.
*Delivery address-
Kavita Rani Jarial
Civil Hospital Gagret
Tehsil Ghanari
Distt UNA
Pin Code 177201
Himachal Pradesh

As per your telephonic and mail commitment dated 29.09.18, to deliver this packet on Monday is still pending.
This packet reached Amb Himachal.
Told to him to deliver this packet today only because tomorrow will be HOLIDAY at your end and receiver end both. 7018386184 this Amb Himachal courier DTDC Number.

but NOT yet courier Medicine Packet delivered till 10:44pm dated 01.10.2018.

DTDC My number has been used

Today Morning I got a message from DTDC mentioned that shipment F11034360 is now made out to delivery. I do not know this shipment because I am not the sender for this shipment. My number has been incorrectly used here. When I am calling DTDC, they are not giving me any details of the courier, sender, receiver etc. The number of the receiver which is mentioned in their tracking is incorrect. I am unable to find anything and I don’t even know who has sent and my phone number is given in the sender which is wrong and unethical because this shipment is not done by me. Kindly share the details with me to proceed further. I will file a formal complaint in police station if the issue is not sorted.