DTDC Courier Delay in delivery and False claims

I ordered study material from ahmedabad which was shipped on 3rd April, 2019 . as per tracking DTDC attempted to deliver on 5th April, 2019 and again on 8th April, 2019 which are false claims. There was no entry at the entry gate of our society on both the days. On 8th April, i contacted all most all DTDC contact numbers in my area only to find that either they are not working or never answered. One number (9742959975) has answered and gave me office number 7795947896, which was not answered . When i contacted shipper, upon their pursuant DTDC has contacted me on 8th April, 2019 at 7.30 pm only to tell me that they could not send the pack on 8th April but would do it on 9th April, 2019.

Consignment number is A43488122
Shipping material – Material for NIFT situation test from BRDS.

DTDC Courier Regarding courier issue about damaged

I had send a gift with handle with care from Bangalore to Bangalore only with the condition of the product is damage as I told the dtdc booking time that it has to be handled with care instead of that they condition of the gift is damage I got this information from the delivery boy where it has to be delivered Vasanth nagar dtdc(mohn)9980528141
The delivery boy said the courier will be sent back to the same address where it came from I had a call on 12th March 2019 and today is 14th March 2019 no updates regarding my courier

【Dear Customer, your consignment with tracking number B62069784 has been booked. Track your parcel at tinyurl.com/y4bkkhho】

Courier sent from :
Sender name:susheel borutagi
Siddeshwar Layout, Soundarya Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560073

Sent To:
Chef Anurudh khanna
Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru, No.56-6B, Palace Rd, Abshot Layout, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052

Regards :
Susheel Borutagi

DTDC Courier Not yet received corrier

Please find reciept attached


But till date our party didn’t r we have contracted DTDC office where we have booked in chikkadpally/barkatpura branch first he told us we don’t know and then he asked us to call to manager Vijay kumar agent of DTDC in kandi village sanga reddy

When we have contracted him… He spoke very rudly and asked us to speak to delivery boy and told why you have booked corrier in kandi village and it is not his duty to let us know what happened to our important document and why it has not delivered…

He had spoken very harsh and gave us warning not to book corrier again to same adress… (All his conversations has been recorded).

Sir I request to please to needful and please take very strict action against both chikkadpally and specially kandi village manager vijay kumar


Courier receipt

DTDC Courier Empty box delivered without material

We sent a courier to Hyderabad from Pune at 24th January 2019 with docket no. P49216359 WORTH 38000 RUPEES. and at 4th February 2019 our customer contacted us that he received empty box without material. So basically it took 11 days to reach at destination with empty box. How supposed to the courier delivery boy can deliver an empty box with torn out condition. Doesn’t he understand that the courier is weightless while they mention actual weight on the their receipt. How can this people work with this kind of irresponsibility and unprofessional way. It means they don’t value their customer their needs, their loss. I contacted the DTDC people ASAP I heard it from our customer but they told me that they will put an mail to their seniors and try to resolve the issue but so far there is no reply form them. Their contact no’s are also either not working properly or they didn’t pick up the phone. Because of DTDC our reputation to our customer is at stake. I want to resolve this issue IMMEDIATELY.

DTDC Courier Asking for money

Today I received my parcel ordered by Amazon sent through DTDC. It’s tracking ID is Z90208677. After giving the parcel the delivery boy asked to me for money and I told him that I already have paid its delivery charge but I said that the company does not pay us sufficient amount hence I am asking for money.
I asked him to go but he standing at my door for about 5 minutes then I again requested him to go then he went.
This type of behaviour is not good therefore I request you please pay a good amount to your workers so that they can perform their duties honestly.