DTDC Courier Not Deliver the Parcel


There is courier parceled from Bangalore to Kolkata and it’s very important for me to collect it asap. DTDC returned it to RTO mentioning that "Not Delivered(ADDRESS OK BUT NO SUCH PERSON-(CIR))". Here they can do one thing,
1.Its the duty of dtdc courier to visit 3 three times to any address to deliver the courier if the receiver is not avail for the first time and if the receiver contact number is on the address then he have to call the receiver for alternate delivery option for e.g. asking to leave the parcel in the neighbor or any other feasible place to collect. Nothing was done from there end and Customer service is very bad like i tried to reach them by phone several times but no response. sent mails also still no response. Please let me know what can be done as this courier is very very imp for me.
AWB/Consignment no-V49735343

Sunil Jena

DTDC Courier Material not delivered

Material not delivered since week and returned back
D46731819 – Important Consignment not delivered and no notification as well. Tracking history shows not delivery. This was my important material sent from Tamilnadu to Bangalore. White field this is the nearest branch to my area and no one bothered to call me too. Now they are saying no service zone. I would have picked up the material if they intimate. Also why did they accept the courier if its not servicable pin? No point in paying so high for DTDC. Worst experience ever.

DTDC Courier Consignment ID K13904663 not delivered

This is regarding Consignment ID K13904663, which has not been delivered to me. I didn’t receive any call, no one has tried to reach me as well to deliver the consignment, however I have received the below text message considering the package has been delivered.
Should I consider the situation as fraudulent or cheating with customer?
Please clarify the situation as I need the package at the earliest.
Text message is:-
Your Shipment No K13904663,by DTDC is delivered on 16-Oct-18+18:48,RECEIVED bY SIGN

DTDC Courier , Nakodar Miss Bihaved anddenied to delivery

dear all
Good After noon !!

This is pawan Kumar from Nakodar , we booked the parcel from Siwan, Bihar, though DTDC courier services , Tracking No. D45357300 dated 26/09/2018 to nakodar 144040. we call to Nakodar services they denied and services and misbehave on call and say me do any thing we cannot deliver the parcel . I supposed to that we are embracing by services and their vendor. we have urgent prarcel. we pay 140/-kg charges.

DTDC Courier Service

I had sent a courier through DTDC from Ernakulam to Pattambi,Palakkad.I was suppose to get it on 22nd of April 2017.I waited till 3 in the evening and then I contacted the DTDC office here.They confirmed that they didn’t receive my courier.I had to make a thousand calls to know where my courier is.Each person I contacted asked me to contact another person and gave number of which half of them are not working or valid.Later by the end of the day I was informed that my courier was misrouted and it reached some other part of the state.They told the courier reached some other place as they saw that address but I can give proof that the correct address is given and in the tracking site also the correct address and pin code is shown.
Courier services are to reach the customer in the correct address and in the correct time.Atleast the service providers has to respond properly.They are also behaving in a very bad manner when enquired.
Services of DTDC and their officials are meant for a purpose and not for mere show.
Once again..This is the worst service .

DTDC Courier Non delivery of parcel

Sh Anshul Shrivastava booked a parcel on 28/2/17 from Gurgaon (Haryana) Sector 10 A from your vendor bearing no 15593 with No. Z18818766 to me at 1517 .PSIEC Society Sector 51 B chandigarh.It has not been delivered to me yet.Surprisingly your vendor at gurgoan informed me that it has been delivered to me and showed my signature which were forged.Sukh Enterprise Sh Hardeep Saini chandigarh on enquiry informed that they have slipped it below the door of 1517, sector 50 chandigarh and my courier man has signed it.This is our usual practice.They did not even ring me on my mobile no 09463342152 which was written on packet.I have checked at your gurgaon vendor that correct address was written on the packet .Rs100 was paid due to credibility of DTDC but DTDC is also not reliable. Waiting for your reply ,so thaqt further action may be initiated-Naresh Kumar