DTDC Courier Empty box delivered without material

We sent a courier to Hyderabad from Pune at 24th January 2019 with docket no. P49216359 WORTH 38000 RUPEES. and at 4th February 2019 our customer contacted us that he received empty box without material. So basically it took 11 days to reach at destination with empty box. How supposed to the courier delivery boy can deliver an empty box with torn out condition. Doesn’t he understand that the courier is weightless while they mention actual weight on the their receipt. How can this people work with this kind of irresponsibility and unprofessional way. It means they don’t value their customer their needs, their loss. I contacted the DTDC people ASAP I heard it from our customer but they told me that they will put an mail to their seniors and try to resolve the issue but so far there is no reply form them. Their contact no’s are also either not working properly or they didn’t pick up the phone. Because of DTDC our reputation to our customer is at stake. I want to resolve this issue IMMEDIATELY.

DTDC Courier Asking for money

Today I received my parcel ordered by Amazon sent through DTDC. It’s tracking ID is Z90208677. After giving the parcel the delivery boy asked to me for money and I told him that I already have paid its delivery charge but I said that the company does not pay us sufficient amount hence I am asking for money.
I asked him to go but he standing at my door for about 5 minutes then I again requested him to go then he went.
This type of behaviour is not good therefore I request you please pay a good amount to your workers so that they can perform their duties honestly.

DTDC Courier Late delivery in premium v51165099

Hello DTDC manager,

My consignment number v51165099
Its the worst service in DTDC courier which promise to delivery on time and charge unnecessary a premium courier service amount, I request to DTDC manager stop fooling the customer, if u promise plz try to keep it words..
I have courier a very important document to Jaipur from Bangalore..in Bangalore DTDC office trying to help me but in Jaipur even the no one staff aggress to take a responsibility and they are not picking the calls, worst worst service given by DTDC courier…
After the long time some one has picked the call ..and the staff is ordering me to collect the courier from their office or else wait till evening ..this staff is worst not able to coperate with the customer .
Plz never believe in DTDC courier ,this people only making money by charging premium plus on courier amount.. DTDC staff are worst not having responsibility ..

DTDC Courier Non delivery of Courier of DTDC

Your DTDC courier franchisee in Patti PIN 143416 Punjab always call me to pickup the courier from their place and says that we will not deliver the courier at your home address. This is the third time that I received the call from the number 7087676769 that you have to pick it from our office otherwise we will return it. This time( third time) I refused to pick the courier. Their attitude was also very Harsh. If such type of service is given by DTDC then please shut your business so that the customer can shift to some other good courier company. My consignment no is A42581145. Sandeep Puri
395A/13, Vishal Colony
Patti Dist. Tarn Taran Punjab 143416

DTDC Courier Not Deliver the Parcel


There is courier parceled from Bangalore to Kolkata and it’s very important for me to collect it asap. DTDC returned it to RTO mentioning that "Not Delivered(ADDRESS OK BUT NO SUCH PERSON-(CIR))". Here they can do one thing,
1.Its the duty of dtdc courier to visit 3 three times to any address to deliver the courier if the receiver is not avail for the first time and if the receiver contact number is on the address then he have to call the receiver for alternate delivery option for e.g. asking to leave the parcel in the neighbor or any other feasible place to collect. Nothing was done from there end and Customer service is very bad like i tried to reach them by phone several times but no response. sent mails also still no response. Please let me know what can be done as this courier is very very imp for me.
AWB/Consignment no-V49735343

Sunil Jena

DTDC Courier Material not delivered

Material not delivered since week and returned back
D46731819 – Important Consignment not delivered and no notification as well. Tracking history shows not delivery. This was my important material sent from Tamilnadu to Bangalore. White field this is the nearest branch to my area and no one bothered to call me too. Now they are saying no service zone. I would have picked up the material if they intimate. Also why did they accept the courier if its not servicable pin? No point in paying so high for DTDC. Worst experience ever.