Vodafone store sec- 12 , Dwarka. Paid via credit card but no balance


I have been to vodafone store sector 12 Dwarka New Delhi on 09th Oct18 to convert my postpaid to prepaid. The customer care at the store advised me to clear my outstanding of Rs117/- and prepay an amount of Rs506/ as a 3 month pack once my prepaid is activated. I have paid both the the apyment through my credit cards and my prepaid prepaid ot activated today morning i.e. 11Oct 18 but with no top up. When I am enquiring about the same with Vodafone Customer Care, they said that i have not recharged my number and i need to visit to store again. They dont have even the contact number of store and i done have any choice other than visiting vodafone store dwarka sector 12. I need to have a day off from my office to visit their store. Is this something joke for them? I want an early action upon this.
9873272644 (My vodafone number)

TANISHQ SHOWROOM, DWARKA Bad service, apathetic staff, disrespectful staff

I was very old and loyal customer of TANISHQ DWARKA. Today I am highly disappointed with the Tanishq service and staff at Dwarka showroom. We went there today at ard 7.30 p.m. We were made to sit and wait because we had to make a small purchase of baby tops. There were many customers who came after us and were attended by staff because they came to make purchase of high value diamond jewellery. Manager was also told that we are waiting but he did nt made any effort that we should be attended. He literally ignored us. When we told that we are leaving to the lady staff, she said OK. She didn’t even said that we are trying to attend us. There are customers who came after us and were accommodated and attended because they came to buy diamond jewellery. Just because we had to make purchase of baby tops we were ignored and insulted. Because of stupid staff I hate Tanishq now and wouldn’t be loyal customer anymore.

Residents of flat 36, Pkt 1, phase 1, sector 13, dwarka, Motor in garage

Sir, i would like to bring in your kind notice that my neighbors residing in flat no 36 have installed a water motor in their garage at ground floor. There garage is right adjacent to my bedroom. Whenever they switch on their motor , it creates a loud drilling kind of noise in my bedroom as well as whole house.despite of repeated requests to them to remove it , they have paid no attention for almost last 03 years. Now they use it to disturb us deliberately by running it in odd hours. I request you to kindly look into the matter. I have also logded a formal complaint with the police also in this matter. Regards dr suresh ( RTRM hospital, 09871327606)

Assistant Director, ward 36 S, SDMC horticulture, Dwarka, Delhi Trimming of trees in front of house no. 383,Gangotri Apartment, Pocket 1 Sector 12, Dwarka, New Delhi

The Deputy Director,
SDMC (Horticulture)
New Delhi.

Regarding: Request for trimming of tree (Near 383, Pocket 1, Sector 12, DDA Flats, Gangotri Apartments, Dwarka, New Delhi (Ward No.36S).
Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to inform you that the branches of neem tree are reaching to my house, damaging the property & insects are falling in balcony.
Therefore, you are requested to please give some direction to your staff for trimming the tree on top priority.
Thanking you,

Yours Truly,
Dharmender Joshi

EPF Office South Delhi, Dwarka STATUS OF FORM 10D

Dear Mr. Shri Gautam Dixit

Grievance Registration number DELSO/E/2018/02132


I am awaiting your positive response and you have any issue, please feel free to contact us

Your R.O.DELHI SOUTH OFFICE has confirmed that 10D documents have been approved and forwarded to Chennai Royapettah PF office on 5.12.2017
I have visited on 11.1.2018 and 23.1.18 personally to Royapeetah chennai PF office and checked with officials and incoming Register also that such no documents has been received so far. I am regularly writing mails to share OC and courier details to enable me to cross check the records and till now no feed back so far
Please intervene and try to help me and i am eagerly awaiting monthly pension to cater my Medical expenses
PF No.DS/NHP/17112/0206

UAN NO.############



MOBILE NO.9840728155


Regional transport office , Dwarka , New delhi Sale of Vehicle

HELLO , I am Maj. Tarkeshwar Sìngh , sold off my vehicle to Mr. Shobhit somkar on 18th February 2018 in Delhi ..I have not been paid fully yet and after repeated calls the car is still on my name ..The ownership has not been changed ..The person gets untraceable after few reminders too ..What do do ?