Electricity electricity bill paid but not credited reg.

I have successfully paid through Paytm the Electricity Bill of Rs.4019/- for the month of Sept 2019 ONLINE vide order ID: 9361147439 on 02.10.2019 but it has not yet been credited into UPPCL A/c. As a result, Bill received for the month of October shows already paid amount of Rs. 4018/- as arrear. It is requested to reconcile at the earliest.

Your’s Faithfully,

A/c No. 2035312355
Mob. No 9560474594

Electricity Street light

Sir, I am Vijay Singh yadav from hno 1 A ganga nagar,shyam nagar near 37pac bn Sir I want to say that in front of my house electric Pole is in very bad condition it will fall down in some days if it’s not change people Will have fear about this problem if it cause any accident the government will responsible for this and there is no street light in this pole many big problem will happen without street light so in last I requested you to please replace the Pole and put street light on the Pole. please take necessary action about this problem

Electricity Set the polls

आदरणीय महोदय ,निवेदन इस प्रकार है कि ग्राम डहरपुर कलां तहसील दातागंज जिला वदायूं उत्तरप्रदेश मे धोवियो वाली गली मे आज तक विजली के पोल नही लगे है । 6लोगो ने कनेक्शन ले रखे है जो केवल डालकर ले गये हैं।जिसकी दूरी 100मी0से 175 मी0 तक है । और समस्त मोहल्ला वाले कनेक्शन लेने के लिए परेशान हैं लेकिन दूरीअधिक होने के कारण कनेक्शन नही मिल पा रहे हैं जो माननीय मोदी की घर घर विजली पहुंचाने की योज
ा लागू होने के वाद भी पूरा मुहल्ला अन्धकार मे रह रहा है।और जिन्होंने केवल डालकर कनेक्शन ले रखे हैं उनमे आए दिन केवलों मे फाल्ट होते रहते है ।कई वार तो बडे. हादसे होते होते वचे हैं ।इस बारे मे कई बार उच्च अधिकारियों को भी अवगत करा चुका हूं लेकिन आज तक कोई कार्यवाही नही हुई है। महोदय आपसे विनम्र अनुरोध है कि इस मुहल्ले मे पोल लगवाने की कृपा करे जिससे की किसी वडी़ अनहोनी से वचा जा सक । प्रार्थी व समस्त मुह
्लावासी आपके सदैव आभारी रहेंगे

Electricity Low voltage

Dear Sir/Mam

We, the following consumers of electricity belonging to the Subhash Nagar Purani Chandmari area, beg to inform you that there is frequent failure of electricity for hours together in our area. It fails regularly in the evening hour. If at all it is supplied late at night, low voltage does not permit our fans to operate. It puts us into great difficulties. The children who are going to face their examination the next week. Due to low voltage refrigerator, Cooler, TV, Fan, AC it also causes troubles for the all.

We, therefore, request you to kindly take early steps to check this problem. Already send a mail to Electricity Department.

Yours faithfully,

Rukmani Nath Kashyap

mo. no. – 9084700783, 7073990783

Electricity No Electricity

There’s no electricity in my house in Koparkhairane sector 2 since yesterday night. There’s no customer care number that’s working. The numbers on Google mentioned as the office number for MSEB office are either not being picked up or not being told as wrong numbers. This is a rediculous position. Nobody is doing anything… Please urgently solve this problem..

Electricity NO ELECTRICITY connection IN MY HOUSE

I have deposited 3700 rs towards the pole erection near my home for electricity connection its been time the date was 15 november 2017 in the name of paru devi dewasi we had given in group of 5 people where as rest 4 got the connection but i didnt get the connection .i have went and enquired abt the matter with the superiors but no results .i belong to BPL family as per my knowledge connection are free for BPL families so please look into my matter as we dont have electricity
Thank you
Your citizen