email protected Non Payment of Pension dues by CPPC Zone SBI Chennai Upto date allowances not paid for the past Twenty Years.

Revised family pension//Enhanced Pension/Fixed Medical Allowance/AddittionalAllowance on attaining the Age of 80/85/90 YEARS respectively& subsequent Payment of Arrears for Pre 1990 Pensioner & other Upto date allowances not paid for the past Twenty Years.
SOS MESSAGE.TWENTY YEARS DELAY in processing REVISED PENSION /ENHANCED PENSION / FIXED MEDICAL ALLOWANCE / ADDITIONAL ALLOWANCE on attaining the Age of 80/85/90 YEARS respectively,based on 6th and 7th CPC Revision & subsequent PAYMENT of ARREARS & other DUES. Please attend to the Grievances on PRIORITY BASIS KINDLY.
Since I am a Family Pensioner Very Senior Citizen aged 91 Years, it is humbly stated that, w.e.f the Year 2000 onwards, a meagre amount of family pension is being paid by the SBI bank, they say that the revised Pension Arrears Amendment order has not been received from CPAO, GOI, for the last TWENTY YEARS as such we are unable to pay your eligible Arrears.
Sir, my Husband RETIRED on 30/06/1981 and had EXPIRED on 04/09/1988, almost Thirty Two Years had elapsed GOI is not taking care of Very Senior Citizen. Please tell me where and whom to be approached to solve my issues.
At least this time around,during July 2020, my BIRTH MONTH 92nd ANNIVERSARY, my Rightful ARREARS DUES/ REVISION of PENSION/ENHANCED PENSION / FIXED MEDICAL ALLOWANCE / ADDITIONAL ALLOWANCE for the last TWENTY YEARS, may Kindly be disbursed for which act of kindness I shall ever remain grateful to your Honour. It is very sad to state that, VERY HORRIBLE SITUATION &DISGUSTING.
Moreover due to aged related issues I am not able to walk HANDICAPPED also due to age related issues, in order to approach the SBI, Attur Branch, Salem District, Tamil Nadu, which is 14 KILOMETERS from my place of Residence, Please do the needful on TOP PRIORITY BASIS. Please, Please,Please, Very Kind of all the Officials concerned in anticipation. Thanking You. An SOS MESSAGE from a Very Senior Citizen aged 91 Years, for her rightful dues for which my humble request Sir. I am unable to understand as to where the problem lies in release and disbursement of my right full Dues. Virudhambal
Family Pensioner, Pension Savings Account No: 11189880497, PPO NO :############ SBI, Attur, Salem District, Tamil Nadu, IFC: SBIN0000810 MICR: 636 002 027
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email protected Refund request

Respected sir/Madam

this is golmei kadunshinlu, i had booked a flight ticket on 25 may 2020 from Chennai to imphal (CONNECTING) and it has been cancelled. During the last duration also i had requested for return policy manner but could not get any notification or mail about it so, please notify me the return request.i trust indigo services and i hope you wouldn’t let down your customer trust on indigo services. waiting for the reply mail or notification.

thanking you

FLIGHT No. 6E797(A320) chennai to kolkata, 6E707 (A320) kolkata to imphal contact no. 9600311214
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email protected Transaction to a closed account not reversed

I paid university fee57457/-through google pay with transaction I’d ############. But account of university at hdfc leela bhawan patiala was closed.I didn’t get my fee remitted. Plz send my fee back to my account. I complained to support. Sbi but to no avail . transaction was made on June 8th bank is sbi bela chowk Ropar. Account no.35569244758.branch code 16144. ,Complaint Registration Form]