Eurovigil I -SEE 600 Product damages because of non availability of installing person

I want to describe the problem from start.I had purchase the eurovigil wifi video Door phone (SO 0932101721) as above mention after lot of pushes from sales person. At the time of sales ,person commited me guidelines for wiring and installation and many more but nothing happens. When i purchased the product my home was in under construction as it completed and inauguration on 07/05/2018 i call the person on 5 /05/2019 for installation. The company person send detail contact no 9780339989 of MS krishanlal on 5 may i call him for installation but that day he had not came to house, I call him next day 4 or 5 time he had not come but send me (i am in meeting) and he nerver came. as how my house inauguration came i manage a another number 9988111491 and he came for installation and install it but electricity supply is not connected then he fix next day that same krishanlal came and fix the problem with electrician but as earlier next day he doesn’t pick the phone and not cam!
e as electrican wait for whole day he connect it but door bell not work as next day when i compliant the in eureka call center complaint no 2012280595 and next day the second person came and said the product is damage and there is no warranty or repair for same and i loose the product and that’s it. Please tell me what is my fault when i call the company and invest on week for installation for a simple door phone and make atleast 20 to 30 call for same. Please inquire the incident and do the needfull as some body eles don’t face the problem if your technician came at there given time then nothing will happen