Exide car battery Exide Car Battery Issue

Hello Team,

My name is Rakesh Dandi from Hyderabad and I have an issue with Exide car battery. I have purchased the battery on 14th October 2017 and battery has been dead now.

So I called the customer care on 10th Feb 2020, the complaint number is STG1001450 and the registered mobile number is 8790535620.

My car has been stranded in front of the house and it is causing problems in the street. I have been calling to customer care everyday and their standard answer is wait for one day and your issue will be resolved. But till date no response has been provided.

It is so sad that we have got very good forums like this where we are able to ask for help but if it was for elders or senior citizens I am wondering how they can go about the complaint. And big companies like Exide cheat people just by lying to the customers that they batteries are best and if any issues they have got a customer complaint resolution team.

My humble request to this forum is please help me in this issue and also request you to see that these kind of cheaters should get some kind of fear and penalties if they cheat customers and they hard earned money.


EXIDE CAR BATTERY refusal for faulty battery replacement

I have purchased a battery for my Alto car in May 2017 with a replacement warranty for 24 months from a shopkeeper at Ernakulam, Kakkand..
The car was stopped functioning due to no battery charge in August 2018. When the nearby Battery shop keeper checked the vehicle, I was informed that the battery is without charge and he replaced it with a new battery. When I checked the warranty card it was less than 24 months old and is due for replacement. I took the battery to the shop from where I purchased the battery, he said it has to be sent to the service centre for checking and after some time I was informed by the shopkeeper that the service center checked and re charged the battery. I told them I don’t want the faulty battery since even though it is recharged it may give trouble any time and requested for a replacement , which they refused. I need a new battery since battery is the most important item for the functioning of the vehicle and problem especially at night or in remote areas I will be in great trouble, not like a tyre puncture or the like. Kindly do the needful for getting a battery re! placement