Fastag double detection

l crossed thoothukudi vakaikulam toll on return to my home on 04.01.2020 @ 13.59 hrs by my vehicle TN74J4533 the fastag detection occurred Rs. 30 + 30 @13.59.13 hrs & 12.43.21 hrs. The second detection is wrongly additional detection occurred. Fastag detection is not fool proof condition,it should be improved. On enquiring the concerned toll plaza they are not responding the return of wrong additional detection amount.

Fastag Fraudulent toll collection

Extra toll collection on th e way from nashik to mumbai on 31.12.2019, Rs.110 collected at both the toll plazas on the way where as only one is toll need to be paid for both the booths.

While travel between aurangabad to nashik on 30.12.19.
On toll booths where cars are free and also free la e is there for cars which I used for passing rather that Rs. 40 and Rs. 35 has been deducted from my fastag account. My vehicle no. MH43BE7828.
Total Rs. 185/- in two days I lost due to fastag, other than regular toll paid

Fastag Fastag ahmedabad vadodara route

I have trvelled ahmedabad to vadodara dt.25.12.19 T13.52 with car no. GJ01RN1469 and they deducted 110Rs. And return on 26.12.19 T 1.00am . During on my return at Abad CTM Toll plaza they have could not scanned my fastag sticker and i have to pay cash 110rs. again inspite of 50 es as a return amount. .

I have 90 rs in my account and return ticket benefit is not getting.

My fastag wallet ID no: 19000008910549

My axis bank account no: 080010100072928

Rakesh Patel

Fastag Toll amount getting deducted automatically without going to Toll plaza

My Fastag account got debited automatically without going to any Toll Plaza from Kishorepura Toll Plaza on 25th Dec. when i was in office.

Can’t understand how it got deducted. Request you to revert the amount in my account and take proper action on the concerned person who was on duty at that time.

My account number is 19000007650391

Fastag Krishnagiri Toll Plaza

date : 25.12.2019
Dear Sir,
I request very hard to see the matter immediately of Rs.450/- transaction at krishnagiri toll plaza on 29.10.2019 08.15 am which wrongly debited from fastag card. They already debited passing for both time, but this entry was extra and also for four wheel car there is no where charge about Rs. 100/-.
So, I request you refund the same immediately and apply penalty to toll plaza company as we have face problem in other toll due this debit.
For your reference please see the attached statement and highlighted the the wrong transaction.

The above mail was done to sbi team of fastag on 02.11.2019 with all the details, but after giving all the details and communicated many time there is no response.
"helpdesk.fastag" <[email protected]>
cc: Cm7 Splprojects <[email protected]>,
Team ETC Project <[email protected]>,
"[email protected]" <[email protected]>,
"[email protected]" <[email protected]>,
"[email protected]" <[email protected]>,
shrikant diwate <[email protected]>,
Recon Gitech <[email protected]>,
CM 6 SPL Projects <[email protected]>

I had communicated to all above mail id about my problem. But till date nobody had response on the same. Almost two month has been completed but i had not received refund and even nobody is responding.
Please solve my problem and communicate on my mail Id : [email protected]

Fastag AWB no.- SF58853484PE Product delivery

AWB NO-SF58853484PE product not delivered yet. And status showing delivered on 16-Dec-2019 by Ravi Rastogi.
Ravi rastogi definetly called me on 16/Dec/2019 but said he was not able to reachout my delivery address that day and give surity to reach on 17-Dec-2019 but noone reach to deliver product. My query to you is how is it possible?
Request you to deliver product.
Kuldeep Singh

Fastag Still didn't receive

Hello sir,
I am gulshan Rai Sharma I order placed through paytm on 12/12/2019 but still I didn’t receive my order. Now status showing on shadowfax tracking system out of delivery and I didn’t have delivery person contact number. Please do the necessary to provide me my order and ifpossible to provide delivery person contact number also.


Gulshan Rai Sharma