Fastag Extra deduction of toll amount

Dear Sir,

My Transaction id no. 0010012008071926130086 for toll plaza amount of INR 145/- deducted extra, on 7th August 2020.

On 7th August 2020, i crossed the toll plaza of Chandwad toll plaza in district Nashik, Maharashtra in

my car MH31 DK 4920 and paid INR 135/-.

But on the same day, i crossed toll plaza of Basawant on the same highway within 3 to 4 hrs on the same day. And for that

also, toll amount of 145/- deducted which is extra. Because, it is mentioned clearly on the Basawant toll plaza that, if you

paid on Chandwad toll plaza, that will be accepted on Basawant toll plaza also.

Kind request to credit the amount 145/- (Transaction id no. 0010012008071926130086) in my prepaid wallet.

My fastag id is 34161FA82026C81C069D3C00.

Thanks and regards,

Rahul Kshirsagar,

Mobile: 8008540854.

Fastag Vehicle did not cross toll as per FASTag transaction

Toll services not availed/ We do not recognize the transaction
Our Vehicle did not go outside our society parking from 07-Aug-2020 10:30 pm until now 09-Aug-2020 12:45pm.

However I got a text message from FASTag as below:

Licence Plate No. :MH02JP1387
Customer Trip No. :581270631 Location:Vantada
Toll Plaza Entry Date/Time:09/08/2020 01:08:16 Exit Date/Time:09/08/2020 01:08:16 Processed Date/Time09/08/2020 01:12:34
Travel Time:00:00:00
Toll Amount:Rs. 35.00
Processing Fee:Rs. 0.00
Discount Amount:Rs. 0.00
Outstanding Amount:Rs. 35.00.

My Vehicle has not crossed any toll since it has not gone anywhere outside my society.

Fastag High toll charges levied

Iâm Travelling from Ongole to Vijayawada,Ap. In between there are two Toll plazas at Bollapalli and Mangalagiri. Previously the Toll fee was Rs.70 and now, thanks to Fastag, it is Rs.140. Why are you robbing our money like this..Rs.140 for a single trip how do you think normal people like us could bear those charges.The politicians who brought the Fastag on our heads are exempted from paying…are we slapped with high charges to compensate that.???? The government is working in a monarchical way and treating us badly for having electing you people.Now if you can atleast think of public that made you leaders..look into this complaint and reduce the charges as soon as possible.We canât get robbed at every aspect of our lives.

Fastag twice debit for same trip

3-March, 2020
Excess deducted from fastag
Toll plaza double charge collected from my fastag.
i (piyush m.jadav) , travelled in my car,registration number GJ7AR6830, from nadiad to vadodara on 02.03.2020 at 12:25.15 hrs passed through toll (nadiad toll plaza) and an amount of â¹55 was deducted (transaction id: FT################)AG-AIRBNK,from my fastag and passed. (SMS send by AG-AIRBNK ON 02/03/2020,monday 12:30 p.m.,on mobile no.9586551152 )
Later on in the evening same day 02.03.2020,at 16:40:18 hrs i made my return journey vadodara to nadiad and passed Through the toll at vadodara ,later i came to know that â¹ 30 has been deducted from my fast tag . (transaction id: FT################)AG-AIRBNK,from my fastag and passed. (SMS send by AG-AIRBNK ON 02/03/2020,monday 04:45 p.m.,on mobile no.9586551152 )
Later on in the night, day early in morning 03.03.2020,at 02:12 a.m. hrs,it once again wrongfully deducted Rs.55,from my fastag account, where as i didn’t travel at that car not pass through nadiad toll plaza. i came to know that â¹ 55has been deducted from my fast tag . (transaction id: FT################)AG-AIRBNK,from my fastag . (SMS send by AG-AIRBNK ON 03/03/2020,monday 02:12 a.m.,on mobile no.9586551152 )
So instead of considering my trip as return travel on same day, it calculating and deducted as two journey from nadiad to vadodara, thus deducting an excess amount of Rs.55/-wrongly and giving me agony and mistrust on the system of fastag.
We request the authorities concerned to immediately look into the above-mentioned issue and do the needful to revert the excess amount in my fastag account. My details:
Name: p.m.jadav
Vehicle:GJ07- AR6830
Phone no: 9586551152
email: [email protected] Fastag ID: 34161FA820328AA203456520