Flipkart order delayed

[Incident: IN1907161927561289878].
my order is getting delayed everytime…even after a continuous request to deliver it on time even as promised by flipkart itself…now didn’t get any update regarding my product next delivery date.
All my previous orders also get delayed. At last i have to cancel the products. Even sometimes delivery company gives wrong information that they tried to deliver product but i didn’t receive any call or message. p.s. i advise everyone to never use flipkart for purchasing products.


I had purchased Iphone 7 on 07 july 2019, i have received order on 11 july 2019. I had ordered Jet Black but have received Black colour .

The home key is also defective as checked by the technician but my request for refund / replacement is rejected . this is pure cheating / haressment by the seller . you are selling defective products under refurbised products and then neither are you replacing nor giving refund . why should people purchase defective products for a higher price . no one bothers to even call the customer to find out the issue .

Order No OD115935976606798100
Invoice No :- FACH8N2000001957

Flipkart Order not received even after making payment 10 days ago

Order Id: OD115929212235371000

I ordered grocery products from flipkart on 6th july and the delivery date was given for 11th july. I checked on 11th and then the new delivery date was given for 13 july…..no order received yet and called flipkart and spoken to Arjun, he said new date is now 15th july. Asked him to transfer a call to supervisor or manager, for 1 hour, he keeps on denying to transfer it and not giving any proper resolution. In the end, he is giving a 50 rupees voucher like we are beggers.

He said on call that seniors or supervisor or manager is on another call. Continuously asking for his supervisor or manager name, he is denying for that as well. Asked for his call extension number, he is denying for that as well.



Instead of giving any resolution, he was forcing me to cancel the order rather than giving me any proper resolutions.

First, I paid to flipkart online and money got deducted instantly. Then have to wait for 10 days and not received any order yet. Then the agent – Arjun forcing to cancel the order and we again have to wait for the refund for 14 days.

Supervisor – Dedarati came on call after 1hr 30min… shared same details again to her. While speaking to the supervisor, the agent Arjun advising me to disconnect the call again and again.

Even the supervisor is also denying to give any compensation for waiting for more than 10 days. Then she gave an excuse that payment is never received to flipkart, it is paid to seller. If this is so, it is nowhere written on their terms and conditions. Even the superviaor is not able to show us the same in written on their website. SUPERVISOR IS ALSO DENYING TO PROVIDE OR CALL EXTENSION NUMBER AS A PROOF BECAUSE OF COMPANY POLICY.

Asked her to send an email mentioning the same, she is now giving excuse for that as well.


Resolution Required : Either give me 500 rupees voucher or give my order in double items.

Navjeet Kaur

Flipkart Insurance policy and compliance

This is in reference to extended warranty coverage from Jeeves/Flipkart.

My mobile was shipped to Jeeves support centre on 11 June 2019 in accordance with Jeeves process and required documents.
Policy assures repair/replacement of faulty parts and return within 10 working days.
Accordingly, I had been repeatedly calling support centre for repair and return status of my mobile, however there has been no update all this while.

When I had sent my mobile, there was no issue other than colour split line on the screen. Mobile was in good working condition with absolutely no concern related to battery or performance.
After multiple calls to Jeeves support and follow-up emails, on 7th July, almost after a month’s time I am being told that my mobile phone battery is swollen and can’t be repaired.

If Mobile had battery issue, why did it take so long for you to notify ? To me battery issue seems to be due to your negligence, mishandling or incorrect power treatment. I request you do the needful and return my mobile in proper condition.


Flipkart Fake commitment and product displayed on website

Ordered which is not delivered yet and now they are telling product is not available, your pincode is not matching, and logistic company is responssible all this bullshit reasons.
I spoke to Jyoti, Sneha, and others since morning and just fed up in explaining my concerns to them every time.
Is this the way they provide the sevice, i will expose them now and make sure noone is using flipkart..

Complaint- IN1907040948257927643
EKart- FMPC0537537402
Oreder ID- OD115867541828943000

Flipkart Product cannot be returned

I had ordered for a skybag trolley from Flipkart. Order id is OD115745328285255000 However I had size problems and requested for a return. However my return request keeps getting cancelled every 6 days and nobody shows up for the return. This has happened several times and the customer care executives are not at all helpful in this matter. I am very disappointed with their service