flipkart Refund of Rs. 11999.00 dt. 21.03.18

On 21.03.18, I tried booking a Redmi Note 5 mobile, the amount of Rs. 11999.00 was debited from card 4216 87xx xxxx 2917 but the booking was failed. I lodged the complaint for refund on the help portal at Flipkart twice but without resolving the same it was closed on both occasion. Please arrange for refund of Rs. 11999.00 to card ending with 2917 URGENTLY.

Carrier midea, Flipkart, Omnitech Carrier, Flipkart are big time cheaters

Got the carrier 1 ton ac from Flipkart on mar 11.Cost is around 29k.Flipkart directed Jeeves( third party) to install the AC. After 14 days usage, ac stopped working. Called carrier service, representative said, it was due to gas leakage. After 4-5 days of effort, they cannot find the real root cause of gas leakage.
Asked Flipkart to get it replaced.It was rejected by Flipkart,pointing their return policy is only 10 days.
Have Flipkart sold basic product to me? Where I can bear the loss, if it doesn’t work after 14 days? It’s worth 29k.Is 10 days is sufficient to test and replace the product?
Flipkart have to understand the real issue. Issue was with gas leakage. If the gas is pumped full. Technician can make the AC work for 2 weeks because leakage is very minimal. This is what happened in my case.While installation, gas is pumped. Ac worked for 14 days. Gas drained and I came to know after 14 days.
Seller omnitech would have known this issue earlier. Repacked the defective item and sold to me, by taking excuse of 10 days return policy.
It is not good approach to buy electronic appliances online. I have learned that.
Lost the trust with Flipkart. I’m not going to shop anymore with them.
Since I have the replacement warranty with carrier, I checked with carrier ac service. Got the message saying only service can be done from their side, no replacement because installation is done by Jeeves.They are not the authorised service representative for carrier. Concluded damage caused because of improper installation by jeeves.
But the real cause is, there is a difference in pricing between dealer and Flipkart. Dealer price is more when compared to Flipkart. So carrier customer service is not willing to take the losses.
Why Flipkart insisted Jeeves to initiate the installation in the first place? We consumers are unaware the warranty will be voided, if the installation is done through Jeeves.
Secondly carrier has the responsibility to replace the AC if the issue cannot be fixed. Why they are backing off pointing Flipkart and Jeeves.
Flipkart, Omnitech and Carrier are big time cheaters. Guys don’t trust these brands. Don’t fall prey to these fraudsters.
Carrier midea is the worst company. They are not fit for making AC. Don’t trust the brand. Taken my hard earned money for granted.
I want my AC to be replaced.

flipkart AC not cooling my room

This is regarding a air conditioner (brand: carrier, 1ton split AC) I bought from Flipkart almost 45 days ago. This AC has been a problem for me from the very first day. From the time it’s installed in doesn’t cool at all. Now the temperature in Delhi is 34 degrees Celsius, and if I turn on my AC at 17degree Celsius, it’d does not cool my room which is 10feet * 10 feet. When I bought this AC the specification said that 1ton AC is appropriate for a room which of the same size as my room.
As I have been facing this issue from the very first day, I got it tough with flipkart and reported the problem. As per report, they arrange a technician visit within 4 days. He first technician visited my house, checked the AC and confirmed everything was fine. The entire operation lasted for only 5 to 7 minutes. He was not bothered to stay for a while check if it is really working and then leave my place. The complaint was closed as resolved by the first technician without any confirmation from the customer. I realised that the issue wasn’t resolved, so I raised the complaint once again. The second technician did not answer my call for hr visit, without even visiting my place and checking the AC, the technician closed the complaint as resolved. This lead to my 3rd contact to flipkart. Flipkart arranged another technician visit. This technician checked the AC and said the AC is not cooling beasue there is not enough coolent gas, so he scheduled another technician vi!
sit which would come and fill the violent gas. This last technician visited and I thought he would fill the coolent gas, however he checked and said everything is fine with the AC, there is no issue with the coolent gas. He also mentioned that though everything is fine with the coolent, AC is cooling as expected but the air flow is very less for this AC that’s the reason why the room is not cooling as expected. Then I got in touch with flipkart once again for a resolution, this time flipkart said that the last technician updated that the AC is fine but did not mention about the air flow and that he agreed to the point that it’s not cooling the room even when my room size is appropriate for a one ton AC. Thus flipkart denied to exchange/refund for the product. They refused to share the email address or contact details of their grievance team. I had a word with a supervisor, who was not ready give me a resolution and was just going with the point that the last techn! ician updated that there is no problem with the AC. So the com!
pany cannot arrange a refund or exchange. On reiterating myself again again, that it’s not cooling, the supervisor said he will arrange another technician visit, to which I agreed but I had one request to arrange it as soon as possible, however flipkart did not even agree to that. The supervisor said the technician will come by 25th April 2018. I requested it to be quicker as it’s a prolonged problem and I work from from Monday to Friday. Flipkart was not understanding at all to all my concerns and just said ‘no’ bluntly to my issue. I just dont want my Rs 30000 to be wasted. I want professional technician to visit my place who will not change thier decision repeatedly. I did not get justice for my issue. Flipkart did not treat a customer well and did not trust what the customer said. They are not ready to listen to the customer, the desicion us being made based on what the technician said, which is partically incorrect.
Shouvik bankura

flipkart Flipkart Ekart delivery boy scammers

Today my product was arrived and one of the delivery boy call me and directly saying that he would not take responsibility for my order and he would not take any future delivery for me and says if you want thn came and pickup ur order i want to know where is my order i want it .. i m a regular customer of Flipkart .. and always they (delivery man ) behave like king another issue is if iwas out of from my areas then they said they if you not pickup your order today i will going to cancel what is this Flipkart if you will not give some time to take thou order who was not able to pickup that days thn why you exist you should not be on any commercial business i mean look for other companies they give time to take our order .. ..your courier service is Ekart state Assam District darrang town – Mangaldai pin -784125 ..order is Flipkart SmartBuy 2A F… with tracking ID FMPC0331620603 from flipkart EKART Service Partner .. please take a action against it .. i want to know where is !
my order they said they don’t know where is my order even morning they called when im out my area


SIR I HAVE PURCHASE AC FROM CONSULTING ROOM PVT LTD VIDE INVIOCE NO FABMU21900031950 FROM NAME EVERGREEN BUILDHOME DATE 27/04/2018 . does not have our GST no. Please rectify the invoices by providing our GST No.- 08AAEFE4904D1ZT