flipkart Violation of Consumer Rights/ Blocked account

My Registered Mobile Number is 8505812798 and email Id is [email protected] My Order Id is I need to return a product I purchased.
Order ID OD114658966689078000(Puma Black Sneakers amount Rs. 3239.00

I cannot do this from the App as I am no longer able to login as my account has been blocked to due to high number of Cancellations. I cancelled a few order before even they were delievered because of some money issues. That is absolutely a valid reason.
Now, for an item I had paid they blocked my account delibearately so that I cannot return the product. This is pure violation of my consumer rights as well as they are not keeping up with their own policies. We buy something online with a guarantee that we can return the product as sometimes there can be some size or fitting issues.
And now, they just keep forwarding me the same mail over and over that I cannot lo into my account,there has been no other contact made by them.

I just want my account to be reinstated so that I can Return the product and I can assure of not using Flipkart and its services anymore.

But since, I purchased and paid for this item it is my right to return it in the original condition if I am facing size issues.

I have a valid reason to return my purchase.

flipkart Regarding Refund of 15938

I have ordered 3 items costing 15938/-(through credit card on 20th JAN 2019) and all three items items have been cancelled and I got a message that money will be credited by 22 JAN 2019. But its been 27th-Jan and they are not responding about that. When I call customer care they are saying that our back end team will contact you but there is not response from them.
Contact Number: 9700673347
Email: [email protected]
Order Id: OD114481660545722000

flipkart Cancellation of order after approval

Sir ,
I TC SHARMA ordered a Dell inspiron 14 3000 laptop on the occasion of republic day sale offring by ecommerce company Flipkart on 21,22 January 2019 under order ID OD114494257032021000 on Dt 21/01/19 at 10:52PM. I have recieved order approval by SMS and email ID registered with flipkart to ship and deliver on 28 January by flipkart seller Retail Net. I have paid Rd.19540/- for this order by SBI credit card.
But next day I have recieved the order cancellation by flipkart and the reason was stock not available. But after cancel of my order the same product was available to sale in flipkart website with same terms and conditions. So why my order was cancelled if same opportunity given to all customers.
So please help me to highlight this cheating or fruad of ecommerce company like Flipkart with online costumer. I have also registered the complaint with National Consumer Helpline vide complaint No. 1118228 on 23rd January. So please help me. Thanks

flipkart Refund not get back

I had place a order on 6 December 2018 from Flipkart. I paid 22497 for my order uding my rupay debit card. After Some time my order got cancelled due to limited stock .and I was told that my refund would get me in a week but after 44 days my refund has not credited to my account. I contect my bank several time and i also went to bank zonal head office but bank has failed to help me. They said to me no amount has sent to your account please re contact to your marchent and ask for it.
I’m tired of doing it . I’m helpless, what I do next I do not understand anything.
If I have not been helped now I will go to the consumer court and then I will file a legal case on Flipkart for fraud.
My Flipkart id – [email protected]
Ragisterd Mobile – 8174056789
Payment Date – 06 /12/2018
Order id- OD114093427654452000
Order Date – 6 December 2018
Payment method – Rupay Debit Card
Amount – 22497 INR
Refund promise Date – 15 December 2018

flipkart Order is delayed longer time

I ordered Can bean bag product on 24th-Dec-2018, order id is OD114252629972855000 .
the product delivery date is Jan 4th-2019, but till now shouldn’t delivered (still didn’t receive).
I spoke twenty more times to flipkart customer care customer executive, they told it will be delivered within 24 hrs i waited for 2 days but still didn’t receive.
Later i called to flipkart they are still saying it will take 2 more working days but still not sure will be delivered it not. Product is still not even packed for delivery. Seller is not responding and i am not get a call from seller,
Still flipkart customer care customer executive people says the wait for Jan-11th, its head ache to recive call s from flipkart, even they dont address the issue and they dont share infromation well and people who are dealing with front end calls they not polite to talk.I am not ready to wait for longer time.
This is my worst experience with flipkart. Not sure in future i’ll buy anything from flipkart or not.. Very annoying.

flipkart fraud by customer

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