Flipkart Not refunding

I bought the kent purifier water filter and filter is not lowering the tds value of water so i asked them to either replace the product with suitable purifier which can lower the tds and I shall pay the extra or refund my money so that I can buy other product. But in Anycase they are not helping they want me to keep the product.
All I want that flipkart should make the rule which suitable for customer and they don’t have even seller details so that even I can contact

Flipkart Warranty issue

Dear Sir, I had purchased Nokia 6.1 Plus from flipkart And Received Invoice of Date Between 14-Sep 2018 – 13 -Sep 2019. As I was facing screen lag issue I visited nokia store in my city. The store person said that your warranty period cannot be seen online as flipkart has not updated it on nokia website. Now as I had to claim flipkart denied saying your invoice was valid upto 13 sep 2019. I had mailed flipkart my concern on 7 sep 2019 only.

Flipkart Item missing

I m harsh singhal from delhi. I have ordered HERDEM MAC COMBO product on 3rd august 2019 in which 11 items mentioned but some items is missing and some items is opened/used. then i was complained on 16/8/19 and after that i got a new replacement on 19/8/19 but still some items missing. again i was raised a complaint and after that again replace on 30/8/19. now again some items missing and some items are used.

Flipkart Cancelled my order without any notification after shipment

Flipkart cancelled my order without any notification after shipment to cochin . The order id is OD116030439222275000. I complaint three times to flipkart and they have no response to deal my complaint . 3 of the customer executives from flipkart says me that they cant do anything . Flipkart says me first seller cancel the order first time . Second time they says me the order was cancel by the flipkart product was complaint at the time of checking then canceled, third time they says that the product was sold out they cant deliver to me . These reasons are not value for me . They canceled my order after the shipment to cochin . I have the proof of shipment . Flipkart says different reasons to me . Last time the customer executive says me they camt do anything for me .

Flipkart Not delivering product and asking to cancel

I have placed the order with order id- OD116205294832626000 on 7th aug with delivery expected by 10th aug but my product has not been delivered yet.
From the last four days i was getting calls from flipkart saying the team is involved and i will be recieving my product but still it has not been delivered. Even there is no details given on the app other than the tracking id which is also trackable on which link, is not specified.
I had been calling and asking flipkart so many times to provide the link but they are not providing.

Now today i got a call from flipkart saying the team is not able to track your order and they are asking me to cancel the order and place a new one and they will not assure that i will receive my product or not. The product i ordered i now not available and even if available i bought in independence day sale at a price of Rs-1049 now it is showing Rs- 2499. How fair is it to ask the consumer to order the same product on more than double price on what he ordered before.
Other than this how can you compensate the time and afford that i wasted talking to flipkart and getting fake promises that i will be getting my product.

This is like cheating and very unprofessional behaviour to the customer. Being a prime member this is not at all expected from such a shopping giants like Flipkart.

Abhinav 8906461082

Flipkart Item rwturned without reaching me

I ordered a realme 3 pro phone from flipkart. It was to reach me at friday august 16th. But it reached the couriers early and the couiuer called me at saturday 10th of august and said my item was ready for delivery and he was near my house. I was not ready to recieve the item since i was not informed of this delivery by sms or any other source. I was blind and was just told the item was here at last minute. I was not ready since i was not pre-informed. Ok told him to come again the next day which was sunday , a holiday and he told me he was going to send it back by monday. The courier service is so bad since i could not recieve my item nor was i informed that the item will be sent to me for be to get ready with the cash.