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Dear All Prospective Immigration service seekers, This is to let you all know about this fraud company in Pune and Mumbai running their business under the name Apexvisas – A.V. Immigration & Careers Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. I would like to warn you all to be beware of this crooks and similar crooks like them who are in the same business and looting clients of their hard earned money in the name of immigartion services. Apexvisas are the biggest fraud i have ever experineced. I had my wife’s papers filed for Australian P.R and they assured me that they will help me out with the process and so i enrolled with them and immediately after i enrolled i started getting surprises one after the other…I realised that the guy who spoke to me Mr.Jayprakash Mehta was himself a biggest clown in the business with other bafoons working with him who are not only inexperienced in the field but also incompetent and unprofessional. My wifes case was handed over to 2 different peopl in a!
span of 6 months who are completely new and had no idea about what they were doing…Due to which the filing was delayed and the Assessment results were negative…After the results were declared i asked them to assist me with the appeal. Which they failed to assist me in and also i asked them if they can help me with another country…they didnt take interest in that either and also asked me to pay more to avail another country service. I suggest you all to go through the reviews properly and then enroll with any consultancies. Don’t rush in to things.. I can be contacted by mail which is [email protected] or you can call me on 9870170273. And those who are still not convinced with what i have wrote above…I encourage you all to visit the below link on Face Book and read different users complaint..And in case if anyone of you want to see any proof of my claims i will be more than happy to provide it you. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Complaint-against-Apex-vi! sa-services/141567902867… Regards Geemon Mathai

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Very worng guidance in begining itself, make me choose worng country that requires only higher profile.
These people are cheats money like anything and finally they will blem mistakes our side.
Before making the payment I came with IELTS score 6.0 in all for Australia process they never told me IT professional required 7 in all, atleast they can suggest go for Canada it very easy process and very flexible.
Also worngly guided me to take acs assessment and i lost Rs.25000 totally I lost 1 lac inclusive of all. They loots money without putting any efforts.
Biggest frauds I ever seen, now they are saying no refund is applicable.
Never go this delhi based company biggest cheats.