Newton. Pereira Since last year 13 December 2017, still I not receive Indian cdc

Good morning sir,
I Newton .Pereira. from vasco – goa. I have applied for indian cdc last year, 13 December , 2017, still i not get my indian cdc book, indos no: 17SL6539, CDC form application No: SMO(M)2017/17526 . Please send indian cdc in this below address :
Flat No.196/1(54),F-2,First Floor,
Shoumic Residency Building,
Surya nagar road,
Near mes college,
zuarinagar, Vasco da gama
contact no: +919923819747


Irregular Buses
The Kadamba transport corporation buse running in morpirla – Goa , is very very irregular. there is no guarantee that a bus will be plying on a perticular day.especially the buse on Panaji–morpirla is very very very very irregular . There was no bus on margao to morpirla route on 18th September 2018 , 19 September 2018 . How to travel and how to rely on this nonsense Public transport. Government says big big things and thinks about developement……

croma retail – apple iphone ordered non delivery of items – no refund

Order Number 300001944004
We placed an order for 3 nos of iphone 6s – 32 gb on 3rd april.
No invoice was sent. After 5 days when we called on 7th april we were made to wait on call for 30 mins and then we were told
there is some mistake and the issue will be resolved in 24 hours and the next day on 8th april invoice was sent.
today on 10 th @ 7. 00 pm we called up again to find the status if the units are despatched – we were again made to wait for 20 mins
only to be informed that we are sorry the units are not despatched and there are no stocks
If you dont have stock why are you keeping the money with you. Please refund the money immediately. If you delay any further you will have to pay interest to us.
This was least expected from a TATA company

L&T Long Term Infra Bonds No information about Buy Back/ Not Reachable

I hold 10 bonds of the said bonds series- L&T LONG TERM INFRA BONDS – TRANCHE 2 : LTFTR2, from L&T. I am trying to reach out to them for for further action as the lock-in period is over however I am not able to reach out to them. There is no communication to the effect and this is creating doubts in our mind Can we have contact details for them or any communication from them Folio no. 23791609

my contact: [email protected]