Indian Oil Cheating / stealing money

The Indian oil petrol station opposite Tito’s White House in goa are huge thieves, the first time we went to this station we noticed that the metre hardly moved and unfortunately we had to go to this station again, we asked for 1500 rupees diesel which should immediately show a significant amount of miles, yet nothing showed, we queried this and the petrol attendant said run the car for some time and the miles will come, nothing came, daylight robbery. Please everyone be warned of this scam of a petrol station, outright stealing money with the pretence of providing fuel, we drove 1.1 km down to the bharat station in Vagator and put 500 rupee diesel and instantly got 60 miles showing on the clock. Thieves !!
Please if anyone knows how to make a formal complaint against these thieves working at Indian oil please let me know
Thank you

Oyo Rooms Oyo not providing refund after cancelling

I, Srujan Lakkakula along with a friend (Satyendra Kumar Panasa) booked a hotel, Booking ID #LUGH6815, thru oyo rooms in Goa on 11-Nov-2018. The booking amount is Rs. 27,912. We booked the hotel for 2 nights from 24-Nov-2018 to 26-Nov-2018.
After a couple of days the booking got cancelled by the hotel but the refund was not provided.
We spoke with the oyo customer care, after a lot of argument they said they will refund the amount in 7-14 days. They sent this confirmation thru mail which is attached.
It has been more than a month and yet the refund is not provided. I tried contacting the customer support, but they are not responding and keeping my calls on hold till they get disconnected. I am fed up with their system and want to approach the court to get justice.

Life Insurance Corporation of India Removal of mobile number

Some years back i was working for LIC, so officials registered my mobile number as contact person but now i dont work there but still i am getting calls enquiring about LIC. Please remove my number from LIC Bicholim (GOA) branch ->Contact Us Provided number to be removed- +91-9890060487.

Required actions need to be taken as it has been hard for me these days. Complainant-Mr. Dilip Gondane.

Sea bird tours and travels Unauthorized tour management

I have booked tour form Goa with sea bird tour agencys to visit Bangalore ,mysore,Ooty and coorge.the transportation management we’re not good and the hotels stay we’re not as per standard.the agency had told they will provide vehicles for pickup and drop and to travel to other spots but last moment the office tell us to travel in public bus to coorg .the office also don’t care what problems the guest face throughout the was horrible experience .they had not provided any hotel details,if asked they use to not disclose it till the last moment saying they have arranged everything but services were very poor.