GoAir Insurance policy /certificate not issued

1. My onward and return flights both were cancelled by GoAir. PNR O4RSQV & HFHRFB.

2. Due to GoAir policies partial amount was returned to my account.

3. Convenience fee and Insurance charges were retained which resulted in loss to me for no fault of mine.

From past 40 days I have been sending emails to feedback, Appellate Authority, Nodal Officer and calling GoAir for my Covermore Insurance details but I’m unable to get proper response. Seems GoAir has pocketed the amount and hasn’t issued any policy.

Also had raised Grievance with AirSewa but they are also silent.

Please advise asap.

Manoj Sabharwal
Jaskiran Sran

GoAir Non-refund of airfare

I had booked a a flight from Kol – Delhi and return in Aug 2019. PNR : M9WP4Q
The tickets were cancelled on 02.08.2019 and a refund was initiated through the Go air customer care services. Thereafter I am following it up with them for last 45 days. Mails to Customer care, Nodal Officer, Airsewa, all have failed so far. These people are not interested in returning back my money.

Hence this complaint.
And what steps are available to me now ?

Dr Tapas Kumar Chaudhuri
Mobile 9830464437

GoAir Non refund of fare after cancellations

I have cancelled my daughter’s ticket on 29 apr 19 due to death of traveller . Service request number provided by airline is G8-00635988. PNR no is JEYK8R travel date is 03 jun 19 from chandigarh to srinagar. I have approached several times every time they said refund will be made within 24 hrs. But till date refund not done by airline. I am feeling harassed. Kindly do the needful

GoAir GoAir staffs intentionally stopped me from boarding my scheduled flight G8-145

Delay from passanger side is considered violation of rules, and stop him/her at boarding counter only, even the person reaches 30 mins prior (even person gets message from GoAir, kindly reach 25 mins prior at boarding gate).
But delay from GoAir is okay, whether the pilots or airhostess come late by 20 mins or 30 mins or delay at runway by 308 mins. You can check the G8-143 logs.
So, my feedback is – GoAir is the passanger hostile airline who should learn to be gracious towards passanger.
Rules should be followed by both way not one way. I am grateful to other airlines who are quite friendly towards passanger, even they talk very nicely and politely. GoAir is the worst airline, staffs even don’t know how to talk to passengers , all feel themselves not less than bureaucrats. 😀

GoAir Stuff stolen by goair staff and returned me empty bag

Hii, I travelled from goair flight on 21st December 2018, and I reached there at boarding pass counter within time mention at the ticket but the person who was sitting at the boarding pass counter was in so hurry and he didn’t give us the time to arrange our baggage at check-in baggage , he also threaten us either to do fast or he will be going to cancel our ticket. So we dropped one of our baggage there at Jaipur Airport itself and told him to keep it safe with them.
And after this incident I complaint the goair staff and also the nodalofficer through mail and also had the discussion with the goair staff over the phone.
But they didn’t response or they are not at all bother about it.
Finally, I myself send one of my family member from Kolkata to Jaipur to collect my baggage from there at Jaipur Airport on 30th December 2018 and I was shocked that he got the empty bag from the airport and all the stuff and money which was inside the baggage was missing and stolen by the goair staff and for this I again made a complaint to goair staff and nodalofficer through mail and again I didn’t receive any response from there side.
So I want the compensation for the items which was stolen by there staff and the money which I had spent by sending my member to Jaipur airport from Kolkata and and again the returned flight.
I am also going to mention the SRN no. which is "G8-00575953" received from the goair mail operator for your further reference.
I hope that this time I will get back my claim as soon as possible and all my complaint will resolve at the earliest.

GoAir Unfair behavior and charging new ticket for no good reason

Dear Manager,

My self, Ms. Pinal Vithlani. This is a complaint for totally unfair and unprofessional behavior from GoAir. One of my friend had booked the tickets from Ahmedabad to Goa for four people. These are the flight details:
Booking ID: NF7261089264493

The friend by mistake booked my ticket on my nick name that is, Richa Vithlani, The flight timing was 11:45 PM on 7th April. On the same morning, I came to know about this mistake when I got print out of ticket from my friend. I called the customer care from where I was advised to go directly to the Go Air office. I went to the Go Air counter on Ahmedabad airport. I would like to add that mostly the counter puts the ‘Counter Closed’ board on the window. I went to the officer sitting in the cabin and explained my situation. He told me to ask to airport security guard if he would allow me to enter inside at time of my flight. The guide answered positive on the condition of getting the Go Air stamp on my ticket. The Go Air officer told me to come after two hours and meet his senior. However, that officer assured me to get that issue solved even if I meet his senior directly on the flight time. But, for not taking a risk, I went after two hours again to the Go Air ca!
bin and explained everything to senior officer. He rudely refused to help on this. I was carrying all my I-cards with me for name proof. But, the officer emphasized more on the name and not on the identity. I requested a lot, but he raised his hands and went off the window. I requested them to balance the paid amount and give me a new ticket but no cooperation at all. My agent, Make My Trip called them and requested to co-operate but no output. Finally, I had to purchase a new ticket that was double of the previously paid amount. I was having two tickets in the same flight because of Go Air’s unprofessional and rubbish behavior.
On my surprise, I was not asked to show my I-card at time of boarding, luggage check and not at any spot on travel time. I was feeling so damn for Go Air and promised my self not to travel with the same ever in my life. The company is just about earning in way.
I request you to help me getting the amount of new ticket that was 3200/- I saw a vast number of complaints against Go Air on this board. Kindly, take some effective actions on Go Air.
Anticipating your positive response,
Pinal Vithlani

Email ID: [email protected]
Contact: 99242 03100

GoAir Flight cancellation

Go Air flight no- G8-261

Customer care calls me 5 days before my scheduled departure to tell me that apparently due to some technical difficulties my flight has been cancelled.Upon my repeated request of telling them to reschedule it,the rude lady on the other side,just calmly says that GO Air cant help me.I had to book a new flight in Indigo under these circumstances and it costed me a bomb(almost double than original).
I was told that I would get refund for the cancelled flight.However when I didnt get any notification for flight cancellation ,I called the customer care again,who told me that I need to raise a "request" for the same.I mean at this point I don’t know should I laugh or be angry.U cancel my flight and then u come and ask me do I need a refund?? Is that even a question,ofcourse I do need refund you assholes.
And now I have to raise a seperate request at Yatra(website where I booked the flight),who say that they have not got any confirmation from Go AIrlines to process my refund.So at the end I am feeling angry and ashamed that I am so dumb to book tickets in such a stupid airlines.
Also a week back,I stood in line for getting my boarding pass for 2 hours at Bhubneshwar(G8 286),as the "system " was down and the honorable staff decided to manually write the details on the boarding pass.I still understand this as a technical difficulty and ignored the issue.
But the flight cancellation and the way the customer care speaks as if they had decided to fly me for free.
Its my humble request to everyone,to never ever choose GoAir,whatever it may be.Only if we don’t tolerate this kind of behaviour,they will either improve or close down their business.

GoAir Refund of ONLINE Web checkin seat booking charges charged by Go Air

Hi Team,
Extra charges were taken from me during Web checkin seat selection, but while boarding/check in process at airport, as Go Air system was not working, i was allotted different seats.
Earlier during web checkin i was allotted 15A & 15B with approx charges of 250+INR & later i was given 24A & B.
I need refund for extra charges taken from me during web checkin for seats booking. Flight G8386 & PNR UTNTR0. pls process refund & confirm back.

BR Nilesh Sawant (9819928112)