Godrej Interio Furniture not yet delivered.staff misbehaved and did not respond.

I purchased from godrej interio on 2nd february uttarpara branchI do not stay at home always and only available on weekend.So I requested them to take the order only if they are able to deliver by 10th of February on saturday or sunday.They assured us and took the order but till today they have not yet delivered and on calling them they are diverting our calls to different numbers and the staff who actually sold us the item misbehaved with us and is not taking up calls.
I had paid the whole amount and still did not get reply from their end.when it will be delivered.
Urmi Biswas
Email [email protected]
Phone 8981621035

Godrej Interio Undelivered wardrobe parts

I, Nikhil Bali purchased 2 wardrobe from Godrej Interio Store at Gurunanakpura (Tilak Nagar) with Sales order no. WOA10963 & Sales Invoice No. 5MI/11037756. I have made the advance payment on 25th December 2018 with committed date of delivery by 15th January 2019. All payments were made well before the delivery of the product. Mr. Abdul Rashid was the sales man handling this deal with employee code 902079.
On my follow-up on 10th Jan to 12th Jan for the delivery I was informed that there is deficiency in material & there are items which are awaited. I was told that the remaining material shall delivered in 2 days and the wardrobe shall be completely delivered & installed on 16th Jan 2019. I received the delivery of wardrobe on 17th January 2019 but it was installed after 2 days i.e. 19th January 2019, which is a very unacceptable practise of installing after 2 days. Also it was short of 2 double doors & 1 locker (the shortfall was mentioned in the feedback form signed by me). On call I was assured that in 2 more days all the remaining doors & locker shall be delivered & installed i.e. by 19th Jan. Again on the follow up on 19th Jan 2019 I was committed that the material is on transit & shall be delivered & installed on 24th Jan 2019. In between I spoke to Store manager Mr. Lalit Mangal & he said the same thing. I spoke to Mr. Lalit Mangal on !
28th Jan 2019 but no response given (never expected such a careless attitude from a professional company). Today on 29th Jan 2019 I spoke to some other store person named Mr. Rashel (not sure about the exact spelling) as Mr. Lalit & Mr. Rashid are on leave and I was informed that the material has not even started from the warehouse and can not be delivered before 1 week. Tentative date given was 8th February.
This is the most pathetic experience from a company like Godrej where fake commitments are given, incomplete products are delivered & no response on follow up. It is completely a fraud and harassment. Godrej takes full payment in advance & after that make fake commitments and deliver incomplete product.
I demand an action against Mr. Abdul Rashid & Mr. Lalit Mangal. Also I demand to cancel my order & return of the wardrobe. Request you to refund the complete money at the earliest. Please complete the proceedings with in 2 days else I will take legal action against the company & employees.

Godrej Interio Seviour Paint Defect in Newly purchased Godrej Interio Almirah from Godrej Dealer

Dear Concern Person,

My name is Himanshu Goel, a consumer of Godrej Interio. I purchased a Godrej Interio Almirah on Dated 22/6/2018, Model no Wrd H1 DTONE TOP WHITE G ROSE from your Registered dealer Named âASSETS INDIA (GODREJ MEGA SHOWROOM)â , Address:- A1-4, 2nd Floor, R.K. Tower Sector-4, Vaishali, Ghaziabad UP-201010. Tel No:- 0120-2772159 and Mobile No:- 9650298585. Supporting Documents like Bill and Booking receipt is attached below.
Since the day when this item delivered to my place, it was having a defect from inside. Some portion of this almirah was not painted. Although it was looking very bad, but on the promise of Mr. Purushotam(Shop keeper) and on humanitarian ground I accepted this almirah and I fully paid against this delivery. As said by Mr. Purushotam, it has to be painted and he was responsible for such task and due action. He took around 2monthes to fulfill his promise but again he sprayed a wrong colour through his worker.
Meanwhile I also loadged a complaint in Godrej Interio Company. 1st complaint on 3/8/2018 and 2nd complaint on 7/8/2018 on the name of Himanshu Goel from Vaishali Ghaziabad.
Major Problem is, it was a Marriage Almirah. I am really pissed off by continuosly following the company and the Dealer. Now Dealer is saying that it is companyâs call and company is saying it is Dealerâs call. I am feeling like a true proverb âDhoobi ka kutta, Na ghar ka, Na ghat kaâ. I have talked so many people in company as well. Mr. Omprakash service engg(8178384477) followed by Mr Rohit/Mr Uttam Head of service dept(9716384022/7862826262) followed by Mr. Prateek Sethi Assistant manager (9717815511) but no one here is liable to sort out my issue.
When I didnât get any help from the company then I again followed Dealer. Mr. Purushotam has been replaced by someone else, now this time a lady and she again just passing the time with the customer and nothing she is doing. First of all I want to mention that kindly terminate this dealer dealership. This is such a pathetic dealer. That lady donât even know how to deal or talk with the customer. She always says that I have only 15% profit in it and rest company takes so company will do in it whatever it can do. I donât know what she was trying to say like this but this is not at all relevant answer about my problem. What the customer has to take with this, I have paid whole figure then why would I listen such nonsense.
As your company says âCustomer service at Godrej Interio is recognized as the Key building block in building the brand and bonding with our consumers. We at Godrej Interio believe that Customer Satisfaction & Delight are part of our brand DNA & hence have nurtured, invested & are constantly improving processes to achieve higher levels of satisfactionâ. This statement is not true in my case and I am continously being misguided by the company and dealer.
I want serious action on my complaint this time and this is the last time I am looking for your service otherwise I will sue company and dealer in consumer court.

Godrej Interio Wrong kitchen delivered

Dear Sir,

This is regarding my kitchen which I purchased from one of your dealer ( Loci Interior) of lajpat nagar Delhi.
Very disappointingly I am mentioning you that the steel kitchen that was delivered to me does not match completely with the plan as agreed at the time it was booked ( Refer to the plan, quotation and actual kitchen images in the attached zip). I am now being told that the order was for a pre-fab kitchen and the plan that was agreed on can’t be fitted into a pre-fab kitchen.
Specifically, the following are the issues with the kitchen delivered:
1. One drawer less in the dish kit
2. One drawer less in the cooking kit
3. bottle pull out kit has one less shelf (unlike the one shown in the brochure or showroom)
4. One of the cabinet shutters having wrong color and dents (though the dealer had assured a replacement of the cabinet shutters)
5. On the basis of the above I wonder whether I’ve been billed correctly given that the bill was as per the plan agreed and ordered whereas the delivered kitchen does not match to it.

I would also like to know whether Godrej provides an itemized bill for the kitchens ordered with it. The dealer is currently denying it. How would on earth the customer come to know what items he has been billed and at what rate.
Requesting you to look into my issue as soon possible with urgent effect. To make it more clear and help you understand I am attaching the following 1.Quotation
2. Plan of the kitchen
3. Final bill.
4. Original photo of the kitchen.

Expecting a spontaneous response from Godgej. As it has been an very reputed and trustworthy company for ages. One of my reason of purchase.
An inspection from godgej will help me a lot to know whether I have been made a fool or not. Looking forward to your response.

Sushmita Guha Ghosh.

Wrong kitchen delivered

Godrej Interio Delivery

Dear Godrej Team , I had booked Bed , Coffee Table , TV Table , Bed Side Table on 8th of Oct at their main Vikhroli Show Room . Which also is their manufacturing location . I had booked with the intention that I will get he material during Diwali period in spite of being expensive than the market prices and GODREJ Brand. However I have no words to explain my agony and anguish I have to go thr. after that . Pl note even after paying 100% advance during booking I had to go thr. it and still continues to go thr. the same . After 45 days the material started coming in bits and pieces . They also delivered faulty coffee table , and when technician came for fitment he said it is faulty and needs to be replaced , After that I was again left to fend my self and lodge the complaint for replacement . Also 25 days back I did all the formalities of lodging the replacement request spending lot of time and contacting their multiple numbers so called service numbers . Every time I call u!
p for update they say, we will take it on priority and RSO has been launched and some one will get back immediately , Later on no one gets back to us . As on today that is after 65 Days there is no update or the status of coffee table booked . It,s now very difficult to run after these people to get the update , and need to contact multiple numbers , Since I exhausted all my options and energy required for follow up I am writing with a hope that some one form Senior team of Godrej will look in to the matter and resolve the issue . I request either to deliver the pending replacement table immediately or take back the coffee table lying at my end and refund the money . Also I advise all Godrej Furniture buyers to Think 1000 times before buying Godrej furniture or else be prepared to spend time on follow up at the cost of your energy level that to paying higher money than the market price
I hope some one will revert with the immediate action on replacement of coffee table. Henceforth I will never advise any one to for Godrej Furniture , I also got the same advise not to go for the same but I made blunder of still going ahead and now facing this issue
Regards and looking forward to some response from GODREJ senior team
Mantri /Mumbai/9970173593

Godrej Interio Pathetic retail experience at store

Pathetic experience I had today from ur vip road branch .. I went their to check office furniture today at around 11.30 and the first impression I got was like I have done some mistake entering into the store at this early .This showroom is very nearby to my home so I was not in the attire they would probably like to see their customers in .as it seems that for them it is a first point of judging a customer buying capacity. Mr.amit Roy chowdhury have dealt me or should I say I have just forced him to talk to me.no one in your store even bother to wish me and my dad.This so called sales associate of yours is in his own attitude and pride on his face.he should be because he is working with a very prestigious company but is that really matter to a customer? I was irritated and just want to push off from the store and I find they don’t even care as they have their pre assumption that I ll not end of buying anything . Least interested and arrogant . I ask him his name and he!
told me his name and ask me mine not because he wants to follow up or help me close my buying need but to taunt me saying " u like to talk in English " only because I am bengali am I supposed to talk to him in Bengali and that was my crime to him ..stupid guy in a beutiful company ..I am working in MNC retail brand as a Regional head and I am sorry to see this standard in your brand .Very insulting and I would never step into any Godrej store ever in my life .I am expecting a revert or else I ll send this same complain to higher authority as I was with my dad and it was very insulting to him as well.
Soumabrata sarkar .9073933643

Godrej Interio BED issue

Third class behaviour and service of Godrej
The service provider are acting like a beggar towards the customer .
I have purchased a Godrej Bed, just within 1 year the bed brown sheet on the bed board are getting out . What kind of quality of Godrej . I have purchased 3 products , I told categorically that only this bed getting issue and I need solution . I asked them to send the engineer . But I have received 10 calls from godrej service centre only they are asking what is the issue and whether I am ready to pay engineer visit charged. Thy are least bother to addressed my issue . I have confirmed their engineer that I am ready to pay the service charged but still they have not come . Also getting call from different person about the confirmation of charged .
I am surprised Godrej like a company how come they do like this with the customer , I have purchased the bed with the cost of INR 42000 /-. For you this is nothing and service charge 350/- is important .
They distributor just raised their hand to give me any solution but before purchase they have call me 100 times .
I will share this with social Media along with the photograph that what kind of quality bed you are selling and what kind of after sale service you are providing the customer .
If I will not get any solution I have planned to keep this bed in front of your distributor located at Chowrastha , behala , kolkata and put hooding about your sale services .

Really pathetic , my concept is really changed about your brand. I will never purchased this band also I will not suggest to any one for purchase . If required I will go the consumer forum about your after sales service and attitude towards customer .

We are also working in service industries but we never treat our customer like this .
Saikat Adhikary