Google unauthorized transactions in my wife's account using atm debit card ending 6172

There were altogether 91 Nos. of unauthorized transactions in my SBI Account of Rs.26917.00 in the name of GOOGLE *OCTRO INC, GOOGLE *PROXIMA BETA AND GOOGLE SERVICES. The deductions were mostly in the series of Rs.449, 499, 420, 249, 79 barring two or three exceptions. All these transactions were made on 2nd March, 2019. My wife had lodged complaint with SBI IMMT BRANCH, Bhubaneswar with copy to all higher authorities of SBI Grievance cell including Ombudsman, Crime Branch, & Local Police Station etc. On 16th March, 2019 there were credit of Rs.13152.00 in the same fashion in which those were taken away but an amount of Rs.13,765.00 is yet not returned back to me. I am also not in a position to know who returned those money and why the rest amount was not returned back to me. I have no other way to wait, wait and wait.

Please use your good offices to solve the matter so that my wife can get back the rest amount.

Communication in this regard can also be made in my Mail ID: [email protected]

Mobile No: 9337316522

Google Is it the biggest scam jointly running by google,banks,and GOI

An unauthorized transaction has been done from my icici bank account.which simply says "Txn of INR 520.00done on acct xx2355 on*GOOGLE" now I just want to know that is google or banks or GOI running out of money and hence doing nothing but stealing our money from a so called "secured bank account",further I also want to know that am I suppose to use banking services in a country which promote schemes like Digital India?


I Sushmita Gurung, SBI account holder would like to lodge a complain with regard to unauthorized transaction from my account. I
received multiple message alert from POS GOOGLE *MeMe txn# amounting 1, 310 and 65 Rs for almost 30 times on 31st january 2019 with the card ending xxx1155(8 to 9 am), after which I had to immediately block my ATM card.
this is such a serious issue with regard to digital fraud which is not accepted at all.
therefore, I request to kindly investigate this matter seriously and want my money back into my account as soon as possible.

Google Unathorised money deducted

Thank you for using your SBI Debit Card 459XX3351 for a purchase worth Rs65.0 on POS 248742000103177 at GOOGLE *MeMe txn# ############.If not done by you, forward this SMS from mobile number registered with SBI to 9223008333 to block your card. You may also call 1-800-111109
Like this mine 3000Rs has been deducted from the account .which all are I have not done any of them. Return the money back to account

Google Refund my money

Refund my money
today morning I got a message that I have made a purchase of 399 rupees in Vin* Google* goo . But I don’t know what is Vin Google or whatever and I hv complaint to ICICI bank they told me I have subscribed something so they I hv deducted . Is it possible without to deducte without any opt or any permission they will deducted like that any I didn’t subscribed or buy anything from Google also please resolve soon.