Google Unauthorized charges on Min/

Hi, I have received unknown debit of amount from my account towards Min/ I haven’t subscribed to any unknown Google service.
Please refund my money and take these complaints on priority. If money is not refunded or not justified correctly for this debit, I will take the privilege to file case ok Google.

Please do the needful.
Thank you

Google Unauthorized debit from sbi card, GOOGLE CCI Intelli

Unauthorized debit fromsbicard
Unauthorized charges of RS 270/-deducted from my sbi debit card ending 7877 on 13/10/2019, 20/10/19, month of NOV. Dec. 3times JAN-2020, 4time’s, Feb -4th, 11th18th, 25th, March 3, 10, 17, 24, April and the MAY 5th also at GOOGLE *CCI Intelli. Iwill not purchased anything nor subscripition GOOGLE SERVICES. So please kindly REFUND MY MONEY and didn’t use any service without my knowledge money waa debitedfrom my card

Google Unauthorized transaction

Complain to paytm:
Dear Sir,
I use PayTM on regular basis using my phone no.+91-9435002007.

Recently, my account has been hacked and significant amount of money has been withdrawn from my linked SBI account to topup the said PayTM account and used in Google Play Credit purchases. All these happened without my knowledge and approval. I never receive any sms or notifications, neither from PayTM nor from SBI.

Kindly look into the matter on urgent basis.

Best Regards,
Panchalika B.

Google Fraud transaction through debit card without OTP

There were series of unauthorised transaction through my debit card.which goes like by debit card OTHPG Google *Mobi Tech 855-836-29of amount Rs 4,050 on 26 April 2020 and other transaction by debit card OTHPG ############ Google *LBW Tech 855-836-39 of Rs 410 on April 24 th 2020 and there were also some tasaction of Rs1 .All these transactions were carried without any requirement of OTP. I have not received any OTP message from my bank.I need my money back in my account ,and also want to know how these transactions were made without OTP. I very much pained by such activities and mentally disturbed.and such type of fraud discourage us from digital payment system.

I will very much thankful to concerned authority for getting back my money in my account.

Chandan kumar
Bank details-State Bank of India
A/C no 32259851110
IFS code SBIN0006499.

Google Unauthorized charges by Google without customer consent and authentication

On 9th April 2020, an amount of Rs.10501 was deducted from my credit card with description (GOOGLE *PROXIMA BETA C). I wonder who authorized google to charge the amount from my account without my consent. How does google charge the amount without any authentication like OTP or any password. For those who regularly check their bank and credit card accounts have a clear picture of the transactions. For others who are least bothered to look at the transactions have no idea how they were scammed. It is a fraudulent activity scamming money without customers consent and authentication.

i have raised the Report unauthorized charges form. I am not sure if others have experienced the same, If yes did you get back the total refund amount. What is Google’s explanation for this ?
I am seriously concerned and Google should be sued for such fraudulent activities

Google payment deduct my account


My account no.32683507141 in SBI Bank Pachmarhi my account has been debited OTHPG ############ Google *Dvloper amounting to Rs.55/- has been deducted on 21/02/2020. I have no subscription in this app and another deduction in my account OTHPG ############GOOGLE *music 855-836-39 amounting to Rs.99/- deduct from 21/01/2020 and 22/02/2020 I have no idea why amount deducted in my account please salve the problem.