Government Office Irregular Water Supply

Dear Sir/madam,

We, residents of Gavde Mala, near Lekha nagar and Shri Sai English Medium School are facing the issue of irregular water supply since January 2017. Since almost whole year 2017 till now we are not getting sufficient water supply in spite of making the regular payment of water bill charges.
Also the timing of the water supply is not regular which is most worst thing as we are living in a one of standard areas of Savedi.
So this is our humble request to the municipal water supply department to look into the matter on priority basis.
Thabk you.

Government Office Time managememt

I recently applied for my LLR. The RTO office was very poorly maintained and no importance was given to people’s time. Only one computer was working and even that one was very slow. More than 50 people were made to occupy in a conjested room without fans. I was waiting for more than 4hours to complete the process. Man power was not at all sufficient and I had a horrible experience. Government should soon make the necessary changes.