GTPL Broadband GTPL Broadband service

Dear sir

Your service is wrost service, you do not have good connectivity, speed, local technical support, call center service people suggest one single line – remove your cable, switch off your device, start up again by doing reverse, I am suffering last 4 month, every week I lost your connecting 2 times, I politely asked your customer care please give Permentally solution for this mater. But no one doing anything till today.
When you taking advance money from us that time you giving about your service, is it your service?? I think you cheat your customer and theft them money.
Once you get money from customers, then GTPL does behave like who are you? We do not know you??
It’s totally fraud company ,not providing service as per plan.
If you not able to provide right service, according to plan u offer, please close the company and stop to make fool to customers. Do not cheat people by giving fake promise.

GTPL Broadband Poor Service of Technicians and customer care

We have been the customer of GTPL since last more than 2 years. Before 10 days we filed complaint of line not working(although we have been facing the issue since last more than a month) but your executive did not turn up since day before yesterday. Before he came for trouble shooting he gave excuses to come and visit my place tomorrow or morning or evening but he didnt turn up until day before yesterday.
Day before yesterday as soon as the GTPL technician went and we switched on the wifi the whole line blasted and electricity went away. I am trying to ask the GTPL customer care to send someone asap but they too give false promises and do not wish to do anything. This people are cheater and scammers. Be aware of them. My customer ID is usha204.

Please refund the money else social media will be the only option we will be left with.