GTU Letter of recommendation

I passed my bachelor of engineering degree in mechanical stream this year (2018) and i want to study in Canadian university and for that they need letter of recommendation of my college and my college universal in which i studied is permanently closed so that it’s impossible to get letter of recommendation from my college please help me by giving transfer certificate of other gtu under base college so that i can get LOR from that college

GTU Rechecking / reassessment

Respected sir/madem
I am a student of MBA. I have give reassement of my backlog of sem 2. A subject of COM and FM. But the result is same. There is no change in the result. A result is declare today. And I am shoked that the result is same. I have calculated a sum and write a theory in both paper. sir plz Check the paper twice I write more then 45 marks so how I fail in the exam U can change the result of mine
My enrollment number is 147550592054

GTU my aadhaar no is linked for bank account does not linked for NPCI server

Hello sir,
My adhar number has been linked with bank account but not showing at NPCI server.
I already rechecked with bank but they tell me that your aadhar is linked to A/c. For scholarship, it is very necessary.
Sir please take action immediately.Please do the’s very important for me.
My details are-
Name- Bihari Shahilkhan
A/C no.- 230310110006599( BANK OF INDIA)
Aadhar no- ############
IFSC code- BKI00002303

GTU reassessment

The paper of reassessment is not checked properly as we are seeing the news and videos on youtube. I have not complained but a genuine request to all paper checker that please don’t mix your mood with paper checking. Some student future is in your hand, Please check the paper in simple form. Please give students marks who are all way good with their history in other subjects and just not in a particular subject which is no need for him in his future JOB.