Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation Regarding irregularity of Nadiad Bajipura bus route

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

We students and passengers are daily commuting in Nadiad-Bajipura bus route at 4:30pm which is irregular from last few days. As we have only this bus within 3 h of time period, It is very difficult to commute everyday.

We have complaint in Nadiad depot but didnt get satisfactory output.

Hope to get early positive response

Thanking you in anticipation

Students and passengers

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation money change not give

Whenever I travel in state transport buses, rent of ticket is 132 or something not round figured value of rent in that case conductor of bus always takes higer money of that ticket. As example If rent of ticket is 144,conductor takes 150 amount and after they don’t Give any change.
Please I hope you will kindly considering problem and better judging for my case.Because it is corruption for conductor. I hope you take action and stop this corruption.