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सर् मेरी बेटी आराधना इंगलिश स्कूल भिलाड जिला वलसाड के 3rd क्लास में पढ़ती है । सर् जिसकी टाइमिंग सुबह 7 se 3.30 तक एक्स्ट्रा क्लास ( जबरदस्ती)के नाम पर धन उगाही की जाती है ।और यदि 10 दिन लेट हो जाता है फीस जमा करने में तो बिना सूचना दिए हुए बच्चे को क्लास से बाहर बैठा दिया जाता है .सब फीस लगभग 30000 है जो कि कैश लेते है और आगे कितना पैसा लिया जाएगा होली के नाम पर दीवाली के नाम पर

108 ambulance service 108 ambulance not taking handicapped and facture person

On 18th I have inquired about 108 ambulance. I have called and explained that my husband and me both are handicapped and as my husband fell from staircase and had operation before 10 days having ball facture. He has also three ligaments broken so dr said to do operation on 19th Sept at mahavari hospital. I explained that my husband can not move from bed. They asked me my husband’s name and address. The ambulance came. But we both shocked when the two men of 108 told us that they will not take my husband to ambavadi hospital and told that they can drop us to sola civil only. How this is possible as we have the appointment of our dr and they are not able to drop us there. They denied and went. My question is what is the mean of 108 when it is not able to help and take a person who is unable to walk a bit. We had to suffer a lot as 108 came but of no use. Not at all useful.

Club Mahindra downgrade membership

Dear sir,
With reference to your mail regarding my query no 000040 I would like to request you last time. My membership No 2623870 with club mahindra
Today I have got your replay mail regarding my query No 12637340. You have refuse down grad application (from red to white season ) however I have paid some amount (approx. 10%). Reason of downgrade is to not book two rooms in red season from your side.
(1) This is joint membership with my co applicant (he has paid half of money for membership) so please replay me, while applicant and co applicant paid for this membership, than why don’t you provide rooms for each member. If u cannot provide different room for both, than why you take money from both member. Why you did not suggest to remove co applicant name from membership.
WHY YOU ALLOW JOINT APPLICANT WHILE YOU CAN NOT GIVE 2 ROOMS? And why charge more in compare of white season?
(2) In past we have always booked rooms for more than 4 members in white season. (You can check your record) . Why did Mr hriday (marketing person phone number 966227499) not told us for such rules. On the contrary he suggested us one room online and other from help desk. Due to wrongly booking in hurry we have lost our 2 holidays by mistake (same day I cancelled and requested you to recredit the same (query no 12676748) but your member relationship deny to re credit. It was also socking for us why you people stick with ruined rules. It was matter of just 15 minuits.
(3) I put a mail for degradation on 6/08/2018. you have replied by 12/9/2018 in that 37 days number of times we called you, visit your regional office in ahmedabd we have suffer lot mentally. We have west lots of time behind this .who will pay for this? My co applicant ( my brother in law is under deportation. (who will pay for this ? Mr hriday or club Mahindra?
(4) From such condition we have spoil our holiday planning in Diwali (I have to cancel my one room booking in gangtok and beaguney resort in Diwali) We cannot get 2rooms and more over we have to pay up gradation fee? This story will occur in every holidays than who have to go on holidays (me or my brother in law who is co applicant for membership). So we cant afford club Mahindra 9west of money), This membership is taken for 2 not for anyone. Try to understand and refund money by convert in white season.
with regards,

Akash gandhi (9824038930)


Dear sir,
A RO water plant under the name of DIGITAL packed by Shiv Sales at Udhana is doing illegal business. They are not filtering or doing any water treatment and selling in the market. One of my friend suffered severe headache and caused Dengue due to it.
So I hereby kindly request you to take an action towards it and do check the lab test for it sir.
Thanking you


vero moda Blouse

I bought a stan blouse from vero moda Egypt and from the first time I used it, it got torn if I am using or wearing a branded cloth this should not happen and it should be of good quality. When I went t the store the brand manager took the piece and told me that they will call me in 24 or 48 hours to tell me the reply, they called me to say that it was rejected and the reason was because it is a used product now and no one complained before, so bow this happened to me?