Ahmedabad – Western Railway Luggage booking

At luggage booking counter when I enquired about procedure for luggage booking the clerk sitting at the counter redirect me to agents
Agent said charges of luggage booking is 30 rupees for 1 kg as only one luggage section held with government rest two section are on contractual basis. If u paid the money than only we booked ur luggage . On again asked to the railway clerk at the booking counter he replied if u want ur luggage to be booked follow the agent instructions.
What is this please check the agents dono do fraudulent with the customers

Not know Fruad Transaction

Dear Sir/Madam,

My father was get call from one person he ask name as "RAVIKUMAR VERMA". And my father was not understand more thing properly related bank.
And By mistake my father was give otp to that person and he fruad with my father. Below is get transaction id from my bank account.

"PGDR/PAYTM/08-09-2018 12:01:59/SWT"

And i also attach bank receipt. Please also check this.
And if possible to cancel this transaction and able to refund money please do this asap. Thank You.

Emerald Honda Lack of responsibility and unbearable behaviour

I placed my Honda hornet for service in shahibaug Ahmedabad on 9th September 2018. They told I will receive my bike on 6 pm. When I was there to receive my bike they tell my bike was not ready and it was in progress.I wait for 1 hour after receiving my bike I like to to check.When opening the seat I saw that 3 mouse was under my seat and tear all the wire under my seat. After talking to the company executive they told me that was not their responsiblity and they will not fix this. My point is that: 1) if this wires short circuit then It will cause me a life theart.
2) I was putting my vehicles for service then who was responsible for my vehicle if it damaged or stolen.
3) my vehicle was damaged and the executive are saying they aren’t responsible for this and they will not fix this. 4) not my vehicle getting on time.

Executive has fought with me for asking ..why my vehicle is not safe?? While I had a relationship of 3 years with emarald honda but never experienced this irrepsonsible things.
For more information you can contact me on [email protected]

Idea Celluler got message from 51998 3rs deducted

I got a message on 19th July like few others here from 51998 that 3rs had been cut and some random message that looks like a joke came.
And again today on 8th September I got another message from 51998 with some random message that isn’t even making sense. Also accompanied by another message saying I got 3rs cut.
This is unbearable. It’s only time before someone goes to customer court with this.
God knows how many people have been scammed like this.