Vediocon D2H Recharge Through PayTM Get less numbers of Days As per Paytm Package

Respected Sir / Madam,

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I have recharged for Vediocon D2H through PayTM two times. I have recharge for 990 ( 3 month package ) , but get only 70 days. When recharge second time for 300 ( 1 month package ) but get only 24 days.
This people are very irresponsible who didn’t provide any response through customer care. Kindly help me.
Ii have attached all proof here. Kindly find and provide help to me. You can contact : 9428329025 or E-mail : [email protected] for any query.
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Thank you!

Bhavnagar Municipality Laying pipelines for water and gutter and rooads

Honourable Municipal Commissioner
Bhavnagar Municipality

4th February 219

Respectful Sir:

I am a resident of Geetanagar, Opposite Sahjanand Gurukul, Akwada, Bhavnagar. since 1999.
Our society area has no municipality laid water, gutter and road connections since years. Old Akwada panchayat pvc lines are used for giving us water which often cracks and ruptures putting the residents into serious trouble. Recently Reliance people laid their wiring underground causing and breaking these brittle water pipes. Just band-aid type repair is done, yet often we face problem.
Akwada is not merged in the municipality and I wonder why this apathy towards our area. When I see all adjacent with best of facilities, water, gutter, asphalted roads, I do feel distressed when our turn will come. Please look into this festering problem and redress our decade old problem. Thank God gradually the amusement park is coming up facing Madarasa. Some silver lining for our starved citizens of Akwada.
Even I had sent years back many emails to Gandhinagar departments and to our municipality regarding the urgent need to set right the broken and dilapidated Malanka check dam (situated at – Malanka-Tarasmia border region) adjoining Akwada village. I do remember when the dam was in good condition, this dam used to overflow bringing cheers to hundreds of people. But now there are tall baval trees, both inside and outside dam. What a sorry plight. On my umpteen complaints, someone was deputed and many years ago and we both visited the broken check dam, the man deputed by some office took photographs, met the Sarpanch and I was with him at the dam site for an hour or so. This check dam is so big and nice and how pathetic that it is in a dilapidated and derelict condition for the past 5-6 years. Even though I belong to neighbouring Akwada village, my heart aches to see this dam in this pathetic condition with bavala thorns grown inside dam and outside. I visited yesterday too!
and saw tall baval trees growing both inside and outside this dam. I have had the good fortune of seeing this overflowing dam some years ago and I have seen many visitors at the site. But alas, now this dam is crying for urgent repair and renovation. Once this dam set right, thousands of farmers too could get water for the irrigation, plus nearby wells will get recharged. I had great hopes of quick repair of this dam after the visit of that man (may be he was an engineer). But now the whole issue seems to have been put in a cold storage apparently as no action is forthcoming. Please tell the concerned department to act on the repair of this dam as soon as possible.
On priority basis, give the Geetanagar some basic amenities by laying pipelines for water, gutter, and proper roads inside our society. I know you have been doing lot of amenity improvement jobs.
Sorry to say our Bhavnagar city is lagging in many aspects as compared to its counterparts like Rajkot. Daily newspaper reports about new things introduced in Rajkot. I wish our Bhavnagar over takes other cities in development and infrastructure.
May I have the pleasure of seeing some quick activity in our area and repair of the Malanka-Tarasmia border check dam. and uplift the Akwada with best of facilities?
I wonder why there is no BANSAL/VITK0S city bust facility on our road. Frequency of municipal buses could give our citizens some absolute transport facilities which will reduce pollution and we need not use our private vehicles.
We the Akwada people will be indeed grateful to you if you could initiate some immediate action as requested above.
Yours respectfully,

P. Balakrishnan
Retired Government Employee
170, Geetanagar
P. O. Akwada
Ghogha Road
Bhavnagar 364 002
email: [email protected]

Dish TV Service

Respected Sir

My name is Suresh A. Parmar. And I’m a consumer of Dish TV, I have used Dish TV for the last nine years. And this year, in the TV show, there is a problem. The price of the package has also been increased and the service is not good and there is no phone in customer care for the last two days. If we have any problem, and who to call and if I call on the dish TV in May dish TV and request to renew my package, the package has not been available till date. In my Dish TV 7405677552 Nambar is registered and my VC Number 02511920291 and the thing which is shown in the TV is not a DD TV service. You are kindly requested to take strict action against DTV.

Zara Deny of return of defective new tagged product

This is a great dissappointment from such a big brand ZARA,India. I bought a jacket from the store as a gift for someone and after gifting it i came to know about the defect of the piece and so i took it back to zara store obviously as it was a gift i dint store the receipt but now when i went to return they wanted a receipt. The jacket is intact with tags attached and even though it has defect a brand like ZARA refusing to return or exchange is disappointing.

Paytm(ONE97 COMMUNICATIONS LNOIDAIN) Get less numbers of Days As per Paytm Package

Respected Sir/ Madam,

Hope you are very well!

I have recharged of Vediocon D2H Package for 3 months and 1 months through Paytm. Both time I get less numbers of days as per Package which show on Paytm. ‘
I did recharge of 990 (3 months package) and get only 70 days , and when did recharge of 300 (1month package) get only 22 days. Feel free to contact on : 9428329025 and E-mail : [email protected]
Hope for positive and optimistic response.

Thank you.


ward no 6 bharatganj manda khas allahabad uttar pradesh 212104 krishna telecom bharatganj uploading blue film to mobile and memory card aur chori ka saman kharidta aur bhechta hai na hi gst number hai iska na koi bhi registration ye bahut jyada tax chori kar raha hai aur samaj ko bhi ganda kar raha hai kripaya iske khilaaf janch ki jaye aur dhoshi ko pakda jaye dhanyawaad sir

AICTE Not approved by CPSMS for 4 months

Dear sir,
For the month of September i got the stipend of ₹10747/- and for remaining months that is october,november,december,january. I got approved by "HEAD FINANCE" but not from "CPSMS". I think this problem is common with the remaining students so please do resolve this problem as early as possible. Waiting for your early and positive reply. Thanking you,sir,
Yours obediently,
G Sai kumar.

TDS deducted but details now available in Form 26AS TDS deducted but not showing in NSDL

I had a Fixed deposit of 2 lakh in SBI for the period of 2 year & i did submitted Form 15G on 04-05-2017 & 27-04-2018. TDS was deducted and not reflected on form-16 & 26-AS. The Bank have delayed this issue from last 9 months with improper answers. The Bank delayed my issue from last 9 months and now the bank manager has stopped picking up my calls and not giving the proper resolution and delayed it. This is how SBI treat their customers and the bank staff is the worst staff i’ve ever seen in my life. They are not supportable at all. The Bank manager is always made false promises so i will leave this at the end but no, i will not leave this because my money is matter to me. And I want it back anyhow.
Bank Branch- CRPF camp jharoda kalan, New Delhi- 110072
Branch code- 03939