honda activa 3G Purchased activa 3G but got old

Dear sir/madam,
I purchased activa 3G(1 year), but after that lots of issues with it and so many problems started within 15 days and still continue,many services done and lots of money waste on this but not any problem is solved. and then one of my friend activa saw and drives and I have experienced that her activa 3G very smoothly,she purchased other dealer and then I marked many things and I felt that I GOT OLD ACTIVA, only logo changed and it’s old one and I think dealer frauded with me it’s not company fault, pease replace my activa 3G

LG Air Conditioner Ac

RNP ############
My ac wasnt cooling . I was told by technician that capacitator was spoilt and compressor was ok. Bill of 5000 charged . Had to wait for a couple of days for part. Same replaced . Ac still not ok.
Next technician said compressor was not working Took it to service station . Confirmed compressor not ok (raviraj technician) Since it was within guarantee they would replace it. Told us to wait for few more days as order had to be placed.. After a couple of days info that the compressor had arrived but the condenser was tampered with so that too had to be replaced. Total cost now 10500.
I said to replace the compressor and return the ac they said it was not possible to only replace compressor without condesor.
Then I was told that I would have to pay 50% advannce .
By now I was so fed up that out of sheer frustration I agreed
Next day Mr Raviraj called and said I would have to pay the full amount in advance and that I would not a get a bill for the same
So I have no ac and I am expected to pay 10500 without a bill to some man who walks into my house and demands the same.
What if after some days Mr raviraj denies that I have paid any money? What proof do I have as proof of payment? ?
Why wasnt this told to me at one time. Why did it take Mr raviraj 18 days to come to this conclusion? That my capacitator was gone my compressor was gone and my condensor was gone . And that I would have to pay 10500 in advance without a bill.
Why did it take 18 days , in bits and pieces to say this one sentence..
The way in which this issue is handled leaves me feeling disrespected, cheated, bullied and insecure. Fraud Website and sent empty box, different &defective product

I sent below email today. Lets see what they are going to do.-
Hi Shopping Outlet Thief team,

My package got delivered to me today. I order 2 headphones – one of Skullcandy Supreme Sound black and 1 JBL Synchros 200i.
It was extremely well packed and below are issues with this order-
1) Skullcandy Supreme Sound black – I was sent a different and defective product."I ordered black with mic headphone and even packing was different. Please find attached image – "Skullcandy pink" and "skullcandy cover"
2) JBL Synchros 200i – I have received an empty old and used box of JBL S100 headphone. There is nothing in that box not even buds. Heights of online scam. Please refer attached image "JBL cover" and "JBL empty box"
Even on the invoice – it is mentioned piece as 1. Check these images and let me know is this what I ordered or should get delivered to me.I’m 100% sure that these are done by you or your seller as the same was very well packed and package was not tampered.
I want headphones I ordered. Either take an extremely strict action on this seller and share the updates with me or I’m going to put this email and complaint on all forums and consumer court, I will take this to highest possible level I can, How can you do such things with any of the customers? This was my first order and I’m not gonna let this happen to anyone. This is clear case of fraud and I will take this to legal action so that this website gets shut down soon.
Contact me as soon as possible.

Extremely disappointed & a victim of your fraud website of fake products and pathetic services,

honda activa 3G Purchased activa 3G but got old

Dear sir/madam,
I purchased activa 3G(1 year), but after that lots of issues with it and so many problems started within 15 days and still continue,and then one of my friend activa saw and drives and I have experienced that her activa 3G very smoothly,and then I marked many things and I felt that I GOT OLD ACTIVA, only logo changed and it’s old one, who is responsible for this your dealer or company, if possible please replace my activa 3G

GSRTC i booked seat but bus is not coming at stop

booked seat but bus is not comming
Hello sir

i have online booked bhuj to junagadh sleeper bus(21:10) on 3 july 2017 but bus not coming at Madhapar bus stop so i want to refund back so what is process for this . i try with online on GSRTC site but it said time is over for cancellation so what is the process of this . i hope you will give reply me as soon as possible.
My PNR Number : G15993041
Destination : Bhuj to Junagadh(Jakhau to Junagadh bus route) Date : 3 july 2017
Time of bus : 21:10

QNET QNET Fraud busted in gujarat

Dear Friends,

I am also victim in QNET before 1 year of my friend from Vadodara his name is Jalay Kadia called me and told to me i have started a global business and i will do hard work for 4 to 5 years and i will get financial freedom then i asked to him what to do like you ask then he asked Ecommerce business then i asked how to do then he asked to me i have call from dubai’s partner and drop the call.
After somedays they told to me i want to 2 potential partner’s like you if you want to do something big then i asked why not then he asked we will meet with my partner he is so rocking in this business then i asked ok and when and where we will meet then he give the location and time.
We meet in Cafe coffee days in Vadodara and told to me i booked a brand bew Baleno through this business than edify their partner His name is Keyush Patel he is sweet talker and asked to me he bought volkswagen vento just doing 6 month of this business then i shocked after that Keyush Patel(Nick name in QNET Fraud Scheme KP) came in CCD then Jalay gone to CCD gate and received him and introduce to me i says ok then started the plan they show me the comentation plan with 50000 rs and forced to me for 3.5 lacs.
After completion the plan jalay asked to me give the 3.5 lac Rs check and we will rock together in this business i say ok bro but i don’t know this is scam like this. after i joined this scam i meet with my school friend his name is Ishan Patel he is cheater person in Qnet and Ishan told to me jalay and me booked a brand new Baleno Car through this business then i says ok.
Ishan told to me 1 month after joined a QNET bro we will go dubai for VCON then i ask i don’t have a money for go to Dubai then he asked to me VCON is compulsory to do this business and forced to take a loan after that i take a loan for 1.3 Lacs the we went dubai VCON but i heared in VCON only inspirational speech through V partners and asked to me you called to your friend for business then show off to them you are in dubai for a business trip and i realized what is this its only show off business like brand new vento,Baleno Bla,Bla,Bla…….
after 7 month Jalay bought a brand old khatara Honda Civic(Price of this car only 3lac rs New car price minimum 16Lacs when Civic is available in market) instead of Brand new Baleno.
Please don’t join this magical Fraud scam and take a distance from below person,mobile number and City name.
Name Cont Number City Name 1) Jalay Kadiya 9687676470 Vadodara
2) Ishan Patel 8866109864 Ahmedabad 3) Keyush Patel 9825258302 Ahmedabad 4) Jay Bhrambhatt 9998995765 Ahmedabad 5) Hardik Trivedi 8905803274 Vadodara 6) Rutul Parekh 9016876396/9825016683 Vadodara
Please suggest how to get refund my hard earned money….