Traffic Violation Traffic violation/Using of mobile while driving

Vehicle Number :- HR 36 U 7099.
Make & Model :- Maruti Suzuki Swift(White)

The person was using mobile while driving and effecting thee people behind him as running slower and creating traffic on the main road of SEC-31 HUDA MARKET, GURGAON,HARYANA (122003).
I tried aware him for the same but instead he commented " Karengey hum to phone use".
The incident took place at around 2:00 P.M.

Kindly, take a strict action for the same.


hello sir,
i m vijaita kashyap
three time my money got deducted from my account with this message.and without any notice and permission what the hell is this.please return my money

(14-Dec-2018) TO TRANSFER SBI charg for failed mandate txnBanayan Tree Se TRANSFER TO 32071982532 295.00 6,030.35 14-Dec-2018
(14-Dec-2018) TO TRANSFER SBI charg for failed mandate txnBanayan Tree Se TRANSFER TO 32071982532 295.00

epfo gurgaon haryana PF withdrawal

Dear sir/mam

मेरा फॉर्म 19&10c बार बार रद्द कर दिया जा रहा हे epfo गुड़गांव के द्वारा, वो भी बिना किसी कारण बताऐं। जानकारी पाने के लिऐ फ़ोन किया जाता हे तो कोई भी फ़ोन रिसीव नही करता और न ही email का ज़वाब दिया जता हे। पिछला फॉर्म मांगा जाता हे तो कहते हे आपके घर पर पहुंच जाऐगा एक सप्ताह मे, जबकि एक महीना हों गया हे अभी तक पत्र का कोई अता पता नही हे। कृपा करके हमारी समस्या का समाधन करें।….धन्येवाद !

UAN:- ############
Claim ID:- GNGGN############

Club Mahindra Holidays REFUND

Your Club Mahindra Marketing Team misguided us made wrong commitments with me. When I received a call for online registration, I found that all the information / scheme given by club Mahindra executives is not matching with the information given on my web login.

I it is my humble request to please refund all of my money given to club Mahindra holidays.

Thanks & Regards,

USED ID : 2846211
Manoj Kumar Alohia


evok Fraud company – Bed not in proper size

We have purchased a queen size bed on 30th Oct from Evok JMD Regent Arcade Mall. Although the delivery was on time but when installed we found that bed is not of proper size. When we called on store they simply told that they only sell the product and for any problem we have to call to Evok care. After calling multiple times they lifted the call in Evok Care and they sent a carpenter to check. Instead of understanding the problem he started justifying and then he connected to his manager Mannu Ram whose response was too bad. All the time they were telling that the bed size in evok is different from any other queen size bed available in the market. This was not told at the time of selling and more over it has not been mentioned in the bill or the card kept beside the product with details. Not only this they claim the size of bed as 1500mm X 2000mm, and the size is even different from that size. Then we visited to the store they listened and said that they will try if they can!
do something. But after 2 days when we called, they simply told that nothing can be done neither repairing nor replacement.
This kind of cheating cannot be expected from a company like EVOK.

Woodland Shoes Faulty shoes or either Its a duplicate shoe

Hi Sir,
I have raised the complaint to woodland but the company peoples are not responding , even though they kept my shoes for 2 months ,even after that the shoes is still faulty its just due to its manufacturing fault and also the sole pasting is also get removed since what they people are doing they just doing time pass
Need a resolution please help me out

Regards :-
Archit Garg
Email [email protected]

NAGAR NIGAM Traffic lights

Hi my name is Rishabh aggarwal and i live in hisar. The bikaner chauk ( near agarsain bhavan ) is the busiest chauk in hisar but their is no traffic lights on that. Only one police man is handling all the traffic which creates serious traffic problems. When it comes to promotion banners for a political party they are always ready to put stuff on that chauk but it’s been so many year but no has fixed the traffic lights


NON delivered courier
Dear sir,

I have no received my speed post till today detail are as under.
BNPL SP Hub AGRIPADA MUMBAI 27/11/2018 395009 40.00 SPA
Event Details For : EA139404573IN Current Status : Bag Despatched to NSH SURAT Date Time Office Event
28/11/2018 04:03:25 MUMBAI CENTRAL TMO Bag Despatched to NSH SURAT 28/11/2018 03:07:12 MUMBAI CENTRAL TMO Bag Received
28/11/2018 02:16:49 BNPL SP Hub AGRIPADA MUMBAI Bag Despatched to MUMBAI CENTRAL TMO 27/11/2018 23:54:40 BNPL SP Hub AGRIPADA MUMBAI Item Bagged for NSH SURAT 27/11/2018 20:15:27 BNPL SP Hub AGRIPADA MUMBAI Item Booked