HUDA OFFICE IN hisar block sewage

I gave you a complaint on 6-11-2017 by I.D. no.############. But till today no one has come to check the problem and the situation is same. Your grievance cell send me a message on 20-11-2017 that the above complaint has been resolved.
Sir, Please understand our problem and manage the same as early as possible.
Dinesh Singal.

DTDC Courier delay in delivery

I courier a parcel from panipat to ludhiana on 20/11/2017 and parcel received at ludhiana on21/11/2017. today is 28/11/2017 but my parcel not delivered yet. I have called at Ludhiana DTDC hub for 8 days but they don’t even pick the phone. their no. is 0161-5055538. DTDC disappoint us. I cant use this service even in my life. Really Worst Courier service in INDIA.

Jai Hanuman Rice Mills Air pollution, Water pollution, Illegal construction, Running of factory in agricultural land with CLU

Dear sir,
We are the resident of Bhatia farm, Nadana road, Taraori of district karnal in state Haryana. We have four acres of agricultural land here and there is a factory named Jai Hanuman Rice Mills nearby our agricultural land. This factory is setup in a very small area and they don’t have any permission to run that factory in this area. Because they don’t have any proper place to drain that chemical infected water and they drain all this contaminated water in our agricultural land and nearby fields and the black ash emitted from their chimney covered our whole house and whatever we eat it go inside our body and from last ten years, people living in our area started having many diseases of kidneys, eyes, lung and breathe problems. Whenever we told these factory owners to make proper arrangement for their black ash and contaminated water then they start quarreling with us. Sir, it becomes impossible for us to live in our village and we can’t even move to any other a! rea because our livelihood depends on our land.
We also planned to write a letter to PMO, India in this regard but someone suggested us to take this matter to your department first.
It is requested, to please look into the matter and take important steps against this factory on urgent basis.
with thanks & regards,

Sunny Bhatia
Bhatia Farm, Nadana road,
Town Taraori, District Karnal,
State Haryana, India
Contact number : +91 8295460011

Kaithal gas agency Regarding excess rate for new gas connection

My dealer demands excess fees for new gas connection. The real fees as fixed by indane gas company and govt. Is very low as compared with rate demanded by dealer. Dealer name is kaithal gas agency,kaithal,haryana,
pin 136027..
Kindly take action against him so that I can take new gas connection as proper rate……..

Hero Motocorp ismart 110 defective product

please check my records i got embarrassed by visiting service center for same problem of engine noise ( like generator) and replacement of timing chain and spending around 500 rupees every 15 days , can you provide permanent solution
visited all service centers in faridabad and ballabgarh but they dont have any solution regarding this problem they says this problem is in all bikes ismart 110 and new glamour
my bike chasis no MBLJA06AxGHe01016 and engine no JA06EPGHE00917 spent unwanted money by repairing expenses borne by me ( 2 times engine work) paid for all pakings and plastic parts) that dont have warranty , and 5 times for timing chain replacement ( approx 400 each time paid for plastic and seal and packing charges)
if there is company fault in quality why customer is suffering by purchasing such bike, need permanent solution in this regard and dont want to visit just for nothing then less and paying extra amount for same and again general updates and every time you send me to service center and they change timing chain charging 500 rupees and again after 15 days i need to pay 500 rupees like this i got poor in money why dont you accept this bike you failed to repair and faulty product manufactured by hero
every time they ask for details and just forward complaint to service center they will call you and waste full day by changing some parts and timing chain and you have to pay approx 500 rupees in every 15 days for such temporary resolution

Harsamadhan haryana टूटी फूटी कीचड़ से भरी गलियां

नमस्कार श्रीमान जी, मैं पिंजौर का निवासी हूँ। मैंने पिंजौर में चार साल पहले अपना नया घर बनाया था, घर बनाने से पहले मैंने नगर परिषद पंचकूला से बाकायदा अपने घर का नक्शा पास करवाया था व डेवलपमेंट चार्जेज और हाउस टैक्स की पूरी राशि जमा करवाई थी, अब भी मैं समय समय पर अपना हाउस टैक्स जमा करवाता हूँ। लेकिन सुविधा के नाम पर मुझे गांव से भी बदतर गलियां मिलती हैं, कोई सिस्टम है ही नहीं, नगर प!
रिषद के से सुविधाओं को मुहैया करवाना भी तो सरकार का काम है, या बस हाउस टैक्स और डेवलपमेंट चार्जेज के नाम पर जनता से मोटी रकम वसूल करना ही नगर परिषद का काम है। और प्लाट की रजिस्ट्री के समय भी तहसील में मोटी फीस जमा करवाई जाती है,और फिर जनता को उसके मूलभूत अधिकारों से भी वंचित रखा जाता है, इससे बढ़िया तो जंगल राज होता हैं जहाँ बल के अनुसार कार्य होता। सभ्यता का क्या फायदा हुआ। पिंजौर क गली कूचों में से गुजरक
देखें जनाब, रीढ़ की हड्डी न हिल जाये तो कहना। अभी धर्मपुर कॉलोनी के खेड़ा मान सिंह के पास एक पुलिया है, गली के बीच में एक नाली है, नाली नहीं कीचड से भरा रास्ता है। ट्रेक्टर,कार, स्कूटर सब चलता है इस रस्ते से, लेकिन मजाल है की कोई ठीक करवा दे, MC , MLA , MP इनको तो सिर्फ वोट से मतलब है लेकिन म्युनिसिपल कारपोरेशन ने तो कोई वोट नहीं लेनी, उसे तो इन गलियों की सुध लेनी चाहिए, मेरी आपसे विनती है की कृप ा इस गली व नाली का सुधर करवाएं । धन्यवाद । मंजीत सिंह mobile 9466633613


I would like to inform you that I am holding hdfc credit card. I was not able to pay the installments for 2 months as internet ban was going on in kashmir I called customer services and stated them that I will not be able to pay the payment as internet is not working here they simply stated that you would have to pay 5000 after 2 month as minimum due they also promised me they will waive off my late payment charges after two months I made the payment of rs 5000 and when I called customer care I was shocked by their response that they do not waive any late payment charges after that i told them till the time I am not getting my late payment charges waived off I am not going to pay rest of the emi’s.I also told them that time to block my card till the time we sort out this matterbut they did nothing. My total outstanding that time was 6300 and its showing Rs 17267 I am ready to pay my original amount which I was supposed to pay as the amount was only 6300.They had charged!
around Rs 10500 as late payment charges in span of 6 months. Now I want to know the legal procedure so that I can deal with this thing.

My email address: [email protected]

Shriram City Union Finance ltd excessive foreclosure without notification.

i have availed loan against property from shriram city union fiance ltd on my individual name.
From last 4 months i am following shriram city for my foreclosure, but still i have not received proper foreclosure letter.
After tired less effort of more than 3 months they have sent my foreclosure letter with wrong details and charges which i get rectified from them. But the fore closure amount charges levied by them is not correct, they are charging me 10% on POS which is too high and never communicated to me at any point of time till i avail loan from them. How can shriram can charged me 10% on POS when he never communicated to me by any means of way?. Also as per RBI guideline shriram city union finance cannot levied foreclosure charges as this loan is on my individual name. charging 10% foreclosure penalty is totally unethical and against banking code of conduct.
Hence, i request you to please intervene and get resolved my issue as soon as possible. i just want to close this loan and get rid out of this burden..but i cant afford to pay 10% foreclosure . Also as i am incurring huge loss in business, its difficult to pay EMI .. i want to repay all my loan before its too late and thing become un manageable . i dont want to spoil my relation with bank hence i am taking so much of pain.
Please Help………….

Thanks & Regards