Country Club Fraud

Being Cheated by Country Club and looted by 2 lakh rupees

I was called for a meeting in Feb 2017 to collect a gift card and voucher for stay of 6 nights and 5 days. When we went in there Mega Mall Gurgaon office, we were offered a membership for 30 vacations of 6 nights and 5 days along with some other benefits like flight tickets, Glod’s Gym membership, food coupons, free international vacations etc. in Rs 2,05,000 and annual charges of Rs. 9700 after showing a presentation for more than 30 minutes of a 5 star resort. During the meeting the sales agent kept on saying that it is one of their resort and the same kind of resort ( i.e. equivalent to 4 to 5 star) will be provided in all their resorts.
They also have 4 to 5 star associated properties throughout India and the same benefits will be received in their associated properties. The 6 nights and 5 day holidays can be planned as per our convenience i.e 2 days., 3 days etc.
In addition to this we were offered free Golds Gym membership for 99 years. The membership was for the entire family (Spouse and kids).
It was also mentioned that we will get 3 international holidays valid for 1 year however we denied that and asked if the same can be converted in to domestic. It was promised that 3 free holidays will be valid for 1 year and we do not have to pay anything.
We both like the plan a lot since we were getting quality of 4 star and above and Gold Gym membership for 99 years at quite a decent prize and bought the membership on the same day.
The cheating and mis commitment started from the very same day when planned to use our membership in June’17.
Mis commitment 1 – The first year membership fee was supposed to be free as the annual charges of first year is already included in the membership fee however when we booked 2 rooms for 2 nights, we had to pay 4000 rupees as taxes. We paid the amount as the sales team promised that the amount will be adjusted with our next holidays.
Mis commitment 2 – There was no limit in the way we wanted to utilize our 6 nights annual holidays however when we booked our next holiday for November 2017. The 2 nights which were pending from our first holiday were not adjusted stating that it can only be adjusted if more than 3 days are left.
Mis commitment 3 – The three free international holidays were supposed to be converted in to domestic holidays. We asked the country club representative that we want to use our free holiday valid for 1 year however it was told that it cannot be converted and we will have to pay the annual charges.
Mis commitment 4 – We asked them that we want to use our free gift card if you are not allowing us to use our free holiday. Then again a new thing came as shock for us, the gift card which they provide is valid for one year however we can only use the card from March to September. This means that all our free holidays and gift card was a mis commitment and a source of making people fool to fall their trap of membership.
Mis commitment 5 – They also mentioned that they have something called travel desk that will help us in planning our trip and organizing the transport for site seen and pick up/ drop to airport. Unfortunately, we paid the annual fee and booked our holiday to Goa. We called Country Club Goa for confirming the booking and also for bus/ cabs for site seen. The Country club Goa clearly denied it and mentioned that they do not provide any service related to travel desk and we have to plan all our transportation our self.
Mis commitment 6 – Even after so many mis commitments, we still went there for holiday. It was extremely shocking to see the condition of the resort. The resort was in extremely bad state with no interior, cleanliness, area etc. The quality was nowhere close to what was promised to us. We expected the property to be a 4 or 5 star with huge area and good service however the resort was not even a 3 star property. We really felt cheated as this was one of the thing in membership that we was promised. The membership fee of 2 lakh is a waste if somebody wants to stay at country club since the service, interior and area provided is extremely pathetic. The similar situation was on our first holiday also in Jaipur. The hotel was only 3 star and food, service provided were also not up to the mark.
Mis commitment 7 – The Gold Gym membership was valid for 99 years however in November’17 it was told to me by Golds Gym staff that the membership has been discontinued because their tie up with country club is ended. I need to pay them the Gym fee if I want to use Gym.
Mis commitment 8 – Recently, the have updated their list and lot of their associated properties have been removed. Now the number of properties have been very limited and people staying in north India are left with only 3-4 options and all the properties are of no worth.
We are middle class people who wasted our hard earned money of Rs 2 lakh. We are really disheartened, sad and feeling cheated because Country club has looted our hard earned money.
It is my humble request to help us in cancellation of our membership and get the money refunded since they have refused to return our money. We are ready for the deduction for services that we have used though none of the services were worth.
I also request the senior management and investors of country club to help us in getting our money back since this was fraud and your team is not capable to providing any services committed to us.
We have been trying to get in touch with your company however there has been no response from your company. Membership – CCDL65TCLUB30LB26638

CORPORATE OFFICE ADDRESS: COUNTRY CLUB INDIA Country Club Kool #6-3-1219/A- 2nd Floor, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500016. Andhra Pradesh.
Email: [email protected] & [email protected]

DC office Karnal ( Haryana) Wrong electricity bill

Dear sir,
With due respect I am Mahabir Singh from village Pabana hassanpur, district Karnal. Me and my wife both are handicap.
I am a labourer and it is very difficult for us to make body and soul together.
I have a Shop and do some little wooden work. From the last 6 month I am suffering from urine infection. And my shop is closed till now. The UHBVN give me the bill of 300 units which is 2046.
From the last month Meter are set on the pole. You can check the the reading of Meter at any time.
From the last 2 years I am ill. And I had paid the bill without using the electricy. I have complaint several time and also meet the SDO.
He told me that you will have to pay the bill and there is nothing to do in it. UHBVN do not have the policy to make the bill correct.
All my handicap pension money and also take the money on interest to pay the bill and for my mediation and doctor charges. It is a humble request to you to make my bill correct.
My bill no. : L33-UD11-1941H

flipkart OD113634965933618000

Dear Sir/Madam

i would like to informed to you that i am book one TV through Flipkart on 14 Oct 2018 but still showing order, can we know why it’s and when it’s pick & pack or ready to dispatch, so request you to please check and update the current status on urgent basis.
last time i am discuss with customer care of flipkart to know about status as per customer care executive she is unable to provide the status to us when it’s dispatch from Flipkart side.
My humble request to you please give the current status on urgent basis
Ashis Panda

water works department gurgaon no water supply since 7 days

It’s been 7 days and there’s literally no water supply in my area (sector 38). We’ve had to buy water from some private supplier 2 times in 3 days. This has been a regular problem here since I moved in this house 4 months back. Nobody cares about it and so nobody is taking any action. Please resolve this issue ASAP.

traffic police of faridabad Crusher Zone Jams

Overloaded Trucks cause jams daily in the Sainik Mod Faridabad to Gurgaon road. Please share no entry timing for heavy vehicles because no traffic police officer has not to stop that vehicles thru this heavy trucks full road has a jams.
ASAP police must have to take action for controlling jams between Sainik Mod to Gurgaon between office time special.
If you have required pic then tell me.

Jai Hind