Printvenue Defected Pen Received

I ordrered a customized pen on 26th April 2018. I have received my order on 29th April 2018 at 1 pm. I was happy with its fast delivery . But when I opened it, I am totally shocked. there is just bottom part of the pen in it. It hurts me. I dont know whats the procedure to replace it, if there is any process then please assist me. please see the attached pictures of the same. its totally disgusting experience of online purchase from printvenue.

ICICI Lombard Re: ICICILom:2018041700367 Re: Double premium amount charged

I have been charged double premium amount for 2 policies and after repeated mail conversation less amount has been refunded.
I have received a call from icici lombard lady priyanka bait has talking to me about the reversal amount reference no. And the amount she was stated was not correct you can find correct no. Which was discussed over a initial call and you have accepted the same. Now all of sudden u are refunded wrong amount and that to after so many days. It supposed to be credited to my account 13-Apr’18 only but it was credited around 20-Apr’18.
Below is the actual amount to be refund
Req No.: Amount
90420182403 24,208.00
90420182408 37,987.00

But only received was
24,208.00 and 36,392.00

So many mails and proofs have been given but no refund and no proper answer received. Received a called me from +91 22 66875600 on 12:48 PM.on 19-Apr’18 discussion held with one of executive required HDFC bank credit card statement.
Short received amount Rs.36392/- against Rs.37,987/- double over-charged PFB screen shot with intimation mail sent you on 11-Apr’18. Also attachment of HDFC credit card statement of Apr’18 where you can see the amount you double over-charged.
I have already mailed on 17-Apr’18 and again provide on 24-Apr’18 receipt of the renewal amount on which was paid at Andheri east branch teli gali road, Mumbai on 6-Apr’18.
all corresponding was done with [email protected]
Mohsin Mumtule

mi Protection service is fake

Yes It’s completely fake service by one assist . They will just take money for protection but when your mobile got damaged they will keep asking when , where and how it happened. Give this photo to us , give that snap to us . Even when you will upload each and every possible photo of mobile and invoice . Then they will start again with when , where and how it happened ? How many times you will answer they will keep asking again n again untill you will reach at a stage when you will think let it go !!!! I have all the proofs how many times I emailed to one assist.i think I made more than 10 calls to them after waiting for more than one hour they will be busy. And now I can see even if they will pickup your phone they are never going to return it. It will destroy the image of MI soon . One plus servify service was much better than mi protection one assist.



I am a final year MMC (MASTER IN MASS COMMUNICATION) student in GJU university distance education. They did not give timely result. Due to this delay , I faces huge problem…
I am also suffering from this problem due to their delayed in dispatching the dmc I had already lost many form and I did not get admission in higher studies.
They force to students move to one call to another specially result department they did not show their accountability regarding the students. Please take some steps because its urgents.

payal rani
study center- (GJUS&T, 1001)
enrollment no- 16081051021

Saraswati Kunj House Building Society Gurgaon Conveyance deed not done despite High Court Order

I am the registered member of Saraswati Kunj House Building Society Vill Wazirarabad Gurgaon , membership No.- 3593 for a plot measuring 250 sq yds. I have paid the full amount as and when asked by the society.
– Filed a suit in Haryana and Chandigarh High Court for the execution of the conveyance deed (Case File no 13999 of 2012) .
– In the Court of Honorable Justice Mr. Ranjit Singh, under Civil Writ Petition No. 24583 of 2012 DT 20.12.2012, the judgment was in favor and the Court ordered the management of the Saraswati Kunj Society to execute the Conveyance deed.
But till date nothing has been done ,
Could anyone update the current status.

Gaurav Goyal