Stylish Drapes Fraduster Fake Products

I see you everyone on this page has already faced similar issues & i also got duped by Stylish Drapes for sending a 3rd grade outfit. I want the complaint board to take our complaints seriously
Meanwhile, I am planning to make a WhatsApp group so that we can file a collective complaint and see if are able to get some resolution
Sending this message to all the people who’ve complained so far.
Please join this whatsap group:

Sky king Courier Misbehave done by sky king branch manager of gurugram

I had courier my parcel on 27 November 2018 which is not delivered at the same address which I had written on my parcel when I were tried to contact the branch manager of gurugram name is Sanjeev Kumar then he can’t pick my phone after that last once he picked my phone he had done misbehave with me and thought me that why are you calling me and why are you disturbing me I have request to you please take any action against this stupid person who have not knowledge about that how to handle the customer Regards Akash

Bulksmsvalue Bulk SMS Fraud

Bought Bulk SMS shoot from Bulksmsvalue and paid Rs.8000/-. After payment they stopped to pick the call nor their portal is working. I paid my very hard earned money being an startup person. My suggestion to all the persons that don’t trust in these persons especially Mr.Rahul & Mr.Gaurav, might be their names are also fake and they don’t have any company as well. Big scam and cheaters…..Frauds….

Blue Dart Shipment Redirected On Same Awb

I am not sure why it is showing this status, Because two month back I ordered something on the same address and it got delivered successfully but now when I am again using the same address (already saved as per the blue dart record) for delivery, I am getting this status. I think their is something not correct. Please look into the issue on higher priority.
Waybill No : 35795012724 Reference No : 12501265
Location Details Date Time *
Waybill No : 35795012724
Noida Sector 16 Shipment Redirected On Same Awb 06-Dec-2018 08:55 Noida Sector 16 Wrong Pincode, Will Impact Delivery 06-Dec-2018 08:40 Noida Sector 16 Shipment Arrived 06-Dec-2018 08:33
Noida Sector 16 Shipment Arrived 06-Dec-2018 08:31 .

And when it will deliver to me …?


TRACKON COURIER not revived courier & no update not sport your customary care


i have sand courier panipat haryana my product not revived & your sit not update & not sport your cost-more care i request plz providing update .

details trackon numbers :-1366802819
sanding Address :- Aadi international opp. sir chotu ram public school vikas nagr near NFL haryana city : panipat state : Haryana pin: 132103

mukesh kumawat

Snapdeal / Vulcan Courier Delay delivery till date not deliver

Name- Dhaneswar Dash
Mob No. 9650471477
City- Gurgaon
I was ordered Adidas Dare White Casual Shoes

from Snapdeal on 13 Nov’ 18 and paid Rs. 1,849 ( After Debit card discount 199 ).Order ID: 24721147241
After 1 days the product got dispatch through Vulcan courier
Tracking JVLSD############ and its reached to my city Gurgaon 1 days back , The first delivery date 18 Nov’18 to 21 Nov’18 but still its not delivered to me.
Regrading the same i was contact to Snapdeal customer service and they have no idea when my product going to delivered and each time told me to wait for tomorrow.
Now 30 days has been completed but the product not yet delivered even i am trying to contact the Vulcan courier but they doesn’t have any contact number or mail id.
Even Snapdeal has no idea where is my order Item.So kindly take necessary action regrading this

Travel triangle Disaster trip planned

We have booked Land Activities package for Dubai from VHT(Shrey) for four people.
Now before travelling Shrey arranged everything as per our requirement and promised us best services. However our experience was totally opposite right from item 1.
Airport pickup: promised driver would be standing with placard, turns out false, driver was standing outside the airport in one of the gates. we exited through another gate and driver couldn’t come there and asked us to come to his place. we had rough time finding the gate where exactly he was standing and wasted around half an hour.
Burj Khalifa Visit: we have been given late 10 PM slots although we asked from shrey to give 6 PM around slot. They booked worst non prime time.
Ferrari world: This was the biggest blunder of very beautiful place, Now I asked shrey before going to trip that I will need full day to ferrari world bcoz of long queues in ride, I dont know why he added abu dhabi grand mosque visit in that, I thought it won’t matter as its just one place and we can cover after ferrari world. we reached ferrari world at 11:30, driver was very rude and giving priority to only white people, just to get tickets we have already wasted 30 mins of time. Now at 12 PM, driver said you have to comeback strictly by 3:30 and finish your lunch in that also. WHAT A JOKE .! Ferrari world in three hours and finish lunch also.Now we covered by literally running and getting into rides.but queue time was longer.and we could only complete 25% of ferrari world without lunch.When we came back at 3:30, here starts the horror show, we were taken to 5-6 places which were not in our iternary and not interested in visiting but due to driver’s pampering w!
hite people( they will shell out extra dirhams, he told this literally) we have to go through all this trauma. In between 5-6 PM we asked driver to stop at some place so we could have lunch. answer from driver was BIG NO in very harsh tone. He said white people will have to wait unnecessarily, I cant let that happen, we were literally crying to stop vehicle at some place, but answer was same. We told them these things are not in our iternary, answer was "go talk to your agent", we would have taken other cab if were in Dubai but we were in ABU DHABI, Hungry, disgusted, No Internet connection. Driver dropped at 9 PM in night then we rushed towards restaurent to have meal. THIS WAS COMPLETE TORTURE. we can’t even enjoy ferrari world and wasted whole day.
Desert Safari – we were four people travelling together to every place but in morning they booked different cabs for us, we insisted we will travel together and after series of request they agreed to provide common pickup, another disaster dodged.
List is endless and I dont feel like writing anything else, You guys are smart enough to get idea from above, stay away from VHT(View holiday tours) and travel triangle, making fools of their customers. Dont go over the promises and soft tone they use to lure you, be ready to face pain at every process while travelling. Logging off from travel triangle. Thanks Travel triangle but no Thanks.

Tata Docomo mobile Recharge / [email protected] Recharge is not complete

Recharge of amount 165 is not complete but Mony is debited from my account number.
The recharge i would making by Tata Docomo site by payment method upi id. On 03 Dec 2018.
Transaction ID. ############
Date. 03 December 2018
Time. 08:11:11

My upi id. Is [email protected]

Please return my Mony