Traffic Police of Gurgaon Challan reasons – targets to be achieved

I was stopped at bio diversity park near Jalvayu towers.
First of all, traffic police stops people as if they are goons. If they have stopped you, no matter you have all documents or none, you have to give them money. So I had insurance, driving licence, pollution etc

Now I was asked whether my number plate is high security or not. I bought my car when there were no such number plates. Otherwise go to the car seller why he did not install it in car. I even asked him why do I pay fine for that when my car is old and I did not have option at that time.
He said Sirji we have to get 100 challans done per day as target, new commissioner has taken over so the trouble. He even helped me to get fine for not wearing seat belt.

And I was wondering what wrong I did? I had all documents but I had to give fine because I am trying to abide by law and a new commissioner has joined.

dhbvn My meter unit not update

Bill Correction
Dear Sir,
My self anuradha my Electricity A/C No.2827650000 i have received last two and half year every two moth bill come to me average wise and i have paid all payment last DEC -2018 bill but i have lots of complain to local office no action will take forward, again bill come to me average bill i have already complain to SDO and they commited next bill revised, Please look this matter and resolve.
9467315045 & 7982473803

Rohan ghakar / Saaz khalil / Muslim vs Hindu Froud cheater

He was froud doing illegal work his father and mother Muslim and original name is Saaz mohm. Khalil
He is doing all froud activity three of them mother subhawna sister ragini / henna
B-5/B, Ansal Golden Orchards, Sohna, Gurgaon, Haryana 122103
Please see this evidence

Subhawna ghakar /khalil/sharma/srirodsi Illegal construction

I want to know about illegal 80 percent construction in this farm house land Also ave tube well in this property
This against green land and rule of NGT
Please take necessary action against it and file complaints to DM and NGT
B-5/B, Ansal Golden Orchards, Sohna, Gurgaon, Haryana 122103

JUCASO Journey Not refunding money, Farud & cheating

Thanks for overwhelming cooperation, there are many members who provide me with the support and join me, by providing me with a copy of the complaints, case details, and also provide the relevant documents, regarding the cheating and fraud have done by the Jucaso Journeys, with many members as well as with their staff also.
I received many complaints from the staff, there are many complaints from the members that the company is not refunding their money. Anyhow if they refund the amount, then mostly their cheques are bounced. After reviewing the complaints on the internet, there are hundreds of members who are victimized by the Jucaso Journey. There are many FIR in police station & cases filed by their ex-employees and members, in Labour Courts, Courts. They also do the same thing many other parts of the country like Varanasi (already filed the case against Jucaso company), Chandigarh, Delhi, Gurgaon etc.
Now, you all know that the Indian courts particularly Supreme Court & High Courts of the country is very strict against those company who are looting the public money through the cheating and fraud, you have seen the example of Builders in the company who committed the frauds or not refunding the money of their clients, put behind the bars and their property was attached.
Now, I am also one of the victims by the Jucaso Company, So being a lawyer I am going to file complaints, cases, Criminal cases & PIL (Public Interest Litigation) on different Platform Like High Courts ( where these frauds were done), Consumer courts, Registrar of companies, criminal cases.
For which I need, your support by providing the details ( though your complaints are resolved )against the Jucaso company, which help me a lot filing the strong PIL against the company in different High Courts. Again I thank all those provide me with the support.
Vinamra Kumar Bansal
An advocate of high courts
Punjab & Haryana, Delhi, U. P.
Mob. 7840027272, 8700946683
mail. [email protected]