Escorts Mujesar Metro Station Excessive Traffic Jam

A flyover is under construction at YMCA Chowk, (near Escorts Mujesar Metro Station) in Faridabad. In order to pass through YMCA chowk towards Ballabgarh, one needs to go from below the above Metro station. There are number of auto rickshaws waiting for the public coming out from the Metro station causing EXCESSIVE jams below the station. These auto rickshaws should not be allowed to park there for smooth running of traffic.
Some urgent solution is requested in this season of monsoon when there are already too many traffic jams.

Honda City handrest box small lock broken

I have Honda city ZX car under warranty and insurance. Lock of .Headrest box beside driver side is broken. Ideally Modular plastic part should be replaced which is broken
but Honda city does not have policy to replace the small part and replaces full assembly so that they can charge 4000 rupees for this.
to the surprise company knows this is most common problem in this car where lock breaks but still does not supply this parts.
shows clear intentions of company to make money and as customer is bound to get this replaced.

Hitachi India – Window AC 1.5 RAV518HUD Ac compressor issue

Really very bad experience with Hitachi service, I have registered complaint 17070900323 for noise from my window AC compressor but without giving proper solution Hitach closed the complaint than called to customer care and ask why complaint has been closed without solving problem but no answer. I registered again another complaint 17071001548 for same issue and result is same again Hitachi closed second complaint too without giving solution.
With in one week I have registered third complaint 17071403250 for the same noise issue from compressor which is still open but no engineer has visited yet.
First Hitachi sell faculty and low quality product to their indian customer than provides pathetic service. Engineer who visits customer are very unprofessional and untrained wondering how Hitachi brand do this with their indian customers?
I am following up for this compressor’s noise issue many time to Hitachi customer care also writtten multiple emails but no one from Hitachi Service/Management are ready to listen.
Only way is left now for me to register a complaint against Hitachi in CONSUMER COURT for poor quality and customer harresment.

Motorcycle Hero spl+ HR05AN6131 Non recipe of motorcycle

I booked my motorcycle Hero splender +ambala cant to udhampur self booking on 13/07/2017 in utter sampark kranti.After there days my motorcycle is not reached in udhampur that time I don’t know where is my bike and when it is meet me.It is not posibal go to everyday Railway Station asked that my bike is reached there because I am a army person and my residency and duty station 20km apps from Railway Station. kindly help me and tell me where is my bike and when it is meet me. My name –Rajesh Kumar
M/C Regt no HR05AN 6131spl+
Luggue ticket no–898069
Colour of bike — Black /silver lining in tank

Make My Trip Non refund of Cancellation Amount

I have purchased an airticket from Make My Trip for my son .Booking ID No NF7261191002649, DATE OF JOURNEY 23RD SEPT 2017,BANGLORE TO BAGDOGRA BY JET AIRWAYS VIA DELHI FOR MY Son.E Ticket No Jet Airways 5892129097878.
Firstly I was issued an mismatch ticket and gap between the two flights was just 20 mins which is a quite insufficient time to change two different flights in Delhi Airport.When pointed out this,they deliberately changed it to 5.55 flight departed from Bangalore ,which my son found impossible to catch as he has to arrive at airport by 4 am to 5 am and he may have night shift.
So I was bound to cancel that ticket and Rs.3124.00 was refundable from MMT by 72 hours i,e by 13.07.17 latest.
But neither I am getting my refund nor any satisfactory assurance when I will get my money back!!Everyday I recieve a mail from Customer care MMT that they are looking into the matter and need 24 hours more to sort out the issue. I feel cheated.Please help me to get my refund .

Local Parkings Illegal Parking Charges at Sector 14

There is some People who is taking parking charges on Sector 14 Main Road (near vishal megamart).
The road is a service road and when someone park their vehical they come up and take parking charges because they are parking on service road.
As far i know they are not authorized to take parking charges on service road and the other side "No Parking" board placed on this road by MNC as i think… Please take an action against those guys….