Let me start by saying that hathway has been providing a really bad service these days. Internerts keeps getting disconnected every now and then. It has been 3 days now and there is no interenet service.

My account number is – 1119263679

This is a time a of lockdown and we are all working from home. Now please answer me, how are we supoosed to work if there is no internet serivce of 3 days straight which might go on for longer considering the poor service and response i have been getting from hathway.

There is a lot of pending work because of this poor and pathetic service of hathway. Customer care guys keeps saying it be solved within 4 hours and now it has been three days. JUST PATHETIC TO THE CORE !!

Now, either give me the money back or the extra browsing days for all the days I aint getting no internert service.

Hathway promised free period not extended

In July 2019 Hathway representatives offered me 6 months additional free connection if i opted for annual subscription i.e. i would be given 18 months connection for 12 months payment. I was also offered playbox offer in which case there will be no 6 months free connection offer. i had opted for free connection of 18 months and did not want playbox.

Still they delivered through courier. I immediately informed Hathway that I had not opted for playbox still they have delivered it and they should immediately collect it as it is of no use to me. They have not collected it and instead they have made it to 12 months only and now demanding the subscriptipon after 12 months instead of 18 months. I have kept the playbox without even opening the box for them to collect. Please take up this issue as it amounts to cheating.


customer no. 1144636131
mobile no., 8938292750

Hathway Rupesh

Using hathway internet connection and when we tried to reach customer care for internet issue even this number not connecting… If it connect also people are disconnecting the call… I am not even getting 10mbps speed and upload speed is 0.08mbps…

When raised complaint without my Notice and without visiting my location to check the issue they close the ticket.. fed up with this service and need to disconnect and I initiate refund… My account number 1187936147

Hathway Internet speed and customer service

Hathway broadband is a fraud company. They take money while making big promises and then ignore you deliberately. There are very few brands whose service can be described in one word. PATHETIC. I’ve been using their service for more than one year and yes they are very consistent in their pathetic work. They are wonderful ❤️ in taking complaint as compliment.

Hathway Issue new network connection

Hi ,
This is Yasmeen. I have made payment to your executive through on-line 4days ago but still they haven’t provided me connection.i have already clearly informed you’re executive that I want connection within 12hrs he Said ok then only I have made payment . it’s been 4days I dint got my network connection.i am continuously call your costumer care and your executive but no response.is this the service u provide to your costumer.if u can’t do then why do u promise to fool the people.if I won’t get the connection provided by tomorrow I will take further action .I am having the call recording of ur executive to whom I have spoke because of u people I am in loss .my office work is stopped.i required the response immediately.

Hathway Getting Calls eventhough DND is activated


My connection number is 1151983001. Eventhough I have disconnected my broadband connection and submitted router, I get daily 3/4 calls from unknown numbers to activate the connection.

I have raised DND request multiple times but still issue remains the same. Also, these guys talk in abusive language. I am fade up now. Please i urge you to remove my name from your database.

Hathway Non availability of internet connection

Account No-1184099945
Internet connection was provided on 20th December 2019 around 2:00 pm.
System was working for 30 mins after connection with a speed 20 Mbps as against 50 Mbps plan for which payment has been done.
Since then lodged complaint at customer care and spoke to customer care representative 8 times. Each occasion, i was informed that system will work now onwards.
Despite of promises as of now even on third day of installation, internet is still not working. 3 months full charges paid in advance.
No technician has been deputed for the connection at my residence, company representatives appears to be most unprofessional and each time promising that system will work properly.
No relief to the me since installation of the system as internet is nonfunctional.