Hathway Do Not Disturb me – Harassment through calls

Hi Hathway,

I have disconnected my connection more than 3 months back. Yet I constantly keep getting calls and messages everyday irrespective of how many times I’ve asked you guys to stop.
I have all the phone calls recorded as proof and I am going to pursue this as a harassment case in a legal way. I have told at least 6 different callers from Hathway to stop calling me and I have proof. Every time they tell me they will stop calling, but it never happens. I had disconnected my connection in the absolutely right manner. I have all the proof eneded to support this. You guys know I’m not interested and still decide to harass me anyway.
My customer ID is 1147793851.

Hathway Refund is not done

We got cheated by the hathway company they told will provide internet connection in electronic city phase 2 and took 3540 rupees money 11 months back and still they not provided connection and if we asking for refund then they are telling in next 15 days money will credit to your bank account but they are telling lie We are waiting from last 11 months still money is not refunded Please help us to refund our money

Hathway Accnum:1154872454
Registers mobile num: 7795960479
Thank you

Hathway Recollect ur wifi

It’s 10 months I shifted to chembur after marriage before that I requested to collect data wifi box… And remove the connection and now I am getting a call that I need to pay…i am not going to pay I am going to complain against you and do main person of hathway of dombivali he just hang on my call I am not a fool I am going totosue to all… My Id was-1126112315. From 10 months it’s not been used at all.

Hathway Very poor service

Hathway is the worst when it comes to solving technical or billing related issues Last month they disconnected my internet service for 6 days for no reason I had to call them everyday
Their typical replies were issue is filled , it will be done by today or max tomorrow , when asked about supervisiors they will tell you that they are either not available or busy and that they have arranged a call back , i have NEVER received a call back from them , and theyll keep you on long holds and disappoint you at the end
Now for no reason my internet is not working from more than 24 hours and i have to go through the torture of calling their useless costumer care again And they want 12-24 hours more to fix the problem
Its not even a big problem i know
It’ll hardly take 5 mins to solve it
But they simply keep delaying it / ignoring it
I would never recommend this internet service to anyone !

Hathway Unauthorized Charges

I had taken a connection for 6months 3years back when I was told I had to pay 3500rs first hand which included deposit and they said they would give free router and installation. However after 6months I chose to discontinue their services as the services were sub par where I went days without internet.I informed their customer service executive when they called for renewal they said they wiill send their people to collect the router no one came for a year after which I left the city as was staying there temproarily for a job. Now after 3 years I am receiving calls from various people saying they are advocates or that they are from Delhi High court saying they have filed a case against me and have to pay money which is due. My complaints are
1) How can they charge me money when I had taken a prepaid plan of 3500 RS and had asked to discontinue it’s renewal and cancel my account?
2) why are they using fradulent people posing as High court and advocates and threatening me.?
3) why didn’t they inform me about my account being due thru call or SMS or letter in the past few years?
4) I have seen many people having the same complaints but why is the government taking any action against these frauds?

Hathway Unauthorized Charges

3 years back I had taken a prepaid plan from hathway paying 3500 which was for 6months they said they will give free router and installation. After 6months I chose to discontinue because of subpar services and informed the customer service agent who called for renewal who them said a person will come to take the router but he never came . Now I have been receiving call from people posing as a advocates and High Court issuing threats that complaint will filed against me for non payment of dues of which I had no knowledge the last 3 years. I have observed that many other have received such threats but no action is being take. Against them. When I contacted the customer service they said my account was closed and they were not reponsible for the calling. If that is the case then hathway has breached my right to privacy by disclosing my contact detail to a third party without my consent. I would also like to add that while taking the connection I had give my photos and proof of !
address I had not signed any documents or given permission for misuse of my personal information.

Hathway improper service wrong commitment

what a fake service false commitments and careless company
I am using it since 9 months and totally fedup now.
i bought 50 MBPS plan but never get promised speed so i complained about it hathaway said till 80% you will get full speed now i am getting speed 5&10 MBPS which swings drastically. every time need to spend hrs of my time to fix it.
each time narrate the story at least 3 people then they fix it after extreme delay. and again after two days max same problem repeats.
finally i gave up and asked about complaint history but no one is authorised and responsible to give it. just keep calling and calling and no one cares.
i really want to drag these guys to court. these people are like cold blooded murderers. they will kill you slowly by keeping you on hold, provide details please, take down complaint, we will fix it soon seniors will call back, technician team will visit, bla bla bla…
at the end no solution. please don’t go for hathway they will make a fool out of you in a new manner every time. and real quick solution keep dreaming about it.
you can contact me on mail only because i don’t believe in your words so write it down. and please only authorised person will contact me.
[email protected]

Hathway Broadband

My account no is 1135440247 and money was taken from me on 19th March but till now I haven’t got connection. I called customer care many times and finally I came to know my area is not in coverage.
When Hathway ppl came home they verified everything and took my money and ran away. I was using ACT and disconnected Act believing that I will get Hathway connection in couple of days. But for the last one month I am without internet. Still advertisements are all over my area but connection is not yet established to anyone live here. Cheated us and took my money. Someone please take action against them and help me to get my money back.

Hathway False bills


It has been 6 months since I had discontinued my Hathway service after they called me saying I need to change my plan to Postpaid as the Prepaid one is not available anymore.
I had asked them to collect my modem and refund the deposit money I had with them.
No one appeared after that and moreover they keep on sending fake bills(with plan manually changed to Postpaid without my consent) to me every months with amount exceeding Rs3000.
Inspite of writing to them several times not to send me any fake bill, they dint respond and this process keeps on going.
I am highly dissatisfied with their service and want my deposit money back.