Hathway Internet not working

CustomerID: 1157324101

At the very first moment when we are facing any issue in accessing the internet, then the real problem starts. Its very frustating to make your call center people understand the issue.

My internet connection stopped working on 26th of February and I’m still trying hard with your people to resolve this issue.

First issue is we need to input the CustomerID and related details in IVR and wait in queue for the call to be answered by the agents. Once the call is picked, they will always ask what are your details irrespective of whether we provided the same details in IVR. And then they will always ask what is your problem, instead of going through the previous notes to understand our concern. Whenever we speak to them, they say that the issue will be resolved within 4 hours and if we called at EOB, then by default they will say issue will be fixed tomorrow morning. I’ve spoken with multiple of your call center agents and none of them ever spoken responsibly. They always repeat the same call center scripts provided to them irrespective of the situation.

When asked for a transfer to technical team, they will put our call on hold for around 10 mins(approx), which is then dropped automatically. During this time, an automated voice is repeatedly saying that we will receive a callback but it was not happened even a single time. We will never receive a call back ever to our number.

When I’m explaining the same to 4 of your agents and asked not to put on hold, they are not able to even understand the situation and still following the same process and leaving me always helpless. It’s now 15 days and still the issue is unresolved, which I believe is not a technical problem but a process level issue created by the call center agents. If you need, I can send you the recorded calls of all these 4 agents so that you understand the level of service provided by your company to its customers. I think that is not required, as you can get the call recordings by yourselves from your company.

Your call center and the processes around them, really sucks. Kindly request you to take actions accordingly as these guys might be the primary reason for your customers leaving your company, which is actually providing good product(not in call center).

Hathway Hathway connection not working for last 3 days – Non cooperative cable operators

I am Sumit Singh Card No. ############. I have this connection for last couple of years. 3 days back, the cable stopped working and there was a message to contact Cable operator. I was surprised as i had filled the form a month back with my channels selected. I called up the cable operator for Sec 56, Yadav Cable network with no response. I then went to the office in sec 56, there i was charged Rs 450 and they said they can only provide Package and no Alacart. Still i chose 450 pack to get this started. They took my card number and said it will be ok in 2-4 Hrs. Yet again i waited and in the next morning after 18 hrs and they said it will be operational from 24th Mar. Are these cable operators authentic. I doubt as the people sitting there are very Rash and negligent. I don’t know any cable operator, i just know "HATHWAY".

Hathway Money taken but did not activate internet service

Hello Team,

This is to bring kind notice that I have paid the full amount for my internet connectivity that is 4000. As it is told by one of your employee about this scheme that I will get 1-year internet in 3500. He lied to me because he wants to sell this product to me. After I have paid the amount he told me that I cannot get this plan . Then he told me to pay 500 rs more to get a new plan for 8 months. Forcefully I had to pay 500 more because I have already paid 3500 rs.
Now when I have paid the full amount of 4000 4 days back still my internet is not working when I checked online it’s showing deactivated because of non-payment. Confirming that when I thought of confirming with your employee, he is not picking up my calls not even bothering to reply.
So this kind of fraud your employees are doing with your customers’ either you give me my money back or activate my internet connectivity. For your reference, his Name is Sonu mobile number- 9599867964 I have all the chats and screenshot available with me.
Expecting a prompt response for the same.
My customer account number- 1148133937


Hathway Issue with refund

hathway customer service has assured me that hathway can provide connection in my area and given me with the link to pay the money.

I have paid rupees 3179/- on 18th December, 2018.

After paying the money, hathway has said that hathway couldn’t give me the connection since hathway doesn’t provide service in my area and assured me the refund of the money paid by me.

It has been 68 days since the amount has been paid and 54 days since the complaint has been raised.

There has been multiple emails and calls to hathway customer care, I have even appealed to hathway on their official twitter page and I have even visited the hathway office in Hyderabd but still I didn’t get the refund.

The person at Hyderabad Head Office (HO) says that Customer Complaint dealer (CD) will deal with the issue,
But CD says that he will not look into the issue and HO should look into the issue.

hathway’s customer service is unwilling to resolve the issue, hathway’s Head office is unwilling to resolve the issue. hathway’s twitter handle doesn’t look into the issue. Whom should I approach ?

On searching online, I could see that there are many people who are having the refund issues with hathway.

I doubt that either hathway is intentionally not refunding the money or hathway is making interest on the customer money to be refunded.

I would like to say that, hathway has the worst customer support .

Kindly Resolve the issue ASAP

Hathway Regarding service

I am continuously receiving calls and texts from hathway internet to re-active the account which I don’t even have account with them previously. I have been telling them that it’s not my connection and they are continuously calling and sending messages to re-activate the hathway account. When I called them today to ask why they are still calling and sending me messages, the representative intentionally hung up on me and did not responding back. This is the worst service and worst help that hathway is giving to customers. I don’t think that they will give the best services to those who had broadband connection with them. My number they are calling is 9963882468 and they are telling the account number 1110092863 and they are telling me it is mine. I’m using my mobile number from the past 15 years and from the last 2 years they are calling me everyday and forcing me by saying to re-activate the account with them. Their number is 7075381506.

Hathway Refund of security deposit

Hathway people are the biggest cheats with no ethics. After returning the modem and closing the account no 1142751721, they promised to refund the security deposit of Rs 400 and took details of my bank account. After waiting for a month, when I called their customer service, they said that refund cannot be processed as your account is less than 3 years old. The fact is that Hathway is not even 3 years old in Chennai !
I used their services for 1 year and was never satisfied because of multiple issues and downtimes. The worst company I have come across. Switched over to Airtel, no problem till now.

Hathway Hathway fraud

Dear Customer,

Greetings from Hathway!!

Subject – Concern raised with respect to Service Related towards Account number : **********
Plan which you opted for pre-paid plan it is one time billing amount for which refund is not applicable. Further for any feasible area we can able to provide the service on a special case without any shifting charges.
We regret for the inconvenience caused to you.


Hyd-Helpdesk – Hyderabad | Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd
Customer Care No : 040-66989898

mail from hath way after 2 months of they collect money. They collect money at that time to shifting now they said like this.
In this way they cheated customers, collecting money and no response after payment done.

Hathway Do Not Disturb me – Harassment through calls

Hi Hathway,

I have disconnected my connection more than 3 months back. Yet I constantly keep getting calls and messages everyday irrespective of how many times I’ve asked you guys to stop.
I have all the phone calls recorded as proof and I am going to pursue this as a harassment case in a legal way. I have told at least 6 different callers from Hathway to stop calling me and I have proof. Every time they tell me they will stop calling, but it never happens. I had disconnected my connection in the absolutely right manner. I have all the proof eneded to support this. You guys know I’m not interested and still decide to harass me anyway.
My customer ID is 1147793851.