Hathway Worst CC Team executive aaproach

I’m writing this mail to bring your notice,i’m going to disconnect my broadband account from today itself, because i got irritated from your tele calling team,i received more remainder call from your end (offer,due date and etc).I informed to your CC Team to mark my number as do not disturb mode.But no one do that and everyone said at the time of calling, sorry sir here after i will mark this and no one make a call to your number.(mail raised on : Wed, Jul 10, 2:33 PM (8 days ago)

Account No : 1155129356

Response from Helpdesk:
Dear Customer,
We regret the inconvenience caused.
We have escalated the complaint to our concern team.
Our team will reach out to you.(Mail received on :Jul 10, 2019, 5:47 PM (8 days ago)

Second Mail Raised from my end:(Jul 17, 2019, 10:26 PM (16 hours ago)

Dear worst customer service team,

Please make ensure, here after don’t make a call to my number regarding offer,recharge and etc, If you made a call I’m going to use unparliamentary word.

But still i received a call from CC team, Guys do you know about customer satisfaction.


Vadivelu Mookan
Room no 361 ½, Vakola Pipe line,
Gavdevi Indhira nagar,
Santacruz East,
Mumbai 400 055

Dear Sir / madam,
This is to inform you that One of our area cable operator in the name of Vishal Cable, he is charging the GST bill for each and every customer but he is not providing the GST bill for the same, several time I have asked the GST bill, he replied the main Hatchway cable operator not providing the GST bill to me, how come I will give the GST bill to you, I said ok no problem I will put the mail to concern department.
I hope the concern department will take proper action against to them, Please do the needful at the earliest. Cable Operator Address:
Vishal Cable – contact no: 098200 93544.
Vakola Pipe line,Gavdevi Subhash Nagar, santacruz east, Mumbai 400 055

Thanking You,
Yours faithfully,
Vadivelu Mookan
+9198920 47414

Hathway Hathway payment taken for 2 months but recharged for one month

This is bring to all notice about the Hathway service and payment fraud by the service providers.

As discussed with the service provider person Sathish (9047865909) plan Rs 2522 for 2 months. I have paid the cash on 07th Apr 2019 but still i didnt receive the play box and many times called to him then gave the reason paid only for one month.

Now he demands for another 2 months payment to active the connection and no response from the customer care also. I have followed up many times with customer care on this issue, but no response till now.

Don’t go with Hathway ,u I’ll suffer a lot. Worst worst service I have ever seen in my life. They should give some respect to customers when they choose their service.

Thanks & Regards,
Vinod Natarajan

Hathway Leave me alone!

Acc no: 1160613513

If this goes on i swear I’ll deactivate hathway and get an alternate service and if it still doesn’t stop, visit consumer court for constantly irritating me. You guys have been harrassing me every single day through calls and messages. Let me put it blatantly, I will recharge when and if i want to! Your routine calls with premeditated dialogues ain’t going to change my decison.

Hathway Internet not working

CustomerID: 1157324101

At the very first moment when we are facing any issue in accessing the internet, then the real problem starts. Its very frustating to make your call center people understand the issue.

My internet connection stopped working on 26th of February and I’m still trying hard with your people to resolve this issue.

First issue is we need to input the CustomerID and related details in IVR and wait in queue for the call to be answered by the agents. Once the call is picked, they will always ask what are your details irrespective of whether we provided the same details in IVR. And then they will always ask what is your problem, instead of going through the previous notes to understand our concern. Whenever we speak to them, they say that the issue will be resolved within 4 hours and if we called at EOB, then by default they will say issue will be fixed tomorrow morning. I’ve spoken with multiple of your call center agents and none of them ever spoken responsibly. They always repeat the same call center scripts provided to them irrespective of the situation.

When asked for a transfer to technical team, they will put our call on hold for around 10 mins(approx), which is then dropped automatically. During this time, an automated voice is repeatedly saying that we will receive a callback but it was not happened even a single time. We will never receive a call back ever to our number.

When I’m explaining the same to 4 of your agents and asked not to put on hold, they are not able to even understand the situation and still following the same process and leaving me always helpless. It’s now 15 days and still the issue is unresolved, which I believe is not a technical problem but a process level issue created by the call center agents. If you need, I can send you the recorded calls of all these 4 agents so that you understand the level of service provided by your company to its customers. I think that is not required, as you can get the call recordings by yourselves from your company.

Your call center and the processes around them, really sucks. Kindly request you to take actions accordingly as these guys might be the primary reason for your customers leaving your company, which is actually providing good product(not in call center).