Hathway Broadband Worst service


This is regarding the new Hathway connection that I requested on 06th july 17 and have paid 3540/- against the same. The payment was made via card on the same day for the connection.
I have been informed that on the next day ie 7th july 2017 installation will be done.
It has been good 5 days, the services are yet to be installed, no cabling done & there is no modem in place. I have called customer services multiple times they just kept bluffing me that EOD connection will be installed. It is almost 3 days and each day same dialog i have to listen but EOD has never came for them. Its really frustrating that after taking money this is what we receive in terms of service. There are many lie which is told to me in past three days from your so called "CUSTOMER CARE EXECUTIVE" . After facing all this i don’t want to associate with your organisation. Contact me at the earliest at 9019223546. I don’t want connection refund my amount 3540/-

Hathway Broadband Very bad service

I have been using hathway from last 2yrs. I would say its pathetic. Every time there is some technical issue and I never get to use net when I really require. They disconnect usually during weekends or public holiday so that we cannot use net much.when I try to get in touch with them on IVR its says "technical work is going on in your place. it will be resolved in 6 hrs and it disconnects"Finally I have decided to move out from hathway.

Hathway Broadband No speed, No customer service

My Hathway account no is 1145802064 and Complaint no: 02082017W192225.
I got the connection of 150 Mbps just 2 week ago. Since day 1, the connection is very slow and after 8.30 in the evening not even 1Mbps is available. Even the highest speed also does not go above 40Mbps.
I am attaching a snapshot of Speedtest to show the horrible performance of your service.
This is very disappointing and I have been following up since 10 days. But no one has attended the failure. To my surprise I got a message that the problem has been resolved.
This is the worst Customer Service and a clear case of cheating.
Best Regards
Arnab Roy
[email protected]

Hathway Broadband speed fluctuation

dear hathway administration,
its so shamefull services after paid full of your connection fees.i mean its what kind of speed of your wifi ..i choosen 100mbps with unlimited data but not i getting full speed atleast for browsing ..i just want to you guys come at my home and kick at your ass and say get the # out of here with your router son of bitch.
i am totally stuck with this bloody wifi speed.Really such a shameful services hathway.shame on your services and administration department of hathway.

Hathway Broadband Terrible Company / Mismanaged and unresponsive

ID no : 1119761094

It is with great disappointment and after several futile attempts to be heard that I am writing to you
We have been complaining for the last several days about our broadband services being very bad, interrupted and basically not working – you may see the call logs made to your offices pertaining to this matter
We are always told checking from back end and the complaint is auto generated ,and few hours later it gets closed automatically,stating the matter as "resolved" we only get a barrage of messages and no other action has been taken . The problem still persists and is definitely not resolved !!
We are requesting again and again for a technician to visit and check the modem / router but no one is interested to solve our problem – when we ask to speak to manager or superior no one is available ,and no one has the courtesy to call back – we are reduced to yelling at a new poor call centre employee every day as there is no one responsible for any of this in a senior position
In the middle of all this our package expired on 31.08 and at that time we got several "personal phone calls " requesting to renew and when we did renew for 18 months at a whopping cost of 28000 Inr for that payment we got 20 calls and the person came promptly twice to collect the money !! Now when the service is needed we are talking to machines and getting auto messages
Is this fair practise ??? I would request to please clear our problem instantly or refund us the full amount and take your machinery away from here immediately !!
Would await your reply before further action is taken on our side on all fronts including social and print media in addition to others !
Aditi wasan

Hathway Broadband Wrong Commitment

I got a offer from hathway in aug17 to increase speed upto 50mbps on renewal of my connection . I went into the verbal agreement with the call center female caller .After 10 days when my speed did not increase i came to know that they your call center have no records of any communication nor any records of who made the call to me , On 2 sep again i got the call but this time i told him to send me a confirmation by email which very smartly he send by his personal email ([email protected] ) to which i said i want it from hathway mail id , which was done the very next day Bhupinder Pawar <[email protected]>
I am attaching email below:
Sep 3
Dear Customer ,​

Greetings from Hathway”

Thanks very much for Talking to us.We are committed to provide you Fastway-1 50 mbps pre monthly
As per discussion and would request you to make Payments Rs-900 /- according to your Plan
Kindly feel free to write to undersigned for any further queries.
Customer ID –1115266984

Thanks & Regards
Bhupinder Pawar
Hathway Cable & Datacom.Ltd

After making the payment and informing him on next day no action was taken by your company it increasing the speed top of it i send the compliant mail with all traces to your mail id [email protected] .on sep 6 and did got a courtesy call promising to into the matter as till tday i have checked and recored my connection speed has not changed .
Don’t think that i don’t have other service provider i m in patel nagar and the list starts from airtel tikona sify [email protected] and what not .
I want to refund my 2 months rent and compensate me for mental harassment i have been facing from you company for not bother to responding my mails .
This is so unexpected by this company no wonder here everyone is leaving and going back to airtel and sify . Himanshu Duggal
Customer ID –1115266984

Hathway Broadband Against renewal

Hi i am old customer of hathway broadband with id no. -1103120587 name-purnima malhotra with reg no. – 9818677120 in the month of july 2017 i was given the offer for 6+2 month so the hatbway agent told me that u can give in 2 installments and i was agree with that then i provided the first one then they mailed me that u have to pay rest 800rs to ur executive they will come to collect from us bt no executive came to collect now they r saying that u have to pay that in next month only then u will apllicable for that offer bt no come to collect the amount and they told that u should pay that online bt no one help us now they are ignoring to give that offer i want that offer in same amount of 800rs till feb 2018 or i will complaint in higher level for hathway broadband and i wiill also tell to shut down the hathway thats it