Hathway Broadband Stop call & message from Hathway

I am not using my Hathway broadband since 1.5 year. I have submitted all hardware (modem & cable). In my area/ colony, Hathway doesn’t even provide broadband connections.
Still, Hathway is sending call/ message for reactivation. It has very disturbing to me.

I have clarified Hathway many times through calls & emails that i will never take Hathway again and it also doesn’t matter how cheap and speedy connection they offer, even if they are providing free.

Still, Hathway didn’t stop call & messages.
I request Hathway broadband to stop calling/message me.

Account no.: 1135760690

Hathway Broadband Pathetic customer care from Hathway

The most every pathetic customer service I have ever experienced is Hathway customer care. They never even bother about your problem. If you disconnect your connection, they abuse over phone badly. Their Nodal officers and Applet officers never even respond to your mails or phone calls.

Account no 1170220183

Kindly remove my number from your database. I dont want to receive any of your promotions over phone or messages.

Hathway/broadband Fraud of my security money

Hi, on thursday i received a call from customer executive of hathway who asked me to pay 400rs amount and said that you have to pay this amount to avoid calls from us and also to take your security amount which is pending with them…… Which was around 1500 and he promised once I pay this amount they will release my security amount in my paytm no and I will not receive any further calls from them. I made the payment bt neither I received my security from them neither they stopped calling. I request you to pay back my amount and also want you to take the action against this issue that despite of being such a big company they fool the customer. My account no is 1115166043 and it is registered with account named neha singh.

Hathway Broadband False commitment and worst support


I was previous Hathway Broadband customer because of their worst unreliable service i had to disconnect and they have been calling frequently saying to renew the connection as they have improved their service and support.

A lady from Hyderabad sales team by name Jyothi called me and promised me that she will assure that I will get the connection same day after paying the renewal but once i Paid the amount she went invisible and not at all answering my phone calls and its been 2days now (48hours) no one from Hathway team called me for reconnection and i have been calling Hathway since last two days but no responce at all.

Looks like Hathway is having some fake employee and trying to pool in money. Please be aware and do not go with Hathway connection every it is the worst broadband service in India.

Hathway Broadband Refund

This is Dolly Soni.Before two week I renewed my Hathway account and I wanted the wifi pack Rs/- 1525 but by mistake I typed there Rs/- 15250 that time the service person told me after cutting 1535 we will refund you the rest of money with in 1 week I’ll get my money back bt now after two week I didn’t get my refund. Please help me out my very upset.

Hathway Broadband from 20 days internnet connection disconnect with no resaon

Hello Complaint Board,

I’ve raised a complaint previously that from 3 days no internet from hathway. I’ve paid recently 6k with 6month plan and just 2months are over, now they disconnected. I keep on calling customer care trying to get connection active but every time new hathway representative gives same false promises that they get it fixed, tomorrow before 11am, before 5pm, before tomorrow EoD, bla, bla fake promises, by listening this from 20days so much frustration. I called in 20days 100 times but they not ready to activate internet, every person tells new reason for this deactivation, I spoke with engineers, supperviors and quality folks all gives fake promises, they don’t even know what is problem and not ready to assign my issue to backend people. some representative says there is wire cut, some says cable and mode migrating from copper to fibre and bla, bla.. in my area everyone getting internet from that main router except me. I don’t know why they disconnected inte!
rnet only for me and why they don’t want to connected, they have some blinds reasons.. I paid fully these people just frustrating me. I asked to disconnect and refund to get rid out from these sick people but they have junk policy that they can disconnect(take router and wifi back) without refund, so it really insane to customer that they can take the boxes back but not refund. I really frustrated calling them to get activate my internet.. I don’t understand why they have commercials services where they don’t want to give service and give ONLY pain to customer.

Appart from this they are follow up everyday without fail when internet plan is getting expiring.. they come with some fake plan to fool/trap one but they don’t have time or follow up when there is problems at customer end.. he has to die.. even calls are not tall free.. phone charges are applied. for every call to connect technical team there is long process the computer ask some junk questions and wast 10min and same question are asked by service representative to waste another 10min., even bank also doesn’t have some security level.

so I humble requested complaint board please help me to get a refund from them and get rid of this problem, I never encourage to anyone to go for this internet service providers, such a sick service.

also request to take serious action on hathway service provider..


Hathway Broadband Continuous Calls

I used their services in 2015 and then I gave my connection to my friends and updated the number. This is 2 years back. But from last 4 months I am getting continuous call from them (on my number 9916480882), sometimes 10 calls a day, for reactivation. I already told them many times that i have shifted to other city but they dont listen. i am fed up of these call please BLOCK HATHWAY CALLS. I tried many things but nothing is working.

Hathway Broadband No refund given since 7 months

I wanted to setup Hathway broadband at my residence. There was no signal at my residence for broadband internet as per the technician. The devices were returned and the refund was not given. I visited the physical stores and several customer services calls were made. Payment date – 30 July 2018. Account no. 1163805570. It’s been 7 months and due to the company’s poor customer service, I have been so frustrated. My tweets also go unanswered. Is this the way company harasses customers?

Hathway Broadband Fraud by Hathway Broadband

My plan is for Rs 2300 Quarterly.
In May 2018 I got misleading SMS that I have to pay Rs 3007. Innocently I paid Rs 3007.
Later on again and again I am getting SMS and emails to pay Rs 3008 when my plan is for Rs 2300. Even the Hathway App is showing my plan is just for Rs 2300.
Despite repeated emails Hathway customer care has not refunded my amount of Rs 707 wrongly received in excess of plan
Beware of Hathway Bills. They fool you into paying higher amounts. Dont take Hathway Broadband at all. I am changing service.

Hathway Broadband Broadband Internet

Copy â 3 To M/s. Hathway Cable & Datacom
Hathway account Number – 1164253865
Registered email – [email protected]

I’ve made my monthly rental amount in advance last month (11th Sep’18), however, my plan wasn’t activated straightaway and I was getting threatening calls by Hathway customer care to pay the bills from Oct9th to Oct 13th. On 13th Oct girl from the hathway customer care rep was very abusive & unprofessional on call even though Iâve blocked the number I was getting call from, but I keep on getting the calls from different numbers from the same girl and she was abusing my family (unable to post in public) & When I tried to call the number, it was not connecting as that was a oneway communication server call. The following numbers are below, +91 9962994412, +91 9894926240, +91 9944044631, +91 9994018485
After this was happened, Iâve immediately complained about this to Hathway customer care desk and this is the complaint reference â 13102018C4564 dated 13/10/2018. The complaint hasnât processed and Iâm still getting calls from the same girl up to 6.30 PM.
As I was frustrated so much from this behaviour, Iâve send the recorded voice clips and the call logs screenshot from my mobile to the concern email team ([email protected] & [email protected]net & [email protected]) still I havenât get any acknowledgement from any one. So, as a customer I canât tolerate this kind of activities and since Iâm not getting any support from the Hathway team, so Iâve posted all this to the Social Media for the better solution. You can check some voice clips and call logs from the below link.
********************************************************************************** The complaint has also been posted to Hathway official face book page. https://twitter.com/papunuprabha/status/1051178875751784448
Iâll keep on post to Social Media every 4 hours until I get any response from the concern team.
****************************************************************************** Iâd expect the written acknowledgement from the concern team soon.
Frustrated Customer,
V. Sashi Kumar

Copy 1 & Copy 2 forwarded to the respective officials.