Hathway Broadband Fraud by Hathway Broadband

My plan is for Rs 2300 Quarterly.
In May 2018 I got misleading SMS that I have to pay Rs 3007. Innocently I paid Rs 3007.
Later on again and again I am getting SMS and emails to pay Rs 3008 when my plan is for Rs 2300. Even the Hathway App is showing my plan is just for Rs 2300.
Despite repeated emails Hathway customer care has not refunded my amount of Rs 707 wrongly received in excess of plan
Beware of Hathway Bills. They fool you into paying higher amounts. Dont take Hathway Broadband at all. I am changing service.

Hathway Broadband Broadband Internet

Copy â 3 To M/s. Hathway Cable & Datacom
Hathway account Number – 1164253865
Registered email – [email protected]

I’ve made my monthly rental amount in advance last month (11th Sep’18), however, my plan wasn’t activated straightaway and I was getting threatening calls by Hathway customer care to pay the bills from Oct9th to Oct 13th. On 13th Oct girl from the hathway customer care rep was very abusive & unprofessional on call even though Iâve blocked the number I was getting call from, but I keep on getting the calls from different numbers from the same girl and she was abusing my family (unable to post in public) & When I tried to call the number, it was not connecting as that was a oneway communication server call. The following numbers are below, +91 9962994412, +91 9894926240, +91 9944044631, +91 9994018485
After this was happened, Iâve immediately complained about this to Hathway customer care desk and this is the complaint reference â 13102018C4564 dated 13/10/2018. The complaint hasnât processed and Iâm still getting calls from the same girl up to 6.30 PM.
As I was frustrated so much from this behaviour, Iâve send the recorded voice clips and the call logs screenshot from my mobile to the concern email team ([email protected] & [email protected] & [email protected]) still I havenât get any acknowledgement from any one. So, as a customer I canât tolerate this kind of activities and since Iâm not getting any support from the Hathway team, so Iâve posted all this to the Social Media for the better solution. You can check some voice clips and call logs from the below link.
********************************************************************************** The complaint has also been posted to Hathway official face book page. https://twitter.com/papunuprabha/status/1051178875751784448
Iâll keep on post to Social Media every 4 hours until I get any response from the concern team.
****************************************************************************** Iâd expect the written acknowledgement from the concern team soon.
Frustrated Customer,
V. Sashi Kumar

Copy 1 & Copy 2 forwarded to the respective officials.

Hathway Broadband Cabling team is not arriving to setup connection

My name is Akshat and 6 days ago an hathway agent come to my home and said me a newly launched plan of hathway specially for your society, the plan is superstorm 100 mbps with fully infinite data at just rs.864 per month. Firstly he forced me to apply for quaterly plan of rs. 2652 but i rejected and selected the monthly one. So i fill all forms and all customer id and then agent goes, but i say to him that leave your phone number and he did so and write his phone number on a paper.
Now he said the connection is garunteed in 3 days and now even after 6 days the cabling team dont arrive to set the connection.
I contact the customer care of delhi 011-46085777 and an male provider attend then i ask him these firstly.. Did you always take advance payment?
AND is there really an special plan of superstorm 100 mbps and fully infinite data at just rs.864 per month claimed by your hathway company?
Then he dont answer them and tries to u-turn the asked question and ignore them and dont answered, then i get back to the most basic question of why the cabling team is not coming for my connection he ignore it too and say.. " hathway me call karne ke liye dhanyavad "

and end the call whithout answering not even a single question,,
then i tried calling them but they never attend and always disconnect and that piece of shit man that ajent i call him too and found it is a wrong number as a old women someone had attend it from Jaipur rajasthan,, this burst me in anger , i dont know what to do ,,,,,,,, Please provide me help,,,
This company abasedor Sania Mirza should also go to jail for giving hand to this completely fraud and illegalcompany..
please if anyone had read my complaint never ever go for hathway this company is the biggest fraud plus is illegal + hathway ki maa ki chut bhain ke lode hai vo …..

Hathway Broadband Fraud calls

I had a hathway broadband connection 2 years ago ,which i terminated., But they didn’t come to get their router, i was living in a rented room back then, now after 2 years i got a call from some advocate kishor kumar saying that Hathaway has filed a case against me , and i have to pay 2500 rupees to the company or he will forward my file to the court. I never received any call from the company for their router , they never asked for it . Now i don’t know what to do, Should i pay the amount ?

Hathway Broadband *MUST READ* Legal action to be taken against Hathway company

On 17th April 2017, we have submitted a request for shifting of my Hathway connection to my new address and without my permission and without any phone call, this request has been closed. Again on 22nd April, we raised the request for the same issue. On 24th April 2017, I got a call from the Hathway landline number 08046709300 and the person told me that he is on the way and will reach at my address by 11-30 AM. I even took leave from my office because of this reason. So, is this the way you people are treating your customers even after so many multiple calls?
On 25th April, I even raised a request for termination of my Hathway connection because I am no more interested on any of your services. Still, without my permission, this request has been closed. Kindly look into this issue at the earliest and kindly refund my money soon. You people have charged 3 months advance payment for what reasons? This is not a matter of joke. I can seriously take legal actions against your fraud Hathway company. Also, You people have hired all such nonsense uneducated customer care executives, who dont even know how to speak with a customer.

Please refund my money as soon as possible.

Thanks and Regards,

Partha Paul
Account Number# 1113304644

Hathway Broadband Forging of records

I have made complaint for non-receipt of broadband service and received complaint ID as 17062017W556309. No one attended my complaint nor technician came to my residence for solving the issue. However I received the message that my problem have been resolved for request ID no 17062017W556309-1.
This is the case of forging of records. The broadband is still not functioning. Nobody called from company to ascertain whether my compliant have been attended or otherwise. The said practice is unethical and needs to be condemned. The top officials should be made answerable and shall be made liable for forging records.

Hathway Broadband Worst service


This is regarding the new Hathway connection that I requested on 06th july 17 and have paid 3540/- against the same. The payment was made via card on the same day for the connection.
I have been informed that on the next day ie 7th july 2017 installation will be done.
It has been good 5 days, the services are yet to be installed, no cabling done & there is no modem in place. I have called customer services multiple times they just kept bluffing me that EOD connection will be installed. It is almost 3 days and each day same dialog i have to listen but EOD has never came for them. Its really frustrating that after taking money this is what we receive in terms of service. There are many lie which is told to me in past three days from your so called "CUSTOMER CARE EXECUTIVE" . After facing all this i don’t want to associate with your organisation. Contact me at the earliest at 9019223546. I don’t want connection refund my amount 3540/-

Hathway Broadband Very bad service

I have been using hathway from last 2yrs. I would say its pathetic. Every time there is some technical issue and I never get to use net when I really require. They disconnect usually during weekends or public holiday so that we cannot use net much.when I try to get in touch with them on IVR its says "technical work is going on in your place. it will be resolved in 6 hrs and it disconnects"Finally I have decided to move out from hathway.

Hathway Broadband No speed, No customer service

My Hathway account no is 1145802064 and Complaint no: 02082017W192225.
I got the connection of 150 Mbps just 2 week ago. Since day 1, the connection is very slow and after 8.30 in the evening not even 1Mbps is available. Even the highest speed also does not go above 40Mbps.
I am attaching a snapshot of Speedtest to show the horrible performance of your service.
This is very disappointing and I have been following up since 10 days. But no one has attended the failure. To my surprise I got a message that the problem has been resolved.
This is the worst Customer Service and a clear case of cheating.
Best Regards
Arnab Roy
[email protected]