Hathway Internet very slow speed in hathway broadband internet

I have signed for the 50 mbps internet broadband services with hathway broadband. While signing up for the plan hathway promosied me that I would get internet speed of 50mbps. But the speed i am getting is less than 1mbps. i have attached the image of the speed test for proof. I have called the helpline many times to resolve the issue but to no avail. I am paying hathway every year rs 14000/- to hathway for the interent broadband for a speed of 50mbps but they have completely cheated me by not giving me the promised speed.
Their call centre staff are also not able to resolve the issue. It has been over 8 months since i ma facing this issue and i can totally say that HATHWAY INTERENT SERVICES ARE THE WORST IN CUFFE PARADE.

Hathway Internet The worst service provider

Hathway is the worst service provider that I have come across. For the last six months I’m suffering with extremely poor internet services. I have registered complaint after complaint after complaint. The best solution their incompetent technical team has been able to provide is that I restart my modem and router. I am restarting my modem and router atleast twice a day on daily basis now, and this has been going on for months and months.
I’ve called customer care number several times and everytime a ticket is created, someone calls and assures something would be done, but after a few days the ticket is resolved with no solution. I’m back to restarting the modem and router everyday.
The only thing their customer care is prompt at is calling the customer for upcoming re-charge date. Once you are done with recharge, you are back to your sufferings. The worst is no one is coming to even disconnect the system despite raising a complaint for doing so. Unbelievable!!
around 3 to 4 months ago I was told that both modem and router are old and there is also latency issue from the main box outside on the poo (whatever it is). But nothing has been done about it.
Please help me with the issue. I have two hathway connections one of them I’ve refused to recharge because I’m anyways unable to use them and I’m unfortunately stuck with the second one till August. Please take some action against this FRAUD service provider.
Chirag Mehta
[email protected]

Hathway Internet Cheating by Hathway broadband

My Hathway account no is 1145802064 and Complaint no: 02082017W192225.
I got the connection of 150 Mbps just 2 week ago. Since day 1, the connection is very slow and after 8.30 in the evening not even 1Mbps is available. Even the highest speed also does not go above 40Mbps.
I am attaching a snapshot of Speedtest to show the horrible performance of your service.
This is very disappointing and I have been following up since 10 days. But no one has attended the failure. To my surprise I got a message that the problem has been resolved.
This is the worst Customer Service and a clear case of cheating.
Best Regards
Arnab Roy
[email protected]

Hathway Internet Non Refund

I am Rangarajan B working as a Manager in Dharshini Homes Pvt Ltd., Adambakkam,Chennai.
Almost a month back I have registered new broadband connection ,subsequently a representative had come whose name is Arivazhagan from Velachery Hathway office and I pay the amount according to the plan(i.e) Rs.2,170(Two Thousand one Hundred and Seventy only).Few days later the guy has told me as its not possible get the connection in our area.So,Immediately I rush tothe head office situated thiruvanmiyur,Chennai for claiming that amount which I sought for connection.
So far no one has to take the responsiblity to issue the refund.I have no idea what i suppose to do..?If I want to esclate the issue to your higher official what is the mail id or contact of the concerend person.Already time is running out and terribly am exhaused coz of this issue and also am not focus on my routine.
I am expecting your fabourable reply at the earliest.

Thanks and Regards,

Rangarajan B

Manager,Dhardhini Homes Pvt Ltd.,

Receipt No.CHNISP/13801 Dated on 3.8.2017 Amt:2,170(Two Thousand One Hundred and Seventy only)
Account No.1146680298.

Hathway Internet 3days internet is down

I have been calling your service desk 2-3 times a day from past 3 day internet is down..no one seems to care.they can’t help me because they don’t have technical guy in office.i was told on it will be fixed by Friday then Friday Eve then Saturday 6pm and at 7:30 pm they told me complain is not looked into. Because technical guy is not there probably they will resolve it by Sunday..spoke to guy called Ahmed..I hv been with hathway for more than 3-4 year definitely don’t want to continue my complain no. are W012609-1
I guess one was not enough they open another closing the first right now I have complain W027501 open..don’t know why they would do tht..my work is getting disturbed from 3days

Hathway Internet Account No. 1126251220 – Worst Internet Connection

From: Viraj V Ruke [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: 05 October 2017 17:12
To: ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’ Cc: ‘Vaidehi V Ruke’
Subject: Account No. 1126251220 – Worst Internet Connection
Dear Team,

We are facing lots of issues with Internet Connection from last few months, on daily basis we have logged the complaints with customer care but we hear is some silly templated answers. I have been informed every time that concerned team would call me back, It has been more than a week and still we are awaiting for an call back from the concerned authority. Their after Hathway technical team is closing the service request themselves without consulting with us.
After many complaints we have received following escalation matrix, but no one ever responded the calls.
1. Vishal Rajpule – 022-24933353
2. Santosh Sonawane – 8879798969

Pathetic service & realy fedup with Hathway Broadband Internet Services. One of the worst service provider and customer care service. Never expected such an worse customer service from Hathway.
Viraj V Ruke
Mob +91-9821883477/ 96199-31565

Hathway Internet Customer harrasement and false promises

Hi Rajan

How irresponsible ur team is?

I took hathway connection in july 2016. I was told by hayhway guys that pay for 6 months and you will get 3 months free. But my connection deactivated after six months on 8th jan 2818 i am calling hathway customer care but they are disgusting also sent mail couple of times but they are not reponding. Respond to me or i will go to consumer forum..
You cheated me. Give me 3 months free connection as u guys promised. Call me on 9403576118 patil

Hathway Internet Very Low internet speed and poor service

I am from Gachibowli in Hyderabad. I got a new broadband internet connection from Hathway. They promised me 50 Mbps speed but actually I am getting 1.5 Mbps speed.
I called up Hathway help line multiple times and every time they said like they rebooted the modem and asked me check the speed. But I could see no improvement. Moreover they tell you that the issue would be resolved by 24 hours but no luck.
Calling the help line is no help and there is no way to escalate the issue. Regretting now having chosen Hathway…. My Account No. 1154905263