Hathway Internet intermitant failiure of internet

dear Sir,

I am the customer of your organisation for past 12 yrs. The service has been satisfactory till Dec.2018. From January , 2019 it has become good to worst in both services relating to braod band and internet . The broad band , despite submitting Channel Plan has not yet been implemented and despite paying the fees desired channel are not activated.

As regards the internet services , I had to say that it has been totally worst. There are daily failures and I am fed up of lodging complaints. I am a senior citizen aging 70 yrs and finding difficult to operate banking transactions from Mobile because trembling hands. The Stand alone keyboard is most convenient for the customers of my age. But since there is is constant recurring failure of the inter net service I am facing with problems like lack of various payments in time causing financial losses in the form delayed payment penalties etc.

Also your " My Hathway " mobile application is not working for past 20 days despite all efforts .

My Hathway Id is 1109256485 . You can go thru my account and see how many times I have lodged the complaint for Internet services

Hathway Internet Hathway Broadband – No Refund Since 7 Months

I wanted to setup Hathway broadband at my residence. There was no signal at my residence for broadband internet as per the technician. The devices were returned and the refund was not given. I visited the physical stores and several customer services calls were made. Payment date – 30 July 2018. Account no. 1163805570. It’s been 7 months and due to the company’s poor customer service, I have been so frustrated. My tweets also go unanswered. Is this the way company harasses customers?

Hathway Internet As they agreed not provided router and sun next connection

Last 15 days back from hathway made many calls and marketing guy arun logesh visited my home 2 times and commited for 6months plan 2 months additional and sun next will be given free and also will provide the additional router. But after the installation no one is attending the phone not answering to the sms. Made a complaint to customer care and registered the complaint. even then nothing has happening. I have to get additional router and sun next as per their commitment. Very poor service and worst behavier from the team.
Account no of hathway connection is 1169808106
Complaint no registered in hathway is 04012019W923831 dated 4th jan 2019 is still pending

Hathway Internet Received Threatening call from Hathway No +918929622037

I was a Hathway customer, my connection no is 1129507830, I took prepaid 3 months advance rental plan of "Rs 2,239.00" on 6 Jan 2017. I was not using services since a year long. I am getting regular messages from Hathway regarding Reactive your Hathway connection from long time.
Today I have received a Threatening call from No. +918929622037 that I have to submit Rs 11000/- to Delhi court as Hathway is going to register a case against me. The guy was abusing me.
May I know the reason of Threatening call.

You are calming as India best Broadband provider, is this the best services from Hathway to call dormant customers and threaten them and ask money??

Hathway Internet Harassment

I had used Hathway 3years back post which I had closed it because I had shifted to a new address. I had all my bills paid and connection closed. I had even submitted the modem for which I have their receipt. Suddenly after so many years, few weeks back I received a call claiming from Delhi court that someone has filed a case against my name for fraud and non-payment. I came to know that the ID for which I had closed my connection years back, there is pending amount of approx 5.5k. There was no intimation through mail or phone after I closed my connection, and suddenly after years these people thought that let’s put some random amount in this account name and take money. Whoever is reading this I would strongly recommend DO NOT BUY HATHWAY connection, and even if you do keep a copy of every bill that you are paying. What I have faced, I know 2 other people who has faced the same issue. When I asked customer care they could not give me any proof or substantial evidence of!
pending amount. Hathway is doing major fraud and harassing common people to extort money.

Hathway Internet very slow speed in hathway broadband internet

I have signed for the 50 mbps internet broadband services with hathway broadband. While signing up for the plan hathway promosied me that I would get internet speed of 50mbps. But the speed i am getting is less than 1mbps. i have attached the image of the speed test for proof. I have called the helpline many times to resolve the issue but to no avail. I am paying hathway every year rs 14000/- to hathway for the interent broadband for a speed of 50mbps but they have completely cheated me by not giving me the promised speed.
Their call centre staff are also not able to resolve the issue. It has been over 8 months since i ma facing this issue and i can totally say that HATHWAY INTERENT SERVICES ARE THE WORST IN CUFFE PARADE.

Hathway Internet The worst service provider

Hathway is the worst service provider that I have come across. For the last six months I’m suffering with extremely poor internet services. I have registered complaint after complaint after complaint. The best solution their incompetent technical team has been able to provide is that I restart my modem and router. I am restarting my modem and router atleast twice a day on daily basis now, and this has been going on for months and months.
I’ve called customer care number several times and everytime a ticket is created, someone calls and assures something would be done, but after a few days the ticket is resolved with no solution. I’m back to restarting the modem and router everyday.
The only thing their customer care is prompt at is calling the customer for upcoming re-charge date. Once you are done with recharge, you are back to your sufferings. The worst is no one is coming to even disconnect the system despite raising a complaint for doing so. Unbelievable!!
around 3 to 4 months ago I was told that both modem and router are old and there is also latency issue from the main box outside on the poo (whatever it is). But nothing has been done about it.
Please help me with the issue. I have two hathway connections one of them I’ve refused to recharge because I’m anyways unable to use them and I’m unfortunately stuck with the second one till August. Please take some action against this FRAUD service provider.
Chirag Mehta
[email protected]

Hathway Internet Cheating by Hathway broadband

My Hathway account no is 1145802064 and Complaint no: 02082017W192225.
I got the connection of 150 Mbps just 2 week ago. Since day 1, the connection is very slow and after 8.30 in the evening not even 1Mbps is available. Even the highest speed also does not go above 40Mbps.
I am attaching a snapshot of Speedtest to show the horrible performance of your service.
This is very disappointing and I have been following up since 10 days. But no one has attended the failure. To my surprise I got a message that the problem has been resolved.
This is the worst Customer Service and a clear case of cheating.
Best Regards
Arnab Roy
[email protected]