HDFC Credit Card not approved

Repected Sir,
I applied for a credit card from HDFC Bank vide application form no. CC33521473 with all required documents. All process up to verification has been complete by the bank. But on checking status of My credit card application on Bank site it shows dissapprove. Bank not send any email or msg regarding and disapproval/ rejection of my application.
Further I added that on applying for credit card, Agent of said bank insure me that there is no any condition regarding credit score or any other for applying credit card in their bank. Please resolve the matter
My reference number given by bank is 17101215853020N7

Ranjit Singh
Email: [email protected]

HDFC Customer privacy is at risk

I’m an private employee from Bangalore. Recently I had applied for credit card which I received and was happy. 1 month the minimum payment was not paid and to my surprise,the collection executives who called me tells me my Exact money balance in my account. I wonder where the security and privacy for our accounts is. I was shocked when the collection executives told me my account balance and also calls me immediately after my account is credited with my salary and tells, 10mins back u have got ur salary of .rs. Please pay immediately.
I am closing my HDFC salary account and also shortly I am opting out of banking relationship with HDFC for ever.
The bank should be sued for not maintaining customer privacy.
The collection agent who visited my residence for minimum payment on my credit cards, discloses my exact salary on the date, exact balance in my account, and when asked for the company ID, he does not show it, rather does he have one. Where is privacy and security.

HDFC Fake reminder for credit card payment

From the last 3-4 months, I am getting emails from HDFC credit card payment team for the payment of pending due with respect to a credit card which i do not own. And the reminder mails are coming on my office mail ID.
I have informed a lot of time to HDFC credit card team for the same issue but i think all of the personal are irresponsible.
these reminder would effect on my credit score which may cause to me for not getting loan.
Please help me in this issue

Thanks & Regards,

HDFC Irritated with receiving calls daily


Please take this very seriously.
I am really very irritated with this issue, I am getting calls everyday from HDFC asking for personal loans, even if I have told them 100 times, that I don’t need anything and to remove my number from the list, still I am getting calls everyday.
This really pisses me off…If this isn’t going to stop , I will fill a case against HDFC bank.


HDFC Reg car loan

Due to my financial situation I can’t regularise my loan .. Now currently four months due pending… I request them that I will pay two months due by tomorrow and balance in next ten days.. But they pressing us to surrender the vechicle r else v will take legal actions… Even u can’t remit that particular amount in Bank r rtgs … U must handover the entire amount to that particular collection agent.. I need a proper justice for this … My loan acc was 33165328,42570250…I m ready to pay two months emi contact Num 9790552969

HDFC finance charge

Dear Sir
My credit card no. is ################. In October 2017 month statement, I had paid the due on time but end of month when I was checking my account I found some mistake from my site, in total due of credit card I had paid some less amt. that is Rs. 2700/- , but due date of payment has been over so I was waiting for November moth statement, I got the statement on 5/11/17.
I’m shocked for Rs. 2700/- you have charged Rs. 5436/- as finance charge. When I asked customer care they told me 3.5% charge on October month total purchase + Rs. 2700/- which I’ve not pay.
In your record I’m one of your good customers that’s why this month you have upgrade my card. If I’m a privileged customer there must be some feeling in me, but I’m afraid there is not any such kind of feeling in me.
Now it’s up to you, I feel or not, so revers the finance charge Rs. 5436/- , if not then in future please do not use word “A privileged customer”, treat me as a millions of your regular customer and please no need to any explanation. Hope you will not disappoint me this time.

Manoj Kumar

HDFC Deduction of 1899 rupees without informing

The amount of Rs.1899 has debited from my account. No OTP I was received for this transaction. I have received this message from bank.
"Thank you for using Debit Card ending 4743 for Rs.1899.00 in MUMBAI at CPONEASSIS on 2018-07-16:18:43:19 " How can this amount can be debited without informing me ?
Kindly refund my debited amount and let me know how this amount is debited from my account without my permission. And de-activate any services like this.
This very irresponsible service from HDFC that anyone can debited from my account without my permission.
Pradeep Singh Negi

HDFC Fraud call complaint

This is in regard with the complaint against fraud caller saying he’s from HDFC branch and asking for debit card /credit card details . Also saying it’s blocked . Thankfully the bank alerts helped . But still this guy and people alike needs to be hanged . Not taken for granted !! Action against this please . Not everyone escapes this though . The one of fraud numbers calling : +91 44-61607475 /+91 90697 89859