Dear sir, प्रार्थिनी गीता देवी नें आपके बैंक से लोन प्राप्त किया था जिसका खाता नं 61889392 है प्रार्थिनी को बैंक द्वारा क्रेडिट कार्ड दिया गया था जिस पर प्रार्थिनी ई एम आई भी दे रही है। अब मेरा क्रेडिट कार्ड ब्लाॅक कर दिया गया है और कहा गया है कि क्रेडिट कार्ड की ई एम आई का भुगतान नहीं हुआ है जबकि प्रार्थिनी द्वारा हर महीने ई एम आई का भुगतान किया जा रहा है, कृपया क्रेडिट कार्ड को अनब्लॉक करने!
का कष्ट करें तथा भुगतान को अपडेट करने की कृपा करें, प्रार्थिनी गीता देवी, 9621471913

HDFC Bank cancel my membership and refund the same


My credit card ending 5569 has been subscribed for Wallet Assist and debited to my account without my knowledge. I just wanted to
cancel my wallet Assist subscription and refund amount to my account as I don’t require any protection on my cards. one assist membership fee debit from my account, without my knowledge this amount debited, so I request cancel my membership and refund my amount into my credit card.

Note: Its purely shows how you people handle the customers. If Refund has been not processed then i deactivate my Credit Card also.

Email [email protected] Registered mobile: 9650722237


Respected Sir/Madam,

I have an savings bank account with HDFC bank account,
My balance is INR (7374) (negative balance) as on 26-3-2019
because my balance kept on reducing because of non maintenance of minimum balance of INR 10000/-
as i am not so educated about the new bank rules and i don’t visit the banks regularly i was not fully aware that the balance was getting deducted. I request you to help me to get my deducted money back

I have attached a screenshot of my account and balance

Thank You

Name: Puttarajamma D

HDFC Bank Fraud transaction

Hi Sir / Madam,
This is regarding the fraudulent transaction of 20,636.38 inr from my credit card ending with 8318 on 26/03/2019 by Mindvalley LC.917. I have also raised the concern with concerned HDFC bank for this transaction. Request you to please treat this as a FIR and investigate the issue at the earliest. Thanks & regards
Deepesh Jeswani

HDFC Bank slow and sluggish behaviour

hdfc bank employee named nisha dawra doesnot know how to work and is so slow. she works in chotti baradari branch part1 near taj restro.
once there were only 3 people ahead of me in the cashier line and she literally took 45 mins to clear those 3 persons.
i suggest the bank to give proper training to their staff otherwise put deserving people.

HDFC Bank Complaint against bank employee MR. Sourabh and Mr. Sundar(sales) of jodhpur basni branch

आदरणीय महोदय

आज मैंने एक consumer durable लोन के लिए HDFC बैंक मैं आवेदन किया और मुझे 125000 की लिमिट स्वीकृत हुई| मैंने अपने सरे डाक्यूमेंट्स रिटेलर को दिए तो उन्होंने मुझे मोबाइल फाइनेंस के साथ मोबाइल का बिमा करवाने का दबाव डाला तो मैंने उन्हें मना कर दिया तो उन्होंने मुझे HDFC सेल्स मेन सुन्दर जी के नंबर दिए तो मैंने उनसे बात की तो उन्होंने मुझे कहा की मोबाइल फाइनेंस करवाना है तो आपको बिमा लेना ही पड़ेगा तो मै!
ंने उनसे उनके हेड के नंबर मांगे तो उन्हीने मुझे सौरभ जी के नंबर दिए तो मैंने उनसे भी इस बारे मैं निवेदन किये तो उन्होंने मुझे बोला की लोन लेना है तो बिमा करवाना ही पड़ेगा नहीं तो मुझे लोन नहीं मिलेगा | मैंने उन्हें RBI के नुयामो का हवाला दिया तो उन्होंने कहा की आपको जिसको सिकायत करनी है कर दो मुझे कोई फरक नहीं पड़ता मैं किसी से भी नहीं डरता | यह मेरी घर की बैंक है मेरे जैसी मर्जीहोगी वैस काम करूँगा.
क्या यह वही ह्द्फ्क है जो ग्राहक सेवा को वरीयता देती है. आपको सिकायत भेजने के साथ ही मैं RBI मैं भी अपनी सिकायत दर्ज करवा रहा हु | अगर ऐसे हो लोग HDFC के साथ बने रहे तो बैंक का फ्यूचर क्या होगा यह आप भी समझ सकते है |
मैं एक सरकारी कर्मचारी हु | जब ये लोग मेरे साथ ऐसा व्यव्हार कर सकते है तो आप खुद समझ सकते है की ये किसी और के साथ कैसा व्यव्हार करेंगे. मेरे लोन आवेदन संख्या है –417421773

HDFC Bank Bounce cheque not collect from 15feb 2019

Hi my self satish kumar. I submitted my cheque at meera bagh hdfc branch last 15feb 2019. But till now I don’t get cheque bounce no 000532. Brach executive is saying that your cheque by post and give me track no is 1375213088. How to check it. Please give me solution for it…It’s a urgent. Account no 50100232539198

HDFC Bank Unable to Contact

The no. 022-33016801& 33016802 are never answered,

Calling above no. for the releasing of the hold Amount from my Saving Account but the No.are going answered,

Visited Branch they are saying we can’t do anything contact Phone Banker,

Phone Banker Saying we can’t do anything Contact 022-33016801& 33016802,

the contact no. 022-33016801& 33016802 is not answering the call they are not having executive to answer the call trying from last 3 days

HDFC Bank Account Charges


Good Morning. I got bank account from my company in which I was working. Suddenly the company closed down & it stopped getting salary in that account. Now they applied charges of 600RS every month. Even my account balance gone in minus. Even I don’t aware about this. At time of account opening they told me you are getting this account for free with 0 Account balance. Now why should I pay charges for same account which I got in 0 RS. Even I have just used my money that I earned. Now my account balance gone minus. How can I pay that much account which I am not using since months. Even they have not informed me at time of opening or later by email or call that if you will not maintain this much balance you have to pay this amount.

You can contact me on following details:
Mobile No: +91 84011 98327
Email: [email protected]