HDFC Bank Minimum Balance


Once of my company(Where I worked) have provided me the Salary account in HDFC bank. I accepted to avail that. Later, after some days. I resigned from the company and joined some other company. While availing the HDFC Account. They told me this is a life time free Salary account. After a very long time. I tried to pay my credit card payment through HDFC, It seems that I have some negative balance in that, When I discussed about that, I come to know that, It is non maintenance of account. I am not using the account. No transaction for many years. Why the hell i need to pay. Close my account.
+91 95857 63770

HDFC Bank Wrongly applied non maintenance charge

Hi My name is Ankit Kumar singhI had a salary account with HDFC bank 1year back when I was working with previous organisation….when I left that organisation I came to know that my account has turned upto savings account….But problem arises when I checked my account today 11/11/2018…It’s showing negative balance of -7072 Rs….and I am shocked to see this….HDFC bank has not informed me nor they sent me any msg regarding this deduction…It is really not fair doing this….without informing they have charged me such amount… Please help to waive off this non maintenance charge …..and also complained many time to your service center and visit to bank also ….still my account is not closed ……plz help me I tried with HDFC bank like this kind of behaviour with customer without any information I got negative balance ….plz help to waive off this charge and close my account

HDFC Bank Frustrating Experience from Branch officer

I have been associated with HDFC bank for more 15 years now and 2.5 years bank got my & my wife’s account shifted to Lokhandwala, Kandiwali branch since then been regularly following up for locker facility but no response. Now hear are my observation which you need to take in account and come back to me.
1. I have privileged banking facility.
2. Every time you inquire about locker facility the similar excuse- Not available we are looking for people to surrender then it will be offered. 3. You put some investments then we can prioritize.

I would like to understand following from you as really upset with M/s. Zarna Upadhya attitude today as she is not bothered about customer service and replying that we prioritize NRI’s and been in touch with her for 2 years for same request.
Now there following is my conclusion.

The branch service person is indulged into selling investment options etc. With offer of locker or other services which according to me is highly unethical and strict action should be taken against the same.
As a customer we have full right to be given options first without any conditions not that we have NRI’s to prioritize in such case make HDFC bank only for NRI’s as its a insult for me as customer and case defamation should be be filed for such future occurrences. .
I really frustrated with the way people are handling customers at your branch. I hope someone will act on my feedback and revert on the actions taken.


Alok Kumar Singh

HDFC Bank Credit Card Settlement

Hello Team,

My name is Supriya Rathore. I am using Hdfc credit card since last 2 years. Due to present financial condition I want to settle this credit card. I hope you will understand and help us to settlement on this credit card. I have raised a complaint on Twitter. Hdfc bank hold my account so I am not able to do any transaction. Please rectify that problem and revert me accordingly.
Name- Supriya Rathore
Email Iâd – [email protected]
Contact- 9993022780
Twitter- ankitkhatri246

Supriya Rathore

HDFC Bank Minus balance

Hi sir, I am Bhaskar. I have an issue with my bank account, I was using hdfc bank account from 2016 as it was my salary account at that time. Later in 2017 I have resigned my job and continuing my studies. Few days later my friend credited some amount into my account when I checked that there was deduction in my account. I thought it was like a service charges. Later on every month they were charging penalty charges against me. I enquired about that and I have been informed that I should maintain a minimum balance as my account turned into a Non-Salary account. Now my account balance shows -5500.
How can anybody do this? No one has informed about this and I’m the one who is facing all these and I’m from a middle class family where we can afford only for what we can and not these penalty charges. If there is anything they must have inform us or atleast send a message to me regarding this. I want to get out this as soon. Please help me in this. I will support for each and every thing upon this investigation.
Here is my phone number: +91-9177039021
My Email ID: [email protected]
Please get back to me as soon as you can.
Thank you, waiting for the solution.

HDFC Bank Cancellation of One Assist Membership

I’m Using HDFC Credit card. I was going through Credit card transaction and found that deducted the amount of 1399 from my credit card without my permission on 30 Oct 2018.
I never excepted this from HDFC Bank. First of all i was forced for this subscription on personal loan, Now this is again another pain top of it.
Kindly cancel this plan and request you to refund the amount of Rs 1399 . Pleases deactivate ONE ASSIST membership & refund me all the deducted amount.This is unacceptable that you deduct amount on name of one assist MFEE without customer’s info.
Kindly, refund my amount.

Intaj Ali

Mobile no: 8115276817
Credit card ending no: 2523
Deducted date 31/10/2018

HDFC Bank Deactivate Smart Pay

Every month my prepaid mobile is getting recharged for Rs.100 through Smart pay option and the amount is getting debited from my credit card. I never activated this option and unable to deactivate this option using HDFC Net Banking website.
When I called Customer Care and told them about the issue, they disconnected the call saying Servers are busy…We cant process your request.
Seeing the number of similar complaints from many people, I believe strict corrective measure is mandatory to address all these complaints since HDFC’s reputation is at stake.

HDFC Bank Account holder doing transaction for illegal business


I got to know about this account number from Jorhat Assam, the account holder is doing an illegal business(sex racket) and making the transaction into the account.
Account number- 50100193071274
IFSC code- HDFC0000753
Name of account holder- Avantika Hazarika

She is using people for online dating and making the transfer of amount 3000 or 5000 everytime.
Kindly go through the account details asap and check the account Aadhaar details and Pan card kindly inform to her family members. If possible inform to the income tax department too.