hdfc bank Employee Cheque present before date

Myself yogesh sharma. Yesterday 14-02-2019 I have a chequeno. 001717 from Panchkula branch. I went to the hdfc Bank branch Mahesh Nagar, Ambala cantt and ask from the bank employee can I deposit this cheque today or tomorrow. He says you present this cheque today no issue. After few seconds he told me please confirm from the first floor on the cash counter. I ask from the cash counter madam about this cheque. She says no problem it’s cheque present tomorrow, please it’s deposit in cheque drop box. I said thank you very much. The time is near about 2 a.m.but 15-02-19 my customer who pay this cheque abusing me because the cheque is bounce. On the other side my distributor who is the cheque receiver file the complaint in my company against me. Please tell me what is my fault. It’s clear it’s your bank employees fault who misguide me and the cheque bounce.

hdfc bank Employee Complaint for Non-Compliance

The Manager,
H D F C Bank ltd,
Free Press Journal Road,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai รข 400 021,
Date: 28/11/2018.

REF: Complaint for Non-Compliance.

Respected Sir / Madam,

We the Kansara Chawl CHSL, had renewed our Fixed Deposits with your bank on 25th October 2018, but we have still not received the receipts for the same even after one month & on contacting our R M Ms. Pronibha Tripathi she has been promising us for the last one month but not delivering the hard copies of the Fixed Deposits & now for the last week she has not been replying to our calls.
Hence we please request you to look into the matter and sort it out ASAP & please issue us the Hard Copies of the Fixed Deposits & also please be kind enough to mail us our A/C statement which we have been requesting for the last month or so.
Please do the needful & oblige.

Details of the Current A/C are as follows: Current A/C No. 5020008628830.
Details of the Fixed Deposits are as follows:

Fixed Deposit A/C No: Amount Maturity Date Maturity Amount
447 29,00,000.00/- 25-Oct-2018 29,88,386.00/-

447 10,00,000.00/- 11-Oct-2018 10,30,478.00/-

447 10,00,000.00/- 11-Oct-2018 10,30,478.00/-

Please do the needful & oblige.

Thanking You,
For & on Behalf of the Managing Committee
Milan Shah

hdfc bank Employee misbehaving and playing around others situations .


This is the worst and too much frustration situation I ever faced in my life where Santosh(8884036131 & 7871064111) has taken 17 days to process my loan with hidden mystery and absurdly no updates so far. I already explained about the reason that i am getting marry and I need money.
He is daily committing about the updates followed by 30+ phone call to him and even speaking lie and giving tomorrows date daily.
Every time I am telling him over the call. if not possible please let me know frankly a well ahead time so I can proceed with some other vendor but he is completely blinded to his commitment.
Now if something come out negative in the process, where I will go and hence who is responsible? Santosh is responsible for everything and will be lodging a complaint about him soon in headquarter to dismiss his service with intimidate effects with misbehaving and playing around others situations .
The time taken is already too much and now i do not think there is any solution and was not expected that unprofessional people like Santosh is working in their staffs.

Thank you.


hdfc bank Employee Abused,extorted and misbehavied by Azhar recovery agent etc

My self S Kumar head master of govt high school bade Dabha , and I m costumers of u bank branch basna from where I had taken loan. Due to financial crisis i m unable to make the instalments regularly. Your recovery agent Azer basna mahasamund had forcibly taken my motorcycle in last year then I had taken loan from third party and make sure you bank payment after getting huge rat of interest against amount of instalments. My financial crisis is biggest than to previous time only after to harass and humiliated by Azer.
To day Mr Azer basna mahasamund called from raipur on his recovery agent On of Mr Betary phone , abused me,threatening to me,and threatened to me to recover loan amount forcibly ,illegal and wrongful manner by extorted and misbehaving and harass and humiliated by me. I hereby humbly prayed the if myself is being alive then u r bank amount shall be made by me. But due to u r above said criminal behaviour agent has want to finished our life,In case I had lost my life in any mishappning then Hdfc bank agent Azer is fully liable for my death.
I hereby humbly prayed to authorise concerned Kindly take a legal action MrAzer
This writting is remained in record and save the same for future further legal proceedings. Thanks
S Kumar

hdfc bank Employee About unsubscribe pension scheme

I want to unsubscribe pension scheme of 96 rs.
From last 1 month i’m requsting to employees of hdfc bank to stop this scheme from my account ….
But they were saying from last 1 month that we are not having form of unsubscription ………..and they gave me contact no. For remind it but they are not attending the call..
All employess of hdfc bank branch dhuri are unwilling to help customers …..i think government banks are better.

hdfc bank Employee Language


I just to spoke to Mr Bhagirathi on 022-61606161 toll free number of Hdfc bank, just needs one information about Priority Pass Membership, which was given properly after that he started promoting cashless medical card which I was not ready to accept at this point of time and regularly he was saying to take that or else u have money problem, now tell me who is he to decide I have money problem or not and he repeated that few times for which I disconnected the call
Please look into the matter for acknowledgement

Prakash Aidasani

hdfc bank Employee 2000 rs note damage but bank staff not accepted

My account number is 50100028843602.i m deposit 24000 rs in 25.06.2018. I have 12 notes 2000 rs .but one note 2000 is small damage (2 piece ).rbi rules realted banks all damage note accepted but bank employee says my bank not accepted 2000 rs note beacause rbi rules mentioned it. And bank notice board mentioned it( all notes accepted.) Personal bank authoriser jatinder kumar miss behavieour with me.
Plz i request u this is not for bank rule . I complaint rbi online complaint registered for hdfc bank
Chunni kalan (district -fatehgarh sahib ,tehsill-bassi pathana). So plz take action beacause is not well behave and broke rbi rule .documents proof photo mentioned.
Acno-50100028843565 Hdfc bank Ifsc code- hdfc0002767