hdfc bank Employee Language


I just to spoke to Mr Bhagirathi on 022-61606161 toll free number of Hdfc bank, just needs one information about Priority Pass Membership, which was given properly after that he started promoting cashless medical card which I was not ready to accept at this point of time and regularly he was saying to take that or else u have money problem, now tell me who is he to decide I have money problem or not and he repeated that few times for which I disconnected the call
Please look into the matter for acknowledgement

Prakash Aidasani

hdfc bank Employee 2000 rs note damage but bank staff not accepted

My account number is 50100028843602.i m deposit 24000 rs in 25.06.2018. I have 12 notes 2000 rs .but one note 2000 is small damage (2 piece ).rbi rules realted banks all damage note accepted but bank employee says my bank not accepted 2000 rs note beacause rbi rules mentioned it. And bank notice board mentioned it( all notes accepted.) Personal bank authoriser jatinder kumar miss behavieour with me.
Plz i request u this is not for bank rule . I complaint rbi online complaint registered for hdfc bank
Chunni kalan (district -fatehgarh sahib ,tehsill-bassi pathana). So plz take action beacause is not well behave and broke rbi rule .documents proof photo mentioned.
Acno-50100028843565 Hdfc bank Ifsc code- hdfc0002767