HDFC Credit Card Incorrect bill statement/

Dear Sir,

I am hdfc card holder. My card expired on Nov2018 & I have cleared all my purchase bill. Whereas, in the last statement you have charged me card renewal membership fee & I haven’t received the card yet. Then, how could I pay the charges against the same which is not delivered to me.
So requesting to clear my outstanding & discontinued the service. I don’t want continue it for long term. I have raised the complaint against the same but no one bother to resolve it.

Br/Rahul TADSE
Email id: [email protected]

HDFC Credit Card unnecessary charges

i have paid my hdfc credit Card bill of 64256 on 1st jan 2018 which is returned by kotak bank stating account does not exist and for the same i dint get any information by hdfc to pay bill. later i saw my kotak balance and come to know about this and again by 7 th jan 2018 i paid and same thing happened and meanwhile due date was 4th and hdfc charged me 2649 . for the same i have request to hdfc by consodering my previous transaction and relationship with hdfc to wave same but i dint get positive response . kindly help me in this case by keeping my track record in mind.

HDFC Credit Card Please send me a Copy of the "NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE"

Hello Sir

Please send me a Copy of the "NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE" for the Settlement that was done on my HDFC Bank Credit Card# (3608 8620 34 5226)
I would also request you to please clear my Name from CIBIL as the settlement was Successfully Closed in a Triple (Three) Payment .My Details are mentioned below
Name: P.M.Velmurugan
Credit Card Number: (3608 8620 34 5226)

(Contact any day any time)

HDFC Credit Card oustanding disputed


This is regarding my HDFC bank credit card.

On 8th Nov 2017, post confirming with my relationship manager on my total outstanding, I made a payment of 59,300 – as total outstanding. One week post making the payment I got a message on an outstanding of Rs. 700 – which when checking with my relationship executive – I was told she will get a call back arranged. No call back – in 2 days, I called her back again, someone else picked up and mentioned that she will give me a call in 24 hours. I do not get any call, and I too missed calling her – the issue was out of my mind as to me I had cleared all my dues as confirmed.
About 15 days later, I get a call stating I have an outstanding of Rs. 9000/- . I called by relationship executive again and she mentioned that they could not reach me – which cannot be true as I have 2 mobile numbers and a landline number updated with the bank.
She said she will check and get back, she called me later during the day to say that I will get a call back from the credit card department and that in the meantime I should pay Rs. 9000/- and it can get adjusted. I refused to do so, as I wanted to close my card and per me I had already paid my full dues.
This conversation has been on since Nov 2017 and over a year there is no resolution.
Multiple email, calls and I am told my card is suspended but I keep getting calls on outstanding.
I need a resolution on this please!



i have complaint about my monthly bill statement of credit card. there is some issue in my bill amount of 4143 all time added in bill. i comlaint 4 to 5 times on call but there is no solutions. reqest u to raise the limit from my bill statement. my credit card number is 5459********6257. i have attach the screenshot of my bill in this mail.

HDFC Credit Card HDFC Credit Card — Cancellation of one assist membership

I am an HDFC bank credit card holder. The bank has auto debited Rs. 1399/- from my credit card number ending with 9396 without any intimation and without my concern on date:19/10/2018. I am not at all interested about this service and don’t want this membership anymore. So, Please cancel the membership and refund this debited amount of Rs.1399/- As Soon As Earliest to my account.
My Name: Y Manindra Babu

Credit Card Ending Number: 9396

HDFC Credit Card ONE Assist

I’m Using HDFC Credit card. I have seen my HDFC credit card bill the month of Oct-2018, in that bill an amount of 1399/- was debited without my permission on 9 Oct 2018.
Kindly cancel this plan and request you to refund the amount of Rs 1399/-. Please deactivate ONE ASSIST membership & refund me all the deducted amount. This is unacceptable that you deduct the amount on the name of one assist MFEE without customer’s info. If it happens again I will cancel my credit card.
Credit Card Number Ending:- 9279

Kindly, refund my amount.

Thanks and Regards
Ajay Upadhyay