HDFC Credit Card Staffs are asking the card nos,OTP and valid upto

Dear Sir,

When i wanted to resolve some problem regarding my credit card one lady staff asked about my card no and otp and valid up to. I have called to the no-18002664332 at 14.49hrs. from my no 9437069143. When i suspect any i immediately disconnected my call. But the staff again called me two times continuously from your no-+91 3366193800. and forwarding a message from bw-hdfcbk that your recent contact with PhoneBanking appears to have not been completed. Pls do call us back or ignore SMS if your query is resolved. Please help.
Chinmay Kumar Rajguru

HDFC Credit Card Statement disputed

I was having CC ################ for pretty long period of time where made the payment on or before due date expired in the month of Feb 2018. In the month of Jan 2018 I made the payment as per raised bill through statement. No statement was sent in the month of Feb.,2018 and CC got deactivated. A bill was raised in the month of March, 2018 with penalty and surcharge. I raised dispute on two counts: 1. How can I make payment when the CC is not active and requested to guide on payment of actual bill without penalty and surcharge. 2. I raised dispute of one transaction at appropriate forum. They neither guided me nor resolved the disputes.
Today I have received one statement on my mail quoted CC last four number as 7041 with more bigger amount to pay immediately. I contacted redressal authority MR. Ramaswamy but he could not solve the problem and asked more time.
As informed earlier I am ready to pay the actual bill if it is due without penalty and surcharge. Request to resolve the issue.

HDFC Credit Card Not yet received my email speed post it's travelling from nsh Hyderabad and Kukatpally s.o again it is travelling to nsh Hyderabad

Date Time Office Event
24/05/2018 09:38:47 NSH HYDERABAD Item Received
22/05/2018 09:39:56 Kukatpally S.O Item Received
22/05/2018 09:39:56 Kukatpally S.O Bag Opened
22/05/2018 09:37:33 Kukatpally S.O Bag Received
21/05/2018 16:24:04 NSH HYDERABAD Item Bagged for Kukatpally S.O 21/05/2018 08:52:08 NSH HYDERABAD Item Received
21/05/2018 08:52:08 NSH HYDERABAD Bag Opened
21/05/2018 08:51:40 NSH HYDERABAD Bag Received
20/05/2018 02:39:22 BNPL SP Hub ANNAROAD CHENNAI Bag Despatched to NSH HYDERABAD 20/05/2018 01:33:54 BNPL SP Hub ANNAROAD CHENNAI Item Bagged for NSH HYDERABAD 19/05/2018 20:32:29 BNPL SP Hub ANNAROAD CHENNAI

Hello my tracking id is. EB691627893IN they sent me the post through ems speed post on 19th may…it is received to nsh Hyderabad on. 21st..they sent to Kukatpally s.o
…and again they sent from Kukatpally s.o to nsh Hyderabad….this is not fair….this is the worst postal department I have ever seen….in Kukatpally s.o no one is responding regarding I’m going daily…..EMS speed post means generally it will take 3 days….now it is 6days….I have not received and the post was traveling from nsh Hyderabad to Kukatpally s.o and Kukatpally s.o to nsh Hyderabad……this is the worst service I have ever seen…I want my post within 2days….it’s very urgency….better postal department workers resign their jobs and better join in buffalo diaries in villages…better keep some educated people in postal department…I want my post within 2days..from today they are saying some ### strike….first you work properly and then make strikes

HDFC Credit Card One assist plan activated without information

Deduction money with out my knowledge.

I’m Using HDFC Credit card. Without any intimation you have deducted the amount of 1399 from my credit card & made in EMI with another Rs. 100 EMI conversion fee deduction.
Kindly cancel this plan & refund the deduction amount and request you to don’t activate any plan or service without customer information .This is unacceptable that you activate any service without information of customer. Please deactivate and don’t deduct amount.
Deducted date : 9th May 2018
Name : Dinesh Kr Dalal
Mob : 8860230120

HDFC Credit Card Due after making F & F payment

Dear HDFC Team,

This is to update you that we have made the payment of 16110/- of our card no- 524181XXXXXX8592 as per your respective executive communication now it has come to know that she has done the wrong communication that this is full & final amount and do not pay more.
Now after 6 month she has calling again that your outstanding amount is rs. 5900/- , I have giving call to CC for more information they had reply that we dont have any update regarding your card you need to pay as per executive communication.
Kindly clear my all dues and share me no outstanding latter for my card.

Note- Attached screen shot for your reference.


Sagar Singh