HDFC LIFE Fraud by HDFC Life:

I have applied for term life insurance (HDFC Life Click 2 Protect 3D Plus) application number:1410100130608 ,Cancer Care Application Number: 2411010013625. They performed routine blood and urine tests and confirmed that they are good to proceed with policy creation, but when after one week nothing happen, I called them then they informed me that they raised additional medical tests which I need to bear at my cost, I denied them and asked them to cancel application and refund money. As I would be going to pay them over 50,000 per year for next 40 year without any instant return so they need to bear that 2000 Rs..

Now these cheater who asked me at the time of selling policy that we will not deduct anything if with any reason within 30 days you cancel your application or policy. Here in this case policy is not created but still these crooks deducting routine test amounts.

HDFC LIFE No refund for duplicate payment

Duplicate payment was done for policy, when contacted it was informed to submit NEFT, Name declaration with blank cheuqe and refund will be done.
Contacted and emailed multiple times, still no resolution, again and again they ask for documents and when I give the interaction ID HDFCSL=004-238-831, They tell that now they see all details and they will talk to concerned department, after a week same process starts again, I have contacted atleast 20 times through email and phone , please refund.


I have received a call from Tanvi Sharma (9958393517) stating that i had a policy purchased on 23rd March 2010 and paid premium of Rs 50,000/- for first year. But i have not paid premium for next six years and fund value has become 1 lac plus amount and my policy is under cancellation and if i pay one lac more it will be restored and i will get 2 lac rupees after 90 days and she gave no of RM Sanjay Singhania (9319151946) who told me that i can’t get the policy detail as it has been deleted from the HDFC life site. As i googled this name appeared in the fraud done earlier also, My request is before someone else is cheated please put a trap and arrest these guys who lure people of money and try to cheat them. They are just not 2 but a big gang.


One of the agent Nadim, said so many lies and he took policy from my side, he told me to pay the amount on tht day itself, I asked him so many times about the procedure of submitting the claims, he said just any type of checkups or any hospital , any treatment if we take we can claim the money, he just said if we submit the reciept we will be getting the claim, but all lies he said and he cheated me, Then i filed a complain against him, then he said he will refund my money, then he changed his number , i found his new number then he blocked all my numbers ,,, There was no refund…

I raised the complaint to CEO also but no use,,,

All the people are corrupted in HDFC life , they are making money by just reaching the targets…..

HDFC LIFE less amount received on maturity


Policy-15196257 (sampurn samradhi) is matured on 28th of May’17, payment of 1,45,000 has been credited to bank account. i have paid total of 1,48,000(every year 30 thousand) . on the time of taking policy, i was told at HDFC Life branch in jodhpur that you will be get around 2.5 Lac on maturity. now i have received amount less than i have paid.i have called on 18602679999 also, its very unfortunate. i have been cheated fully. i have not received any benefit from this policy. Please do the need full.

Chandra kalla


I, Animesh Biswas ,would like to inform you that I have a HDFC LIFE policy (Policy no. 1407312) with your bank with a yearly premium of Rs. 20000/- with due date on 11th of December of every year. So the policy premium was due on 11th December,2016.
I have tried a lot to pay the above said premium from 08th December’2016 to 12th December’2016 through HDFC credit card, but every time it was showing that the transaction was not successful and for that I have received the mail from HDFC LIFE .
Finally I was able to pay the above said amount on 12th December’2016 which was a successful transaction and for that I have already received the Renewal premium receipt(Receipt no. E0196030, dated 12.12.2016) via email which is enclosed herewith with this letter.
But after receiving my HDFC credit card bill, It was showing that there was a two(2) successful transaction from my credit card for the HDFC LIFE for a total amount of RS. 20000/-+20000/- which are already confirmed by HDFC bank (credit card department) via email dated 17.02.2017 The copy of email(reference no. 17016412133) is also enclosed herewith.
After noticing the same, I had communicated with you via mail for my excess payment and you had agreed accordingly to return back the excess amount of Rs.20000/- via mail(Letter reference no. HDFC-003-077-907) is also enclosed herewith.
Finally I have received the excess premium amount of Rs. 20000/- in my sourced account which is already confirmed by HDFC bank( Letter no. HBL=042-580-197 enclosed herewith). Up to this the situation was OK.
But onn 17th July,2017, I have received one mail from HDFC Life mentioning that "Your policy is paid-up due to non-payment of your policy premium from 11-12-2016".
I can not understand the reason of non-payment as I have already paid the premium and you have already sent the premium receipt.
I have already communicated the fact via phone and email so many times but there is no valid reply/action from your side.
I would request you to kindly renew and adjust my policy with all facilities/return effective from December’2016 as I have already paid the premium on December’2016