This is regarding an HDFC LIFE policy I have (Policy No. 15967069). This policy was maturing on March 25, 2017. I submitted all the required documents from my end in January 2017.
In February I received an sms that the cancelled cheque I had shared was not clear as the word "cancelled" was causing overwriting on the bank account number (this was okayed in the physical submission and I even received a confirmation email from HDFC Life a few days later that all my documents are in order and that payout will come to me when due).
However, I still shared another cancelled cheque on March 19, 2017 for which again I received an email confirmation on March 21, 2017.
Last week, I started calling up the HDFC Life customer care number to enquire about my policy. I spoke to 3 different people, from which the first 2 did not bother to help and simply hung up along the course of the call.
The 3rd person I spoke to, said he will check and call back, which he did 2 days later, apologising and saying that payment will come soon.
My point is, firstly, why did this all happen when I started following up ? Is HDFC Life such a company that if the customer doesn’t follow up, they would not make the payment.
Secondly, when will I receive my money ? They refuse to give any timeline of any sort.
Utterly frustrated and the last time I will ever buy an HDFC Life product.

HDFC LIFE Complaint – HDFC Life & PolicyBazaar – Declined


I am writing this on behalf of the request of my HDFC Term Life insurance plan Application No.: 1411000145362. PolicyBazaar Reference Number â 65034804.
I applied for the HDFC Life (Application No.: 1411000145362) 1Cr. term insurance via PolicyBazaar on 29th March. There were thousands of emails back on forth for getting the right documents. The medical was scheduled in City Hospital Noida on 22nd of March 2018. It took one months for having all documents in place and approved. It happened just because the PolicyBazaar representatives were not organized and they were asking the same documents again and again and everyday new representative was dealing with me for the same requests. It was quite annoying.
Finally, the application was declined by mentioning that I am having Diabetes mellitus. I was surprised and wrote an email back on 8th May with my local Lab test result. It was done here (14th March) in Dubai just before my sinus surgery. Based on that report, I was not diabetic. No action was taken and HDFC Life refunded my money back.
I clearly mentioned that I donât trust the test report prepared by the Hospital in Noida. The medical centre was not up to the standard. All the medical test equipment were from 80s and not in a good condition (Rusted height and weight measurement tools). I was scared putting the ECG valves (rusted) on me during the test. The clinic was not having cleanliness.
Just to cross confirm, I did my GLYCOCYLATED HAEMOGLOBIN test here in Dubai AlZahra Hospital on 20th May, 2018. (Report Attached) This report gives the full history of my 3 months Sugar level and I was not at all diabetic in last three months.
This concludes that HDFC Life and PolicyBazaar unnecessarily wasted my time and efforts in arranging all the documents and also my travel to India for medical etc. Very worst experience (Mentally and Physically) by dealing with both the parties.
Best Regards,