I, Animesh Biswas ,would like to inform you that I have a HDFC LIFE policy (Policy no. 1407312) with your bank with a yearly premium of Rs. 20000/- with due date on 11th of December of every year. So the policy premium was due on 11th December,2016.
I have tried a lot to pay the above said premium from 08th December’2016 to 12th December’2016 through HDFC credit card, but every time it was showing that the transaction was not successful and for that I have received the mail from HDFC LIFE .
Finally I was able to pay the above said amount on 12th December’2016 which was a successful transaction and for that I have already received the Renewal premium receipt(Receipt no. E0196030, dated 12.12.2016) via email which is enclosed herewith with this letter.
But after receiving my HDFC credit card bill, It was showing that there was a two(2) successful transaction from my credit card for the HDFC LIFE for a total amount of RS. 20000/-+20000/- which are already confirmed by HDFC bank (credit card department) via email dated 17.02.2017 The copy of email(reference no. 17016412133) is also enclosed herewith.
After noticing the same, I had communicated with you via mail for my excess payment and you had agreed accordingly to return back the excess amount of Rs.20000/- via mail(Letter reference no. HDFC-003-077-907) is also enclosed herewith.
Finally I have received the excess premium amount of Rs. 20000/- in my sourced account which is already confirmed by HDFC bank( Letter no. HBL=042-580-197 enclosed herewith). Up to this the situation was OK.
But onn 17th July,2017, I have received one mail from HDFC Life mentioning that "Your policy is paid-up due to non-payment of your policy premium from 11-12-2016".
I can not understand the reason of non-payment as I have already paid the premium and you have already sent the premium receipt.
I have already communicated the fact via phone and email so many times but there is no valid reply/action from your side.
I would request you to kindly renew and adjust my policy with all facilities/return effective from December’2016 as I have already paid the premium on December’2016

HDFC LIFE Neither policy issued nor money refunded by hdfc life

Ref -Application No.1337741301240
I have submitted a cheque for Rs.16808/-towards the premium of HDFC Term insurance. The Medi Assist, th out sourced agency asked me to attend a medical test on 1.7.2017. I visited your local partner m/s Sairam lab in Palakkad, they took my blood samples and then advised me to go to welcare hospital for Treadmill Test on some other day. the treadmill was not functioning on 1.7.17,hence I attended the treadmill test on 7.7.17. They failed to take my treadmill test on time for the second time I.e on 7.7.17. Remember I went to the medical test after several messages and calls from Medi assist.
Now I have decided, won’t go for any more medical test of HDFC life. Because they failed to conduct the prescribed test in time. Hence my application referred above is withdrawn and the premium amount be refunded without any deduction forthwith. Otherwise I will I approach the IRDA with necessary documentary evidence for the refund of the entire amount with delayed interest at applicable rate. But inspire of 3 reminders addressed to [email protected] & redressal officer [email protected], they failed till date to refund the amount. Now I have decided to approach ministry of consumer affairs, govt. Of india

[email protected]

HDFC LIFE False Policy Selling


My name is Indrajeet Sindhi (9990813288). I have received call from someone (9582860475) saying that I am entitled for some bonus on my LIC policy of 123203/-. If I want to in cash that amount then I need to buy some HDFC policy as this is bonus amount from LIC investing my money in HDFC life. I can cancel the policy which I am going to buy now, once the bonus is credited to my account. They have all my bank details, PAN no. Aadhar no.

Indrajeet Sindhi


Consolation of my pan and agency code
Dear sir,
I am parminderjit singh I have agency code at HDFC LIFE and now I got job and I am not supposed to business so please Kindly remove my PAN number and Agency code from your portal. My code HDF00750065 of HDFC Life Insurance company. I am not going to continue agency with any Life Insurance company. My PAN number is CTRPS1109L. my email id is [email protected] My mobile no is 9915515509. Kindly remove my pan and agency code please do the needful as early as possible.
Thanking you.

HDFC LIFE Policy number 16321380

Reference my Policy no.16421380 bearing final premium due date 13-11-2017.
2. On 11.10.2017, I went to the Branch office in East Delhi to deposit my cheque towards the final premium of my policy. Since they were in the process of availing their lunch-break, they advised me to use ‘drop box’ as the cheque was post-dated.
3. Prompt as they were, I received their ack. on 14.10.2017 for final payment and fully paid premium, vide their letter of 13.10.2017.
4. While updating the passbook, I found no debit-entry about my cheque. Instead, I was amused to observe that the cheque presented by the HDFC life to the bank was already returned back to them. And yet the HDFC life authorities choose not to inform me till I visited their office on 03.11.2017 to ascertain the reasons.
5. It’s three weeks since I deposited the cheque, they have obliged me with a formal letter delivered to me on 07.11.2017 citing the reasons. For business, they shall ring me up ten times. Ridiculous and shameful.
6. The bank has debited an amount of Rs.354/ from my saving In this connection, I visited the office on 3.11.2017 and 6.11.2017 to apprise the Branch Manager about the facts stated above. He has accepted the lapse and assured me to look into the matter personally.
7. Hoax calls on behalf of HDFC life to misguide the public are condemnable but the attitude of functioning and that too from an agency of repute to ill-inform their customers is least expected. On the one hand HDFC life propagates alarm against lip service through SMS and phone calls, and yet on the other hand uncaring attitude towards their customers.
8. Grateful, if the amount of Rs.354/-deducted by the bank from my saving account, is credited back for no fault of mine.

HDFC LIFE Forceful issuance of policy through maturity proceeds

I had opened policy no. 14777132 in 2011 , the premium of which was Rs. 50000/- p.a. for 5 years. But, my husband faced a financial crisis and I could not pay rest of 4 premiums. On maturity in Dec. 2016 , we visited branch , where the concerned officer took our signatures on blanked documents & said that he will open a new policy of Rs. 25000/- from the maturity proceeds. But , I refused telling him the problem of financial crisis.
We then returned home. After some days I received a policy no. 90406314 having annual premium of Rs. 3008/- for 5 years. I telephoned the concerned officer as to why the policy was issued even-after telling the financial problem ? But , he said that I may not pay rest of the premiums due to problem.
But , on 26/12/2017 , I received message on my mobile from HDFC Life to keep adequate balance in my saving account for auto-debit of the premium. This means that the concerned officer had taken sign on blank auto-debit authority document at the time of maturity proceeds of policy no. 14777132 in Dec. 2016. So, I made email application on [email protected] on 27/12/2018 & on [email protected] on 28/12/2017 to close the policy .
But , hdfclife took no cognizance and auto-debited my SB A/c by Rs. 3459/- on today 29/12/2017.
Hence , my policy no. 90406314 be closed immediately and toatal amt. 3008+3459+91=6558 be instantly paid by HDFC Life .together with interest

Encl. – 5 pdf files

HDFC LIFE cancellation and refund of fraud and fake agent marketing policy

Dear Guys,

I am writing this important post on the eve of 69th Republic day, we also want the independence from these "fake marketing calls insurance offers" and union against such fraud and fake policy companies.
Firstly I got the call on 9th June 2017 from the name of person Amit Srivastava (contact no – 9582141765 && 9716085517), They told me that calling from HDFC promotional channel and there is one beneficial direct policy "HDFC Life Super income Plan with Addition benefits" mention below:- 1) 10 % of the first premium paid will be return in next month.
2) for the following years , you will get the 5% cashback of the annual premium paid. 3) you will get medical cover of 3 person including you and two family members.
When I heard the term from ‘HDFC LIFE’ , so trusted on that guy and taken the spoken plan as per the age etc.. the Premium amount was 50,000 annual.

After execution of the above policy, they people were keep in touch with me , so whenever i asked for the return benefits and medical , they told me that all you will get soon.
these start happening and suddenly , i got a call from Preeti (calling from HDFC Life), you have taken policy from HDFC Life, so on behalf of that there is some offer on Agency Code.They explained the agency code benefits like this.. 1) Fixed 3-4% commission on 4 lacs profit(18000/-).
2) Want to invest 60000/- in to completion of 1 lacs slab and all the 60000/- amount will refund after 3 year expiring of Agency code with banking rate of interest. 3) All the amount will tax free.
4) calculation of month cycle will be from 20th Aug to 20th Sept etc.
5) On each month , after 20th , you will get your commission money in your account.
they people told me this agency code only provide those special people whose name is recommended by your file manager
(Mayank Sharma , contact No – 8743857666, 7838761355) and HDFC Life is only provide this type of benefit to special policy holder.
They suggest to invest & complete 1lacs/1.5 lacs slab into company with reference id(HDFC-10493560LIC).
But due to the fund issue , they convinced me to invest the 30,000 and rest , you need to pay after the one month when you get your commission amount.
So this way i invested Rs. 30,000 .
The investment was done in the form of policy of another company(Future Generali ), as they told me that , we do investments only in the form of policies and told that we are processing your file very soon to get the amount return back.
So i got the execution of policy on 2 September 2017 from Future Generali Life Insurance .
Now they people start looting me as they are processing my file (term used by the amit srivatava and mayank sharma) and proving money refund.
But suddenly on 20 september 2017, i got a call from Siddhartha (8742990766) from hdfc main financial process department that there is some tendency in your file as per the financial year. he verified all my policy details and told that you have some pending amount as per the Agency Code (you have paid half amount ). so you need to pay that right now , else your file will not be processed and your money will get stuck, also due to audit in the company , you need to pay some extra charges like TPW and BTR etc.
So Now, you need to pay 60,000 within 3 days, else your charges will increase. Also whatever amount will be invested in this, will be returned next month and policy gets cancelled. So this way i invested in the Policy again(Future Generali Life Insurance).
Now whenever i asked for the status of Refund and cancellation of the policy ,they told that we are processing and soon getting a call from another number that this is the total amount that you will get soon.
After one month , I got an call again from the Siddhartha (8742990766) that your file is pending in process due to some problems in the file and soon will inform to your file manager. within 2 hrs , i got a call from Amit Srivastava that we will discuss the issue in the monday with the account manager, and on monday got a call that you will have pay some more money but this will be last time, i assured you.
With same type of answers that there is some issue in the TPW etc, so finally you will have to do investment of Rs 60,000. on the behalf dor FDRA and Sebi account, you will have to do payment.
This policy will be cancelled within one month and you will get your money back.You also will get the previous amount too.
This policy was done on o2 Nov, 2017 with amount Rs 60,000 with Reliance nippon life Insurance.
Till then i was continuously calling and asking for the refund and cancellation of amount paid to the Agent/Broker, but they are just processing file but not completed processing.
Recently , they were asking again for the same kind of policy so just confirmed from the friend then he told me that you have been victim, they are looting you and cheating with you.
So i raised complaint in the Hdfc Life, but still not get any resolution.
So this is my humble request please cancel my
HDFC Life policy and i want full refund for HDFC Life policy
because this is totally un-faith relationship after showing many fruit-fulls and
i am also not able to give this huge amount(50k+30k+60k+60k= 2lacs/-).Now i am mentally disturb and not able to believe any marketing insurance services.
Please take a legal and appropriate action against those guys because those are wash out company name & fame.
So guys, Always take policy directly from bank or face to face rather than trust on fake marketing calls.
Policy No. 19502154
Name – Harpal Singh
email – [email protected]
Mobile – 7053442460
Complain Subject – RE:’HDFCSL=003-457-720′ Policy No. 19502154