Hilaptop aftersales service suck for hilaptop.com

I bought lenovo x1 carbon from hilaptop.com after seeing the ad in google on last month . I called to to enquire about the product and they , his name is raju, received the call and promised to send the best refurbished x1 carbon . he gave me discount of 500 if i would purchase the product on same day. First i became little suspicious but since i need the laptop urgently so i bought the product on same day. but after that they true face came. i did not get any tracking id details till 4 days and i called them to know about tracking id. this time they told that some festival is going on so pickup person of courier are not comming. next day they provided tracking id. can you believe first they told that product will be coming in 4/5 days but in actual they send the product in 5 days.

after this i got the product in my address in my home. i got really excited that after so much of delay finally i got my product. but once i opened the packet all my excitement gone into air as the product was really really really in worst condition. it was looking like 10 to 15 years old product with so much scratches on screen. i turned the product it became on after after just running for 15 minutes , it got switched off despite the batter was showing 65% .
I called hilaptop and they assured me that it must be due to courier transit. and they asked me to send photograph of product through whatsapp. i send them the product images in whatsapp and i called them back . this time no one received the call. i called their toll free number but it says invalid number.

Now i’m just following up on my replacement after this month . many times they don’t recieve my call and after some time they blocked my number as well. i’m running after consumer forum to get my hard earned money back.

beaware guys, never ever order anything from hilaptop.com they are number 1 cheaters.

Hilaptop Faulty iphone delivered

Order # 5539. I had ordered an iphone 6s plus
32 gb for Rs 29500 on Hilaptop.com on 09Nov
2018. I paid Rs 1000 online through a link send
to me by Mr Babu of Hilaptop as advance.
Thereafter I received a call from Mr Babu asking
me to go for 64gb version of the iphone and it
will cost me Rs 32500. After some hesitation I
gave nod however I was not very keen on
buying that model. On 13 Nov 2018 I received
iphone 6s plus 64gb,white colour, through
FedEx courier and paid balance Rs31500 as
cash on delivery. On 13 Nov 2018 itself I found
out after using the iphone for 2-3 hours that it’s
battery is draining out very fast and informed the
same to hilaptop on 13 Nov 2018. But my
iPhone was not picked up by them for 7 days
despite me calling them every day and they
responded very unprofessionally and were not
bothered to attend my calls. With lot of
difficulties I managed to send my iPhone back to
hilaptop on 21Nov2018 by going to FedEx
courier myself and attaching the acknowledgement slip with the shipment forwarded to me by hilaptop. On 29 Nov2018 again after a delay of 7days they sent me
iphone 6plus 128gb, gold colour. I had
requested them to refund my money but they
refused and told me that they can replace only
and not refund. I received iphone 6plus on 01
Dec 2018 and started using it but on 02 Dec
2018 it lost the network on its own and I
informed the same to hilaptop on 02 Dec 2018.
On 04 Dec 2018 I again returned the iphone to
hilaptop. On 08 Dec 2018 they again sent this
same iphone 6s plus 128gb to me through
FedEx stating that they had rectified the problem.On 10 Dec2018 I tried to check the status of my iPhone through FedEx online tracking and on speaking to customer care of FedEx found out that hilaptop has not despatched the iPhone as yet. Thereafter I informed the same to hilaptop on their mobile number 9841410000. On 10Dec2018 itself when I totally lost faith in the services of hilaptop then I lodged a online complaint with NCH i.e National Consumer Helpline through UMANG APP, complaint Number is 1047572.On15Dec2018 I received my iPhone in Jodhpur since I had shifted from Jhansi. On using it for 2-3 hours on 15 Dec 2018 it again lost network and I informed the same to hilaptop and they asked me to send it back. On 17 Dec 2018 I sent this iphone back to hilaptop. But despite lapse of 11 days they, hilaptop, have yet not sent me any replacement or refunded my money. In between 17 Dec to 27 Dec 2018 I had spoken also to hilaptop but they are asking me to first take the compl!
aint back then only they will send me replacement however will not refund my money. Regards
Jitender Singh