Dear Ashu,

We are really sorry for the experience you had. We have notified your concerns to our field service team and they shall contact you very soon. Furthermore, please note as lockdown still continues, our field service operations are working with limited staff. Because of the government regulatory guidelines on the COVID-19 outbreak, there could be considerable delay in attending the complaint. Your understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated.

Team Hitachi


COMPLAINT NO. 20041400048 DT: 14.04.2020 raised for No Cooling of Air conditioner but no reply till 16th May, 2020.

On 16th May Engineer Visited our premises and informed that Cooling Coil need to be replaced, They confirm as soon as part is available they will Replace it. but the Complaint cancelled by them their self Without our consent.

We checked for the complaint Status on 21st May then came to know that there is no pending complaint, and we Raised new complaint.

How Complaint Cancelled by Hitachi Company itself???? We have not given any consent to Cancel Complaint.

How Much time required for Replacing Cooling coil?????? Is some months or some years????

Please arrange to Replace Cooling Coil and GAS Refilling Urgently. Also want to know action taken against Person who Cancelled Complaint themselves.

Hitachi Broken indoor unit

I bought a Hitachi 1.5 Ton inverter AC 5 days back on 19th May , 2020 and next day Hitachi guy came and done the installation then all these problem started. within a day of using AC water dripping started and i stopped using AC and raised a complain for the same.This new complain was assign to a Hitachi guy named Rahul whose contact details were shared with me and a day After i checked with him on about his visit timing. he said " i won’t come this location doesn’t come under my route". I was left surprised that how an official Hitachi guy can response like this.
A day after this morning(24th may 2020 @ 11.20 AM) Hitachi service guy came(not the one to whom this complaint was assigned) and tried to look into the problem. First he didn’t bring all the tools i don’t know why when you going for a complain under breakdown category.Secondly he handled the AC so roughly that something inside the AC got broken down and as per him it was blower. This much amateur Hitachi so called professionals are and what he said next to me is that don’t say i had broken this ..say it was already broken and i will get the blower changed which i clearly denied saying why would i assembled/modified my a brand new AC. I said i want the Indoor unit to be replaced as it was broken by you and he said don’t take my name and i will check.Later after calling someone he said indoor unit cannot be replaced. I can get the blower changed and that too would take time. My concern why i would take a modified or assembled product when i had already paid for the new one.

This is my first of Hitachi and i’m sure would be the last one. Such unprofessional can not be expected from a Fortune-500 brand.

Attaching the bill for the same.

Hitachi No Service under Warranty for faulty Refrigerator! Case opened since 25th July with no Response & Resolution

Dear Kartik,

We understand that our team got in touch with you and shared all the requisite information. Feel free to get in touch with us in case any assistance is required.

Team Hitachi

Hitachi Very Poor Product

I bought two AC’s 1.2 ton and 1.5 ton.Just after two months cooling was very bad.
Now just after the warranty period is gone,the ac’s mother board is gone. If i have to change the mother board ,it will have just one month warranty it seems.
This shows how poor the product of Hitachi is. You make a product that works till warranty period and don’t care what happens afterwards My Request No is 19102700859.

I should have gone for other company’s like O general or LG.Made a big mistake by going to your product.