Hitachi Faulty product sold

Hitachi Window A/C 1.5 Ton KAZE.

I have been only informed for one more fault " cooling coil" along with leakage of Gas.

Just wanted to bring into your notice that this is 3rd or 4th time in this session (April – Sep) when I had faced similar issues that cooling not done.

1st time complaint in Aug 2018 just over the warranty period( Gas issue) 2nd complaint in Mar 2019 (Gas leakage)
3rd time complaint in Jun 19 for reason ( Compressor & Gas leakage) 4th time complaint in July ( Auto cut & cooling issue)
5th time complaint again for cooling issue.

Every time vendor came to us with different machinery fault & i was being charged for visiting, transportation & Gas refilling.

Would request to let me know 5 times issue/complaint in one session for similar reason is justified, it’s shows what quality of services you guys committed to customer & what quality machinery or product selling to customer wherein frequent issues are occurred.

This is totally reputational loss to company if customer is suffering with such issues in 6 months time frame.

My sincere request to review this issue properly & come back with proper resolution.

Assuming would takecare of customer feeling & inconvenience which happened in last 6 months.

Yogendra Awasthi

Hitachi Brand new AC not cooling since installation

We have bought a new brand Invetor AC from Hitachi and from the installation the same is not giving the cooling which atleast a AC is supposed to do.
Technicians who came to install were unexperienced they even didn’t knew the place of outdoor fittings. Somehow the outdoor got fixed However the AC is throwing the hot air. No element of cooling.

I’m depressed and raised the complaints but it seems they hardly bother about this. Never recommend anyone to go for Hitachi brand. Correctly said “No value for money and costumers”

Hitachi AC not Working

I have purchased a HITACHI 1.5 TON Inverter AC from MATRI ELECTRONICS (GSTIN/UIN: 19AEBPC4927P1Z6) dated 28 Apr’2019. from 2nd Aug’2019 AC is not starting through Remote Machine/Handset. I have logged a call (Call No – 19081101267 ) regarding this issue , and the call was allocated to JOYDIP MONDAL-8961194760 dated 12th Aug’19. from that date no one is called me, today when I called JOYDIP MONDAL (8961194760) he is saying he resigned from 1 month ago and received a SMS that the call was closed. I have called several times to HITACHI Customer Care (7971414848) but every one said that the complaint was escalated. i mailed to [email protected] on 15th Aug’2019 (Sub :CRITICIAL !!! AC Remote not Working : HITACHI 1.5T * INV SAC CSB518HBEAG/ESB518HBEAG) but not receive any reply till now.

Current Complaint Number :19082703246

Hitachi No Service under Warranty for faulty Refrigerator! Case opened since 25th July with no Response & Resolution


Reaching out to you in utter desperation to help resolve an issue that is pending from the 25th July, 2019. I had raised a request (CASE #19072500659) to fix a ‘no cooling in the refrigerator compartment’ on the 25th July and the issue is still not resolved. The technician who came to visit us said the defrost sensor was faulty, and needs to be replaced, which he did on the 11th August post multiple reminders and follow ups (17 days post the request was made).

Post replacing the part I told him to make sure the cooling was back to being efficient, and suggested we test it out before closing the case and giving him the code. He insisted that protocol demands the code be entered by him, so I gave him the code with the trust that he will be available in case the issue is still not resolved. Alas! The issue did not resolve even with the part replacement, and the cooling was still very low. I tried calling the engineer multiple times but to no avail, so called customer service and reopened the issue with another case (Case #19081200755). I also have escalated the issue on the Hitachi app a total of ~25 times and called customer service at least 8 times, but the issue is still pending and no technician has yet visited!

This is when the product is under warranty, and from a reputable brand. I am absolutely distressed and rather frustrated with the after sales service. If you track my case the same issue has been reported from last year, and I seem to be just getting run arounds and no real resolution.

I have tried using the level 1& level 2 ‘connect to management’ escalation matrix on the Hitachi app too, but that seems to be of no use too.

I’d like to know when can I expect my product to be repaired. If 23 days seems to be an acceptable time frame to no fix an issue, it reflects extremely poorly on your service standards.

Ideally I should be getting a replacement for the product, since complaints of the same issue have been raised multiple times. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE THE OWNERSHIP OF CALLING ME AND GIVING ME A CLEAR EXPLANATION AND ANSWER TO THE QUESTIONS, AND A HARD DATE BY WHEN CAN I EXPECT A RESOLUTION.

Thanks & Regards,
Kartik Lakshman

Hitachi Dont buy Hitachi

Dont buy Hitach AC… Worst Service … Took AC on last month mid … Told both internal coil and external coil leakeage… i accepted to pay for 8K for replacement … but still saying the spare parts in transit … escalated 2 levels … no response…

i dont know whether they have spare parts or not … Worst Company currently in india …

Service technicians dont know what to do … simply say we need to buy ( in my case i have AMC for 6K already (june month only paid) but asking 8K now for replacement of coil)

And dont buy any AMC from Hitachi … it is simply waste of money and nothing will cover in AMC. Things covered in AMC will not get repaired.. Hitachi very well know which spare parts will get repair and that will not covered in AMC.


I am a loyal Hitachi customer. My Hitachi 1T split AC stopped working. On 3rd June 2019 I registered my complain. Complain number 19060310749. Service engineer promptly visited and found out one ICB is not working. I had to pay an advanced payment for new spare. After that on 14th June service engineer turns up with a spare which was visibly an old repaired one. It as usually did not work. Then my waiting and agony continued. I had to bear the summer heat. Several phone calls to service centre and customer care did not work. Even escalating the issue to the highest level did not work. Finally it was repaired after 2 months on 1st August. This is how a company like Hitachi works. Interested In selling the product without any concern of service. Even I found the service engineers are frustrated for not getting timely of spares. DEFINITELY MY NEXT PURCHASE WILL NOT BE HITACHI.

Hitachi Hitachi-Window ac

This to inform you that i had Marked up my complain on 26th July 2019 to Service Hitachi Window Ac Which Was Not Getting On. A Technician had visited on 27thJuly and told me to change its Display ie. PSP. But from the time I Haven’t received any response from Hitachi Service centre to Replace out PSP part covered under Warranty.

It is now 1week has passed but there is now response from service centre and my complaint is still pending. I believe that Hitachi Has not only known for its product Quality But After Sales Service too.

I am expecting now a quick action in this regard will be highly appreciable.

Gaurav Bhardwaj