Hitachi AC Extremely Services & Products of HITACHI

I bought a New HITACHI Split Inverter 1.5 Ton AC (Model-RSNS417HCEA) a few days ago which could not run only 3 days and I requested for service, 4 times different-different technician visited and they could not fix the problems the first technician told there is a problem with PCB, after 4 days 2nd technician came and told display problem, again after 5 days 3rd technician came and told connection problems, again 4rth technician came and told controller problems and still I am waiting for fix the problem. All the technicians came were illiterate and doesn’t know anything about Hitachi AC they only making a guess that might be this problem…which is intolerable. All illiterate Technicians name are Faisal, Salman, Rajat Trivedi & Sumit From Hitachi Service Center. Hitachi service center is an extremely worst service center in India as per my experience.

My Call Number: 19050410021


Hitachi AC Hitachi AC(under warranty) not working from last 14days

I am really disappointed with Hitachi services. I have been trying to reach the customer care for more than 10 days and these are hardly educated to talk to customers.

First it is impossible to reach them, then somehow once you manage that, they tell you different stories everytime, so its a new kind of story, and I have been following up like anything for my case now and from their end there is no support. They keep on asking me to wait for like a week, 2 days more, 4 days more and then later tell me that there is an issue with the invoice itself, that too i am calling up everytime to know the status.

Shouldn’t they have informed me about what all docs would be require to process one request or I should be the one calling everytime and asking. Also, its been more than 1 week since I have submitted my docs .. and they said the problem would be resolved soon, and now again these guys are stuck. What do you expect from a customer now??? Complaint no :- 19042101315
contact no :- 8588834695

Hitachi AC Given product which is not functioning

I bought Hitachi AC from reliance digital, big bazar jabalpur on 10 march 2019. It is not working from the day of installation.
On checking by reliance technician, he found that there is no gas and installation was faulty.
And instead of replacing product they are insisting to fill the gas. The technician which can’t install it properly, there is no guarantee that they would do it properly. So please arrange to replace the product with new one.

Hitachi AC Break Down


My New Hiachi AC is not working since 12th-Oct-2018. Till now i didn’t get any resolution.
Everytime they are cancelling the ticket and saying in description "You are not reachable". I have all the recordings and ticket history with me.

Such a global leader in AC market, they are cheating the customer like this. I never expected this. I have called Customer care also several times and escalated this. Everytime they are saying, this time your problem will be resolved. They visited 6 times till now. Every time they are saying, our senior technician will visit and resolve this issue. Till now no resolution.

Please suggest a way forward. Please take this in high priority.