hitachi air conditioner Pathetic after sale service

Dear Sir/Madam,

Regret to inform you that we have purchased brand new AC from Hitachi 4 months before.Suddenly AC is not working and we have lodged customer complaint on 17th of March 2019 but still the problem is not resolved.

Breakdown req no-19031703333

product serial no" Indoor unit-GR2523000019631 SE180M02430 Outdoor Unit-GR 25335900019622 180M02169

hitachi air conditioner Hitachi AC gas leakage multiple times even after repairs

I had purchased Hitachi 1.5 Ton split AC. there were multiple issues within the warranty period of 1 year. Now that the warranty is over as purchased more than 3 years back, we lodged complaint of low cooling in Nov 2018. An engineer came after multiple follow up and identified the issue as gas leakage and repaired the same and filled gas for which we paid the charge as demanded. Again in Feb the same issue happened. This time the engineer came after 15 days and again said the gas has leaked and there is leakage in the pipes / coil. When we showed the old invoice of November the call center executive called to confirm that since there is 3 month warranty for gas refill, they would process an internal approval and resolve the leakage issue and refill the gas. It has been over a month after now, we have got multiple calls from service center that they are working on the same but there has been no resolution. Lodged complaint again to revive the issue but still no response. Isn!
‘t there an SLA for resolution? How long can a consumer wait for resolution for a repeated problem?

Hope someone is listening and will respond with some concrete action to resolve the issue.

Devesh Aggarwal

hitachi air conditioner Bed Service By Hitachi

It is very unfortunate that a believe from Hitachi coming down as the service provided by your engineer does not resolve the issue properly and the equipment they have changed in my warranty period was not working after 15 days.
I have complaint so many times but no solution till yet. Now my warranty period over and still facing same issue.

hitachi air conditioner Worst service

I made a complaint of Hitachi AC not working on 10th October 2018. I was told a part would be replaced and i would be charged for the same. Its been 14 days since then and noone has visited us to change the required part of the Air Conditioner. I have made complaints several times but nothing has happened. My service request no. Is 18101002465. This is serice at its worst. Thanks Abhishek Pansari

Hitachi/Air conditioner Unsatisfactory service

This is a complaint about the poor service provided by the servicing department of Hitachi Air conditioners. I have asked for servicing twice in past one year and have got poor service Firstly ,they don’t come on time.Secondly, the people who service your A.C are not trained. They spoiled both of my Air conditioners which were earlier in proper condition. After the servicing have been provided,A.Cs stop cooling. This is the last time I have bought Hitachi. I am never going to buy product from this company.

hitachi air conditioner No response

We have taken one year AMC (Annual Maintenance Contact) for our Hitachi Air Conditioner. There is some issue with the remote control of the air conditioner due to which we are unable to operate it. The replacement of the remote control is covered in the AMC. We made the complaint on customer care 3 weeks ago. They visited once, and when they found that the remote control needs to be replaced with a new once, they said they will come again and give the remote in a day or 2, since they didn’t have the new remote that day. But its been more than a week now, and we haven’t received the remote yet. Also, no response is there from the company. We made further complaints but they said they will remind the team again. No action​ is taken for our complaint. Worst experience ever.