Not received my Pan card for 7 months

I applied for a PAN card through in Dec 2016 with a ref number 2016121635091. I had filled the form correctly but still someone from the service provider made a typo error in the form they submitted to UTI. Even though it being their error I submitted all the documents required to get the error corrected and have my Pan card processed but till date (30th June 2017) it hasn’t been processed yet. There is no support from the service provider and no accountability. Firstly they charge a premium cost but their services are pathetic. I have made numerous attempts to get my Pan card by communicating with them through mails as their response on phone is robotic. I want to money back

I want to my money back. I already send my documents by courier and they also show reach in Chennai address but when i check on track my pan card there only shows waiting for physical documents and i try lots of time to contact customer support but the website is like fake never contact. I attached here my payment receipt and also attache my courier track results who shows my documents reached there. Reference no. PAN 2018040930822
Mobile number 8770760045
Please return my money and stop making fool to ppls.