hungama tv Requesting to change the timings of Shin Chan

Respcted Sir/Madam,

I am a fan of Shin Chan. My younger sister too watches with me. The problem is that she is not doing any work but only watching Shin Chan. Day by day she is becoming lazy. This changes her behavior and character too. This causes fight between me and her and my mom.

So kindly please change the timings of Shin Chan.

Thanking you.

hungama tv What Happened to pre-2010 Hungama TV

Whatever happened to the live-action shows and non-Japanese animations that used to air on Hungama TV?

Those shows may not have been as popular as Cartoon Network and Pogo, but they were still decent in their own right.

Disney probably now owns the rights to the UTV-dubbed versions of THOSE shows.

Why not bring them back to Hungama TV?


Jym And Jam
Hip Hip Hurray
Gol Gol Gullam
Wheel Squad

hungama tv Bad Shows

Stop showing shit shows like vir the robot boy inspector chingum selfie with bajrangi etc . They are not liked by anyone in my area . Bring anime. Hungama tv is becoming unpopular day by day . These shows are bringing down hangama tv . Bring anime as they are liked by every one . Just see people watch shin chan and doraemon than any other show . It is hard to bring anime in India due to India’s censor board but you can bring comedy anime which do not contain any inappropriate things . I know you all have worked alot on these shows but they are not like by anyone . As i have heard from people they really dont like these shows they turn off the tv or switch channels . I am sure you will get this feedback from every child or person . Please try to bring anime in India . They are getting popular in the whole world so they will be popular in India too.