RTA Uppal, Hyderabad Driving License not received yet

Sir, I applied for a duplicate driving license online for my two wheeler as the original license was worn out. The pink application number TS############L I personally visited the RTO at Uppal to surrender my original license and take photograph and signature on 30/06/2018. I was told that I will receive my DL by two weeks. I patiently waited for one month and wrote a grievance letter to RTO Uppal with grievance reference number 180726002 for which I did not get any response. The second month I again wrote a grievance letter with grievance reference number 180824008. The third month I called up the RTO to find my status, but they said that my photograph and signature had vanished from their systems and I need to again visit the RTO for photograph and signature. I visited the RTO again in the month of October and gave a fresh photograph and Signature. I was told that I will receive my DL within 15 days but the date has lapsed. I had to again send a grievance complaint to RT!
O office Uppal with grievance number 181026008, , but till date I haven’t received my DL. I therefore request you to kindly look into the above concern and do the needful.

MMTS Trains, Hyderabad Lingampally STN and ticketing system

I observed many flaws in mmts operations. One is your ticketing system at Lingampally and hi tech STN. You guys never have customer face to face meetings and feedback regularly.
If a person wanted to have a day pass there is no such facility. At platform 6 the counters of ticketing system don’t display that they have pass renewal issue. The kiosk guy won’t be available anytime to minimise standing on the que.
When I try to pay money in a respective manner while buying the clerk who gives back he or she throws the ticket on us.
At hi-tech city STN one has to go all the way to PF 1 to buy ticket towards Lingampally. This causes big pain for elders as well as employees and they definitely miss the train. Why the facility has not been extended.
The frequency doesn’t give confidence for us and it she be in 15 minutes in peak hours. Or introduce shuttle bet Lingampally to begumpet to avoid crowd.
Why don’t you introduce the light body trains like in USA or Canada. Why you have so heavy bodies of bogies for mmts. Why don’t you improve your self with technology.

cloudtail india pvt ltd, Hyderabad Claim for warranty – SoundBot SB565-BLK/BLK Stereo Bluetooth 4.0

I have purchased an item

Order Number: 405-3797842-3640348
Order Date: 14.12.2017

Invoice Number: HYD8-5492771
Invoice Details: TG-HYD8-1004-1718
Invoice Date: 14.12.2017

Item Desc
SoundBot SB565-BLK/BLK Stereo Bluetooth 4.0
Wireless Headset (Black) | B01CIZC8KY (

Which is not working now. Not powering on. You are requested to replace / repairs the same as it is under 1 year warranty.
Mobile no : 99099 85795 / 9998031795
Email : [email protected]

Reply immediately

Karvy computershare Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad Non Receipt of Buy Back amount of IDFC Long term infrastructue Bonds (2011-12) Trenche-2

Krvy Computer Share Pvt. Ltd

I have sent my IDFC Bond certificate duly stamped and signed along with my Bank details for Refund under the Buy back Scheme on 02.02.2017. As upto 19th April, 2017 I have not received the refund amount in my bank account. The details of my Bond certificate as as follows;
Subhah Chandra
Application No. 23374816
Folio No. IDE0003563
Certifiate No. 3563
Number of Bonds- 4

Kindly Check and Return my Refund Amount.

With regards,
Subhash Chandra
[email protected]

Regional Passport Office, Hyderabad passport renewal not done

Respected Sir,

I have applied for passport renewal through CGI-Houston,USA. It’s been more than 6 weeks and i am not getting any status. When i have enquired with CGI-Houston, they said they are not getting clearance from my previous issuer which is RPO-Hyderabad. They are also saying that when my initital passport was issued, the police verification was incomplete. I am not sure how to proceed now.

Please advice.

Thank you!
Naresh Chavadapu

cloudtail india pvt ltd, Hyderabad reprasentive

మౠవదà±à°¦ à°«à±à°°à°¿à°à± à°à±à°¨à±à°¨à°¾à°¨à±… 15 à°µà±à°²à± à°à°¸à±à°¤à±.. నాà°à± రావాలà±à°¸à°¿à°¨ 130/- à°à°µà±à°µà°à±à°à°¡à°¾.. మౠరిపà±à°°à°à±à°à°à°¿à°µà± à°µà±à°³à±à°²à°¿à°ªà±à°¯à°¾à°°à°°à±.. తరà±à°µà°¾à°¤ à°à°¾à°²à± à°à±à°¸à±à°¤à± à°à°à± à°µà±à°ªà± à°µà°à±à°à°¿à°¨à°ªà±à°ªà±à°¡à± à°à°¸à±à°¤à°¾ à°à°¨à±à°¨à°¾à°¡à±.. నా మనౠనాà°à°à°¦à±à°²à°¾ à°à±à°¡à°à°²à°°à±…బిలà±à°²à± à°à°à°¾à°à± à°à±à°¸à±à°¤à±à°¨à±à°¨à°¾ à°à°®à°¨à°¿à°à°à°à°²à°°à±.

Zee Cabs,Hyderabad Irresposible

I booked a cab for my parents to airport and my request for TOYOTA INNOVA was confirmed to pick up at 5pm, I got a call from cab driver around 4:20-4:30 that we cannot provide TOYOTA INNOVA for you. We need to SUV and they were requesting us to take two sedan’s for higher price. They kept us in tension at last moment and price was 1200/- for forty kms where i got yellow cab for 800/- and my parents were about to miss there flight. Contact no 8801767877

Karvy computershare Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad Not updating of signatures/ change of signatures

Karvy Computershare Pvt Ltd(UNIT:RELIANCE-MDAG)
Karvy Selenium Tower B, Plot No.31 & 32, Gachibowli, Financial District Hyderabad : 500 032, India T:+91-40-6716-1700, F:+91-40-6716-1680
Karvy â Not updating of signatures/ change of signatures

Reliance industries Ltd
Folio No. 102671859 & 102671841

we would like to inform you that two rectified affidavits for above folios were in the same First flight consignment no.J991M5867066 delivered on 02 MAY 2017 at 4 pm

Reliance industries Ltd Folio No. 102671841 is updated

Reliance industries Ltd Folio no. 102671859 is not updated why?
karvy is telling that we didn’t get it till date, how it can be possible?
One is updated the other one is not received, what is this?
they are asking me on 16 MAY 2017 by email to send scan copy of pod, running sheet copy with receiver name, signature, stamp
i had sent MANY TIMES to karvy pod copy and tracking details of firstflight courier
Many emails i sent to karvy computershare pvt Ltd(unit reliance-MDAG) TO UPDATE FOLIO NO.102671859 BUT ALWAYS THEY ARE TELLING ME WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED COURIER TILL DATE
Both affidavits were in the same consignment but they are not updating the folio 102671859
kindly do the needful

[email protected]

JSP Honda, Kukatpally, Hyderabad Honda Activa


I am not sure whether this complaint will be reviewed & any action will be taken or not. Still I want to let other consumers aware of my experience at JSP Honda Madinaguda, Hyderabad.
1) Staff is not disciplined & trained to do regular maintenance. I don’t see service manager’s dedication towards customer satisfaction.
2) Customer goes to authorized dealer for best service/performance – I do not see that here at JSP Honda,Madinaguda Hyderabad. I will look for alternative options for my next service.
3) They try to bluff customer with wrong solutions unless you know what you need to get from them.
3) I am very disappointed with the whole mess-up by this dealer. I want to further escalate this, but do not see any proper contact who can take serious action.
4) got a call on service satisfaction , I went to showroom but my problem was not solved, 5)I asked front Shoker work but they had put a bill which is attached