ICICI Bank Undue deduction of MAB leads to zero balance in account

I didn’t know ICICI has dubious ways to make money at the customer’s expense.
I had opened a savings account with ICICI bank, Connaught place branch, New Delhi back in March 2015. It was opened because the bank’s executive person told me it was compulsory to open a savings account for opening a PPF account.
I have not done a single transaction on the account after it reached the MAB of 10,000 INR on 13-March-2015.
ICICI has made two dubious deductions for lack of MAB in June 2015, but 15 days later they were reversed through a service requests I NEVER initiated. Following these dubious deductions and reversals, my A/C’s balance at the end of June 2015 is greater than 10,000 INR.
But then curiously again, one month later in July 2015, when the balance is greater than 10,000 INR, ICICI proceeds to deduct again MAB charges for insufficient balance which makes my balance go lesser than 10,000. From then onwards, the MAB charges have been incessantly deducted till my entire 10,000 INR has been deducted and till my A/C’s balance becomes currently zero. No notification has been sent to me when the balance got lesser than 10,000, either through SMS or registered email
Sending a mail to customer care was of no use, the customer service manager did not offer ANY explanation for the MAB being deducted in July 2015 right when the account balance was greater than 10,000 INR. I followed up with all relevant e-statements, and still she just referred me to the complaints’ section with ICICI. The executive who helped open the account does not pick my call anymore, my account is locked.
ICICI sends loads of mails by way of offers for credit cards, travel, etc., but ICICI did not follow a single mandatory procedure of information through SMS or email when the account balance was getting lesser than the MAB. There is no justification for ICICI to deduct MAB charges when my account is positively greater than the MAB, and I need my money back.



I have taken a Personal Loan from ICICI Bank Visakhapatnam – Details are as below – LPVPM00037842160
Date of Loan Execution: 26 Sep 2018.
Principal Amount of the Facility: Rs. 570,000.00
Tenure: 48 Months
Rate of Interest: 13.5%
Product Type: Personal Loan
1st Installment Date: 5th Nov 2018
Installment Amount: Rs. 15,485.00

Let Me Explain Clearly First of All As I was Applied From My Mobile Banking They Show Said ur eligible for 7.18 lacks with rate of Interest 13.5% with 60 months when i submit my documents to ICICI Bank employee they applied and said that ur loan amount was approved with 570000/- only that to with Insurance added only.
I Need a clarification Regarding My PL That is it mandatory for insurance to be taken u dint mention any where in eligible criteria Now i received the Amount of 547153/- .
Note -1:
Why We Applied for Personal Loan Need Money Only but how u cheated to reduce my money by saying Insurance and All.
I Need a confirmation that when i pre close my loan ru refund my Insurance amount back as ur ICICI Bank Employee Said that word. Note-2:
Is that realy Iam not eligible person with out insurance some of my friends in other bank said that was the fraud trick implemented and emotionally black mailed by ICICI Employee at that time of PL Note-3:
As Iam a Customer of ICICI Bank from past 10 Year Ur provides me this type of service
Best regards,

Satish D

Email Id :[email protected],[email protected],

Mobile : +91 98497 96984

ICICI Bank, personal loan Committed interest rate will be lower than the existing loan interest rate. But not done.

Dear Sir,
I am GOURI SANKAR BERA from Haldia, Purba Medinipur , West Bengal. Some days ago from mobile no- 8336070888, Koeal ICICI Bank offering personal loan. My two personal loans already were going on. One from ICICI Bank and other from Bajaj. Mrs. Koeal confirm me loan amount will be Rs.1000000 and interest rate will also be lower than existing (11.69 percent) so that interest rate are reduce and loan account will be one against two. They assured that interest rate will be reduced. After some days I found in IMOBILE app that loan application submitted (application no- KOLP8620867), applied amount Rs.1000000, term- 60 months, rate of interest – 10 persent, status – under process. After some days I found in IMOBILE that applied amount Rs. 775000, approved amount Rs.775000, term- 60 months, EMI- Rs.16467. All about this discussed with her. But some days I found my IMOBILE that disbursal under process and rate of interest has been changed but nobody inform and discuss with me. I con!
tact with the channel about this matter but they assured me that the interest rate will be changed. After 30 minutes I found that disbursal done but rate of interest not change. I continuously contact with the channel about the change of interest rate (because I am not agree about the rate of interest because it was too much higher than my existing loan- 11.69 percent). They assured me that the interest rate will be changed. But till now not changed. At present they’re not received my call. So requested you to solve the problem. If not done, please restart my old loan account and withdrawn the current loan as interest rate too much higher. Thanks,
[email protected],

ICICI Bank My account fraud person transfer my money

SR462511587: Dear Customer,Dispute for INR 24960/- on Account XX3062 has been declined as the transaction was authenticated with a 3D Secure PIN. I am very disappointed icici team not support me to recover my money pls help me transfer my money back pls refer fraud person account no pls help me call me 9822442169

ICICI BANK, Maratha Mandir Br., Mumbai – 400 008 cheque clearing less amt

Worst Experience i have deposit my cheque of diff amt and amt got clear of less amt form last 2 weeks m following up for the same but no response frm from the person.
I just get reply dat v r checking it out and blaming on other bank that dey r not provide dem funds wen I confirmed with that bank it showed me dat mistake was from Icici bank
Still on 3rd week m geting the same reply not dey r clearing my cheque nor returing it worst exp ever in my life

ICICI Bank Account Freezed

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I got to know a month back while using my ICICI debit card that My account (A/c no.- 676801500052) is frozen. I was on travel and tried calling customer care but there was no proper response as to why my account is freezed.
I then visited nearest branch in Infocity area, Gandhinagar where I was informed that my KYC information is missing as my account needs to be transformed from student to regular one. They also said that it can be done from anywhere in India.
I took the form, filled the relevant information and submitted the same in ICICI bank, Sardarpura branch, Jodhpur about 10 days ago. However, I tried operating my account but till date it is freezed.
I am a working professional and its really difficult to leave during the office hours and do the KYC. Infact KYC is already done twice as i have a ICICI credit card as well.
The bank people are not cooperating/giving proper reason for account freeze. I am fed up with this type of customer service.
I upgraded by debit card recently in January, 2017 when I had to submit the application form along with KYC docs.
All the required documents are with banck and still my account is in frozen state with money stuck in it.
I am tired of calling every now and then. It is bank who has to follow and get the necessary details required. Instead I am being compelled to do it.
Following things needs to be taken care off –
1. Remove the freeze by gathering relevant info.
2. Change of communication address from MNIT, Jaipur to permanent address i.e. G-148, Shastri Nagar, Jodhpur (PIN 342003).
3. Before freezing I should have been informed via phone call of mail. But no such thing happened.
Please take the matter in your hands and help in resolving the same.
Thank You.