IDDOPBNK Fraud message

Account No. XXXXXX1854 CREDIT with amount Rs. 2000.00 on 27-05-2019. Balance: Rs.30000.00. [ IN738534]

I have received this fraud SMS from this bank (ID-DOPBNK).I am not having any such account in that mentioned bank, seems someone is fraudulently using my mobile number for a fraudulent transaction. Request you to look into this matter ASAP.

Thanking You,
Aakash goyal

IDDOPBNK Fraud transaction message

Account No. XXXXXX5530 CREDIT with amount Rs. 141695.00 on 31-03-2019. Balance: Rs.1966411.00. [ S2708850]

I don’t have any account in this bank.
Someone is misusing my mobile number looks like some fraud activity So kindly remove my mobile number 9850827948
I will not be responsible for any activity with this bank or this banking transactions. Kindy remove my mobile number with immediate effect.

IDDOPBNK Credit message

Dear Sir,I am getting messages in my number 9038727079,as follows:
"Account No. XXXXXX3512 CREDIT with amount Rs. 4243.00 on 31-03-2019. Balance: Rs.110310.00. [ S2721824]"

So far my father used to handle all my financial dealings and hence all my documents used to be in his custody.His sudden death has put me to a total state of confusion!I checked over Internet that DOP belongs to post office.But the post office could not help me.I need to know the source from where the messages are coming.

Thanks and regards,
Dr.Swaralipi Ghosh.

IDDOPBNK false credits and debits

I am getting SMS showing some bogus credits and debits in some account (fictitious) ever since January 2019.I dont have any such account in "IIDOPBNK".
I do not know who is doing this mischief in my mobile number and i do not know where to address this complaint. Please forward to the concerned for necessary action and to stop this nuisance. (SRIRAM)

IDDOPBNK Misuse of my mobile no.

Account No. XXXXXX3393 CREDIT with amount Rs. 1500.00 on 19-03-2019. Balance: Rs.42000.00. [ IN978094]

I do not have any account in this bank. My number is being misused for the transactions. Please remove my number from the list. It ends with XXXXXX3393. I shall not be responsible for any fraud activity related with the above given bank account.

IDDOPBNK check for post office account

Dear Complainants

i too got messasge like you but i was confused.
but after checking i found that the account is from post office savings account i am not saying all are fraud or all are correct like mine
please check if you have any saving/RD or any type of accounts in post office.
as from pas few years post office banking has also been improvised and updating their customers via SMS service.
from my side i will say i did not got this message unintentionally.

IDDOPBNK Misuse my phone number

Account No. XXXXXX2245 CREDIT with amount Rs. 1500.00 on 27-12-2018. Balance: Rs.27000.00. [IN2453826] Account No. XXXXXX2245 CREDIT with amount Rs. 1500.00 on 29-01-2019. Balance: Rs.28500.00. [IN2641196] I have received this message from IDBOPBNK. I neither have any account in this bank nor my phone number is registered with any bank account . My number is being misused . Pliz remove my number that ends with 1572 from the list. I shall not be responsible for any fraudulent activity related with the above bank account .